Highland Park gentrification – on the radio; Oxy football players placed on probation for noisy Eagle Rock party; new demolition restrictions passed

Jim's on Olympic Boulevard, East Los Angeles | The Eastsider

Jim’s on Olympic Boulevard, East Los Angeles | The Eastsider

MOrning Report

  • Marketplace on Monday began a week-long series devoted to the economic and social impact of gentrification, with the public radio program focusing on Highland Park.  The program’s temporary Highland Park bureau was tagged with the word “Gentrifiers!” when reporters were working on the series. York & Fig
  • Speaking of Highland Park gentrification … the Northeast Alliance, which organized last month’s gentrification protests, plans to hold a candlelight vigil on Dec. 13. Northeast Alliance
  • Eight members of the Occidental College football team were put on probation after neighbors complained about a noisy “Safari” themed party at an Eagle Rock fraternity house. Occidental Weekly
  • Property owners who plan to demolish older structures will be required to notify neighbors 30 days before they can obtain the necessary permits under a new city ordinance. Curbed L.A.
  • The L.A. River path has been closed through Elysian Valley after heavy rain was forecast for today.  EVNC
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  1. Better watch out Highland Park minority small business owners! Northeast Alliance is on the hunt again!

  2. It was nice of the people who painted their window to provide the lede of the story.

    • The same person wrote something similar on the window of a used clothing store that is next to La Cuevita that same night (or morning?).

  3. Trying to stop gentrification is like trying to stop the sun from rising. Impossible. It is natural market forces at work. Even the crippling regulations government imposes such as rent control are not effective if the market forces are strong enough. Highland Park is the epitome of those forces.
    Good luck with your candlelight vigil though.

  4. The “vigil” plans to make stops “in front of residences known to be sites of displacement.”

    What a bunch of eff’in retards.

    This is harassment of the people in these residences, the vast majority of whom simply just want a place to live.. in peace.

    Way to be a welcoming community.

  5. The irony is, the more they publicize the gentrification of HLP, the more gentrifiers will hear about it and want to move there.

    • Actually, the opposite is occurring. The controversy is turning off some potential buyers and others are waiting, anticipating a drop in values due to decreased demand. A friend of mine had to do a last minute discount in order to close his escrow. Buyers came in with a new lower appraisal that would have voided their contract and leveraged it into a substantial discount.

      • Well then, they are the kind of people we actually don’t want to move into NELA.

      • One anecdotal story about a friend of yours means nothing. We’ll just have to look at recent home sales in a month or two and see if prices are indeed declining. My strong guess is they are not. This manufactured “controversy” is not going to convince young professionals who want to live in HLP to instead move to Tarzana, just as Spike Lee’s anti-gentrification rant hasn’t sent white Brooklynites fleeing for Manhattan..

      • This controversy will do absolutely nothing to curb gentrification. Gentrification started when things were much, much worse in HLP. Actually, any drop in prices will actually encourage more buyers to come in. There are many buyers that have already been priced out of HLP.

        There is currently a slowdown in the sub-million dollar market county wide, so I doubt this controversy has anything to do with it. Things will pick up in Feb, my guess.

        One thing that can stop gentrification.. is gentrification. Once prices rise to a certain level, things will slow-down dramatically. HLP has alot of potential .. proximity to DTLA, Gold Line, some interesting housing stock, streets with bones (Fig and York), etc. You can’t stop people from coming in.. and some attempt to keep prices low will actually encourage more buying .. because low prices (relatively) is what started this whole thing to begin with.

        • Excellent points. It’s like they’re standing at the foot of the ocean and screaming for the tide not to come in.

        • First off, the word “gentrification” has become an offensive slur. A better word is just “change.”

          Next, it seems like there are two things anti-change people are upset about. One is that they don’t like that people who aren’t like them (basically anyone who isn’t poor and hispanic) moving into “their” neighborhood. The correct response to this is, tough shit. Diversity doesn’t mean you get your own ethnic/racial enclave. Real diversity means you better learn to get along with people who aren’t like you. It’s 2014.

