Crime Check: Robbers strike Boyle Heights & East L.A.; Glassell Park crime cluster; more burglaries across Echo Park & Silver Lake

This week’s review of CrimeMapping.com revealed numerous robberies and attempted robberies in Boyle Heights and neighboring East Los Angeles.  Burglaries and vehicle theft remained a problem across the south sides of Echo Park and Silver Lake. Meanwhile, there was  a cluster of several crimes located near Verdugo Road in Glassell Park. Here are some details:

Angeleno Heights, Echo Park & Silver Lake

The south side of Sunset Boulevard was once active when it came to burglaries and stolen vehicles. At least nine burglaries were reported in that general area during between Dec. 10 and Dec. 16, according to CrimeMapping.com. Two burglaries and an attempted burglary were also reported in the northwest corner of Silver Lake during the same period.  In Echo Park, four vehicles were reported stolen in the area south of the Hollywood Freeway.

Boyle Heights

At least five robberies were reported across Boyle Heights during the past week, according to CrimeMapping.com.  Most of the robberies took place in the evening, but  a robbery in the 2500 block of Whittier Boulevard was reported at about 9 a.m.

East Los Angeles

Click on map for details | CrimeMapping.com

Robbers were also active in East Los Angeles, with reports of five robberies or attempted robberies reported to the L.A. County Sheriff, according to CrimeMapping.com. One of the robberies, which took place at near Telegraph Road and Fetterly Avenue, involved a carjacking.

Glassell Park

A pocket of Glassell Park between Verdugo Road and Avenue 31 got hit with several crimes last week ranging from burglaries and a robbery to vehicle theft and break-ins, according to CrimeMapping.com

Highland Park

Four petty thefts, including a case of shoplifting, were reported near Figueroa Street, according to CrimeMapping.com


  1. We are getting hit hard in Silver Lake have not see this much activity since the 80’s… there have been more then what was reported above we had two car break in’s on our street in the past five days

  2. We need additional patrol cars through the Northeast! When was the last time, LAPD had decoys implemented in hot spots? Do we still have GhostCars out patrolling the Northeast?

  3. My house got robbed and ransacked in October in Cypress Park. These guys are looking for cash and jewelry. didn’t bother with taking my bike or my computers.

  4. Our mail has been repeatedly stolen around Bellevue Park/Sunset Blvd. We called the police and they could care less.

    • These idiots keep bending my mailbox door to steal Vons catalogues. Thankfully they’ve been nice enough to then thrown them in my trash can out front of the house…..

  5. Need more gentrification to push out the neighborhood criminals.

    • So stupid…and offensive.
      I grew up in Echo Park still here and I’m neither a thief or a gang member! Such a lame assumption that those of us who have called this magical place home for generations are all losers!
      Its rarely people from within the neighborhood , and more likely from neighboring places that rob and burglarize.
      When my house got burglarized, in Echo
      Park , they caught the kid and he was from Pico-Union.

      • Echo Park Resident

        I’m not sure where most of the thieves are coming from, but my Apple products that were stolen from my place in EP were tracked via icloud to an apartment building just a few blocks away–so, in my case, it’s a fellow EP neighbor who took my stuff–which almost makes it more sh*tty. I worked hard for those items and had to save up for a few months just to buy them. Maybe most of the thefts are coming from persons elsewhere–but it sucks when you find out neighbors are ripping you off.

        • Echo Park Resident

          I’m not saying to gentrify EP so that it turns into another Studio City–I just hope that there can be a better sense of unity within the neighborhood so that residents don’t have to turn homes into fortresses.

  6. Highland Park Resident

    My neighbor got robbed in front of my house in the early morning Sunday Dec 14 at 2:00am. I arrived home right after it happened with the police cruisers taking report on it. How come this is not showing up on the map?

  7. Echo Park Resident

    My place was broken into the other night–near Coronado/Sunset–with 2 roommates in their bedrooms while the break in happened in the back. Electronics and jewelry stolen. Whoever did it was probably thinking no one was home and they were then scared off as soon as they realized people were actually home. LAPD is working on our case, but I’m not holding out hope that the items will be recovered.

    We’ve since beefed up the locks and other security. It’s really sad because we love the neighborhood, the local businesses–and we work hard for the stuff that was stolen. I’ve lived in EP for a few years and I have friends who’ve lived in the neighborhood for 10 or more years. We’ve been blessed to not have anything like this happen before. As you can imagine, this is the worst time of the year to have to spend extra money replacing needed items. I am a small business owner, and need the electronics that were stolen to make a living. Having to spend around $1000 dollars to replace everything then takes away from money that I can use to build my business, hire employees, and order products from local suppliers. (Plus, the Apple products were all locked and location tracked, so they’re basically useless to the thieves, anyway.)

    Echo Park is a neighborhood full of people who bust their asses for a living and are proud to live there, which is why we value living there versus other parts of the City. To think that one of our neighbors had no conscious to rip us off–it’s just sad. We love living in EP. We gladly support the area businesses. We love to help our neighbors. We want to live in EP, but stuff like this makes people rethink living there, having a business there, and shopping at the businesses there.

    • Word of advice from someone who grew up in the hood. Get two pit bulls and a shotgun.

      • Exactly, put a sticker on your windows that displays clearly that you live in an “Armed” household.

      • “Never Mind the Dogs. Beware of Owner” is what I’ve got posted on interior fences of my property and I’m serious. I am very sensitive when it comes to trespassers as a couple of homeless foragers discovered over the years. “If it’s not out on the curb, it’s NONE of your F’n business” accompanied by a revolver in my hand and fury in my eyes and voice.

        Hey?! That might be a great idea for another sign(?!).

        • Echo Park Resident

          Thanks, guys–those are ideas that I’ve been considering. I don’t want the neighborhood to be as bland as, say, Burbank or Glendale. I love the variety of businesses, the restaurants, and being able to enjoy hanging out around Echo Park Lake. It sucks that residents who work hard and love living in the neighborhood have to consider turning their homes into fortresses to protect themselves from their own neighbors.

          • @ Echo Park resident

            I’m sorry about your break-in. That can be some scary stuff especially if someone is home!
            There is a new company called simpi safe that sells whole home alarm systems at very reasonable $$. I just replaced 2 hard wired ADT systems with these for 2 tenants of mine because they offer the same monitoring (where police are called in emergency) for only $15 a month vs $55 with ADT. The systems are completely wireless and self installation is very very easy. Everything is peel-n-stick and battery operated!
            If you listen to any of the podcasts from NPR like “this american life” they offer promo codes to get 10% off the equipment + free shipping (sorry I don’t remember the code!)

          • Echo Park Resident

            Thanks for the info–I’ll keep that in mind! Are they silent alarms or do they give off a sound when they go off?

          • I’m pretty sure they can be set to be either/or. Pretty solid systems.

  8. You kind of ask for this sort of nonsense when you choose to live in a trash part of town, surrounded by trash that doesn’t want you there.

    It’s why sophisticated people live on the West side.

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