          The second thing the anti-change people are upset about is that some HLP residents are being unjustly “displaced.” The problem with characterizing the change that’s happening as unjust is that, to my knowledge, nothing illegal is happening. If something illegal is happening then that’s a problem. And if addressing whatever injustice is perceived requires new laws, then I think everyone is open to hearing ideas for such laws. Let’s hear them.

          But above all, threatening and intimidating business owners is not cool. Several of the business owners targeted in NELA’s demo on York said they felt hurt by it. NELA owes them an apology, and personally I think NELA is sketchy and untrustworthy until they learn how to protest without harming others.

  6. North East Alliance is inciting people to vandalism.

  7. This sounds so horrible, poor exploited people……

    ” Elsa Kim began getting calls from real estate investors who expressed interest in Highland Park properties. She sent a form letter to homeowners on York, asking if they wanted to sell. The Alvarados got her letter, and chose Elsa as their agent. When Elsa saw the house, they sensed that $500,000 was too low. It eventually sold for $521,000, and after her husband passed away, Irma Alvarado moved to an apartment in a community for seniors in Montebello, CA. She expects the money she made on the sale of the house will support her for the rest of her life.”

    Oh the humanity.

    • The riots didn’t help but the main reason Westwood tanked was lack of parking.

      SM revamped 3rd St Promenade and built all those municipal lots, and the Westside Pavilion opened, that basically took all their weekend business.

      And the Westwood homeowners are pretty much the most hardcore NIMBYs in LA.

  8. Why don’t these idiots hold workshops in how to increase ones earning potential than instead of some stupid candlelight vigil. Plight of the losers.

    • these clowns should talk about teen pregnancy; if so many underage latinas wouldn’t have so many kids, perhaps they could move up the income scale.

      “aint he cut? no he aint; he’s just another butt on the welfare state.” words to live by for underage latinas and latinos…

      • Your racist crap got old a long time ago. You make everyone here look bad. Go away.

        • +1 We can all mock the racist Northeast Alliance without becoming racists ourselves. This has nothing to do with white, brown or black. The goal is make HLP welcoming to everyone. We can have Arco Iris AND Donut Friend. We can have newcomers of all races AND working class people in rent control apartments. That should be the goal, anyway.

        • why am i a racist? because i highlight the real problems?

          • You are snarky and harsh with hopelessly attention-getting, culturally insulting rants that sound like a confused convenient store owner.
            Nobody here wants you on their team, gurl. Go watch Drag Race Allstars with the other catty queens.

          • Moody,

            You can’t handle the truth; very similar to the latino community; La Raza is focusing on the wrong things; they shoot focus on education and teen pregnancy.

      • It’s actually “ain’t he cute, no he ain’t, he’s just another burden on the welfare state”.

        Also, do you appreciate the irony of using The Specials, who detested racism, as.a way to be racist?

        • racist? me? just highlighting the truth about the real issues regarding poor latinos/teen pregnancy/lack of an education.

          i have an idea; instead of eight people per bedroom, how about 13 to a bedroom? fight gentrification by 15 to a bedroom.

        • “Said you’ve been threatened by gangsters
          Now it’s you, that’s threatening me

          And I dread, dread to think what the future will bring
          When we’re living in gangster time”

          Bring back the brown on brown crime years. Down with gentrification. Bring back the cholos and cholas…

  9. I don’t think the Northeast Alliance represents the … non-gentrifying Highland Park Community as a whole or with any kind of consensis. But I also don’t think we should be dismissive of the issues, some clearly and some more ambiguously articulated by the Northeast Alliance.

    Coerced/forced/illegal eviction is a serious issue that is inevtiable in the sweep of real estate spike. This needs to be addressed seriously, as it will get worse.

    Less well-articulated by the NEA, but implied, is the issue of integration of community. We don’t want an, excuse the expression, white wash of the long-standing culture of Highland Park. Its rich heritage (one that is actually signifcantly more diverse than NEA chooses to recognize) is most of the reason HLP is booming. To this point, the neighborhood is still a neighborhood. But, as this shift takes further hold, there is the risk of losing identity, of becoming Abbott-Kinney. To me that seems a long way off and maybe not even in the cards. But it is worth examining and questioning. And it is worth examining how and if two distinct neighborhoods are developing in a sort of apartheid climate (this is where I find the Northeast Alliance actions misguided – they are actually contributing mightily to this apartheid).

    I think the NEA actions have been blurry and half-a$$ed. But, I do not think that is reason to disengage from the necessary discourse Highland Parkers should be engaging in. I don’t think the Northeast Alliance’s dangerous over simplifications are reason to pretend like the problems they are clumsily trying to address aren’t real.

    • Please cite the forced/illegal evictions in Highland Park that have you so worried.

      • Well, in a less defensive manner, that is the question I have been posing to the Northeast Alliance. Highland Park is an interesting case. It sure seems to be mostly single family/duplex houses selling – not apartment buildings. So, its hard to see that there is really a problem in this regard. But, all I am suggesting is that, as the ‘gentrification’ of highland Park continues, and larger development happens, these northeast alliance kids are not in the wrong to raise awareness.

      • Many 20-something HLP-ers are getting evicted by their parents because mom and dad want to cash in.

    • “you have done too much too young, now you have a kid instead of having fun with me.” spread the word to all the young and underage latinos and latinas…

      • Do you even live in the neighborhoods covered by the Eastsider or do you just hop in here to say a bunch of anti-latino nonsense in the comments section?

        • anti latino? im pro good people — poor / rich, white or black. i just like clowning on the clowns who don’t know blue from red.

          gentrification will only attract educated latinos to HP.

  10. I have to admit that the Marketplace team got their office vandalized kind of cracks me up.

    It’s always amusing when one group of PC leftists get harassed by even more PC leftists for not being PC enough.

  11. I got a predatory letter from a man named Edward Solis who’s office is on Figueroa. The letter Edward Solis sent me stated that my house was being foreclosed on for not paying property taxes and he would gladly help me out of this debt by selling my house for me. This of course is not true and I wonder if the Northeast Alliance is aware of this Latino owned business sending out false foreclosure letters?

  12. according to this website: http://slmanagement.net/associates/edward-solis-founder/
    He “has over 25 years of experience in many faucets of the real estate industry”

    He may know about faucets, but does he know tubs and toilets, too?

  13. screw the cholos…

  14. Sure would be nice if everyone did not emphasize the “gentrification” of Highland Park. Instead embraced the “Diversity about all of us, the beauty that we ALL can contribute to HP and about us making Highland Park a better place for us to live and enjoy!!!

  15. Excellent point about the different terminology between gentrification vs diversity.

    The word gentrification, like hipster, is consistently used as a negative and racist term. Really, this needs to stop. When I go out in the world…which is NELA, Atwater, Echo Park, Silverlake, Los Feliz, and Downtown, I never run into racism or any kind of anger and hostility when I meet and talk to people. I have lived in these exact neighborhoods since 1984 and I have never seen this kind of juvenile “anti-protest” before. These little shits need to check themselves and get a fucking reality grip.

    • I think it’s “racist” of you to assume that there are no “latinos” who are also considered hipsters. If you ask me, they were the first hipsters I recall seeing immediately south of the L.A. river. Consider this post to be your “fucking reality grip”.

      • There are hipsters of all stripes, however in this discussion it is widely perceived that “hipster” refers to more recent members of the community who are of European descent. Get it?

        • NO. You don’t get it, RACE IS YOUR INSECURITY not OURS. Otherwise, AS I MENTIONED, the first hipsters we noticed were not of “european descent”. Although, you seem to be having a serious problem with reconciling your image of a hipster with being “latino”(?).. I guess we now know what exclusive and “hip”(?) circles you socialize in, i.e., “latinos” need not apply.

          Anyway, if you want to insist on making this a racial conflict about poor(?) white hipsters being targeted by actually poor working-class “latinos”, suit yourself. I’m not going to fuel that volatile conclusion. Besides, it is a patently absurd scenario that exposes your own delusional spin on reality.

        • Btw, weren’t you also pissin and moanin about poor “latino” business owners being targeted by these ” little shits”? Just another example of your reactionary and incoherent logic regarding this issue.

          Time to up or reduce the meds.

          • Actually I never said anything about the latino business owners who were targeted by the misguided North East Alliance. You’re so full of your own crap all you can see is brown, el pequeño grande (you’ve been demoted).


  16. Right. Highland Park is a awesome culturally diverse neighborhood. I’m sick of it being referred to as a barrio. That implies a false ownership. Highland Park is now a place for young people of all ethnicities. And they are coming to this city in droves. If you are a renter you will always have to ride the wave of the turbulent market forces, and it’s tough out there. I think what we are seeing is an aging population moving on and younger people fighting for their place in that void. It’s sad to see young people hating on each other and not embracing diversity after everything our country has gone through.

    • It seems to me that there is a general lack of understanding regarding which types of rental units/properties are covered by the RSO. Finally, I would like to see some documentation of illegal evictions/displacements by the Alliance or I would ask The Eastsider to stop giving them free publicity.

      • Ageed. Unfortunately hysterics and me-me-me hand waving will always get some sort of free publicity.

        • “. . . hysterics and me-me-me hand waving will always get some sort of free publicity”. We Americans refer to that as the First Amendment. What country were you educated in? Nazi Germany? The Soviet Union? North Korea? Concerned Americans would like to know.

          • El Grande, don’t you know that going the “Nazi Germany” route immediately disqualifies you from any serious conversation?

          • Thank you for illustrating my point Old Gringo because that is precisely the fascist intent underlying the previous post. These protesters are “hysterical” and selfish “little shits” desperate to come out on T.V. not peaceful protesters with a legitimate grievance effectively making their issue a part of the public agenda(?!?).

            Btw, if it’s not too much trouble, I prefer “El Mas Grande” or simply “Grandisimo”. I thank you in advance for you indulgence . . . NEXT?

          • No, you’ll stay at El Grande for the foreseeable future. Respect your elders.


            “Don’t you EVER use that tone of voice with me, missy. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE TALKING TO? I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna MARCH yourself UPSTAIRS to your room and you will STAY THERE until I tell you to come out.”

    • “Highland Park is now a place for young people of all ethnicities” HLP has ALWAYS fit that description(?!). This race-obsession is the most annoying and disturbing characteristic expressed by presumed transplants on these message boards. Although the inherent ignorance of those sentiments leads me to believe that the worst of you don’t even live in NELA. Also, if the native residents/protestors of HLP are/were so “racist” why aren’t/weren’t whites and asians that have ALWAYS lived in NELA not targeted by the racist residents and/or gangsters that so many of you are always ranting about? The isolated incidents targeting blacks is not relevant. Those sinister marching orders have an entirely different origin and purpose that corresponds with the history of organized crime throughout our country.

      Ultimately and for the umpteenth time this is a class issue. Working-class natives who want to enjoy the increased safety and tranquility that WE crafted and cultivated to begin with. That is the ONLY reason this area was deemed safe enough to invest in. Otherwise, I was driving north on Main Street from 50-something street a couple of weeks ago and wondered why aren’t the gentrifiers taking advantage of the real-estate bargains available in these neighborhoods that are literally walking distance from “Gallery Row” in downtown L.A.? The answer is simple: it is not deemed to be safe enough like NELA was beFORE anybody dated invest into it.

      The more some of you pound this racist angle, the more some you expose your true insecurities that are certain to provoke the response so many of you apparently crave to validate your ignorance. Pay Attention: those Ferguson demonstrations are firing a lot of locals up to also take their cause to the streets. I suggest that many of you shelve your insecurities and (quite frankly) stop being such PUSSIES and engage those exercising their right to protest with relevant and common interests. NObody hates white people, Rich and arrogant and ugly-Americans is another matter and at least 51.8% of HLP’s residents aren’t going to tolerate having lying-crap slung at our faces indefinitely.

      • LOL! What up, Charlie Brown?

      • fear the 1%. people who are moving into HP arent the 1%. the 1%’s plan of divide and conquer appears to be working especially on the La RAZA crowd.

      • Unfortunately Proper Doodoos, you have not convinced me that you see the difference between “white” and “ugly Americans” based on your posts…beating the same tired drum. Please spare us your preaching about how everyone but you is a racist.

        • Would it address your white-guilt if I told you that I include every race and ethnicity in that group of Ugly Americans? After all, no group has ever welcomed the poor or immigrant in a country where “tolerance” is the official standard of harmony(?) not simply acceptance.

          You boys don’t scare me and my educated mind and fierce spirit should put you on short notice . . . Expect Me.

          • White guilt went away in the early 1990s.

          • I personally never experienced white guilt, whatever that is. I’m not sure why I would feel guilty for something I had no hand in.

            I am disappointed when folks from my race (the human race) inflict harm on each other … especially on innocent victims. There are certainly a plethora of examples across the globe where different groups are mistreated, but I certainly don’t feel any guilt for their actions.

          • “I personally never experienced white guilt”(?). I never claimed you were aware of your insecurity. In fact, I’ve consistently pointed out your lack of self-awareness and general ignorance about Our NOT Your community. Otherwise, your comments consistently reveal your insecurity and ignorance about groups of “others”. You’re simply not the most sophisticated bigot but you routinely expose all of the phobias and insecurities of one, e.g., how many more champagne corks will you pop following the murder of another one of our young people?

          • “how many more champagne corks will you pop following the murder of another one of our young people?”

            and the hits keep coming! I’m imagining True Freedom doing this while on his yacht off the coast of Maui.

            PD, have you seen a therapist lately?

      • “The isolated incidents targeting blacks is not relevant.” ~ you have officially lost the plot, Proper Dos. Advice for you, Dos Not: stop speaking for us long term residents of highland park and keep your old skoo backwards BS to yourself and the rest of your xenophobic allies. And how dare you tie fergusen into this. You’re a shit stirrer plain and simple. A classic internet troll.

        • You are hopelessly square and out of touch. My knowledge is based on personal and associated experience going back to the 40s. Also, You are not the “official” arbiter of ANYthing in my community and I DO speak for long-time residents opposed to unregulated development that compromises the quality of our lives and/or excludes many from enjoying the improvements altogether. Hell(?!), the increasing traffic alone should put us on all the same page but all you do is lapse into your stale old “race” obsession that is irrelevant to NELA communities.. You truly and sincerely do NOT speak for Us or any sane and responsible citizen of NELA. That’s my role. Yours is to listen or learn and adapt. Take your pick.

          Meanwhile, i really don’t care if you think i’m stirring the shit-bowl you emerged from. After all, your ignorant rage is precisely what I’m determined to expose. After all,, stirring is better than vomiting shit and unlike outside agitating trolls like True Freedom or Long I’m a native who isn’t going anywhere . .. . Expect Me.

          • Your personal experience goes back to the 40s? I think I understand now. Dos is suffering from Alzheimers. That explains his confused ranting and raving. We should all band together to get him the help he needs.

          • By “planting my flag” do you mean you moved back? By “native” do you mean you were born in HLP/NELA? Were you born in California? Does “immigrant family” mean your immediate one or relatives likes aunts, uncles, cousins etc.? Please define.

          • Go ahead a visit NELA Alliance Instagram page, as well as all their affiliates and tell me is isn’t about race. And I don’t need to learn and adapt from your rambling stories of the old days and how the community came to be what it is. I was born here and bought property here. EXPECT ME AND MORE LIKE ME

          • Moody, my bet is these are first generation kids that are having to move out of their parents home.

      • Comparing Ferguson to HP is ridiculous. Were you against the changing of the neighborhood when immigrants began pouring into the neighborhood during the 80s and 90s?

        • “Comparing Ferguson to HP is ridiculous” No It Is Not. The frustration of residents can easily escalate the intensity of the protests, The same protests that jammed up the 101 last week. I actually hope it does reach that level of intensity, which would put a serious dent in the plans of the wealthy and wealthier. PAY ATTENTION.

          Meanwhile, my immigrant family began “pouring” into the neighborhood in the 40s and 50s and I planted my flag in NELA during the 90s, which didn’t represent change but a continuation of NELA’s existing history. I also assume you’re including immigrants pouring in from east of California(?) in your characterization(?). Because they were the roughneck element my extended family had to deal with from Echo Park to Lincoln Heights to HLP. and THAT is the historic profile of NELA. Not the Camelot that so many of you have deluded yourselves into thinking once existed. In fact, drug abuse and alcoholism was rampant during the 60 and 70s. Stepping over winos on our walks to and from school was not uncommon and the scent of marijuana in the air was normal. The bikers, hippies, and winos were gone by the 80s and 90s. More a result of changing times than anything else. Your revisionist history will never replace NELA’s actual history while deeply-rooted fourth-generation “immigrant”(?) families like ours remain in the neighborhood. The same families who contributed to the safer NELA that so many are now eager to “develop”, i.e., erase the eye-sores of poor and working-class families so that they can “Parrr-Taaayyy!” The rest of us just want to live, work, and play in peace and quiet without the constant threat of not being able to afford it. I can because I invested when the rest of you were running for the hills or Oregon.

          I do agree that protesters need to do a better job of communicating their grievances with research, numbers, and facts not only action but if action becomes their only form of protest things can get ugly for everyone involved. We are all fatigued with violence and incarceration, which was one of the critical factors contributing to the increased safety and security that outsiders are now determined to profit from at the expense of our history and quality of life. PAY ATTENTION.

          • No I’m talking about the wave of illegal immigrants who poured in here during the 80s and 90s. That changed the culture of the neighborhood. Most of these “natives” that are protesting are first generation residents. Just like the children of the “hipsters” you see in the neighborhood.

          • You claimed in previous posts that you own property in NELA. So how are you in constant threat of not being able to “afford it”?

          • By “planting my flag” do you mean you moved back? By “native” do you mean you were born in HLP/NELA? Were you born in California? Does “immigrant family” mean your immediate one or relatives likes aunts, uncles, cousins etc.? Please define.

          • maybe y’alls protests can keep rising prices at bay just long enough for me to accumulate enough capital to buy a few more places in HLP before I get priced out. I appreciate that.

        • Also, the Ferguson and NYC incidents resonate deeply in a community that’s been brutalized and intimidated by law enforcement for decades, i.e., the storm troopers are closely followed by wealthy transplants and wealthier developers eager to cash in on other peoples property. A modern-day urban version of “Manifest Destiny”. However, none of you are entitled to Shit. You either learn to fit in or continue to expect opposition from the natives. It’s that simple.

      • PD, please take in the statistics I posted below. Latino/Hispanic accounts for 70+% of HLP, not very diverse. Eagle Rock is highly diverse: 40% Latino, 24% Asian and #30% White. Also, please check out education and immigration statistics. Don’t want to be displaced or limited to low income jobs? GET AND EDUCATION!

        • I am thoroughly educated. Why would you assume otherwise?

          Btw, any fool can cite statistics and any liar can make them up, which might explain why some movements or initiatives don’t trust them but since it appears to be your forte, please share the diversity of wealthier neighborhoods in L.A.? Also, do your statistics reveal why diversity decreases as wealth increases? And why are some groups consistently not able to enjoy living in safe and stable environments that they already live and work in? The very foundation that might result in increased diversity in wealthier but less diverse communities.

          I eagerly await your honest and statistical responses but please spare me any ignorant rage. I recognize it as nothing more than a juvenile tactic to stifle dialogue and intimidate dissent but this patriotic American is nothing if not a dedicated Dissenter.

          • Obviously you are educated, I did not assume otherwise. However, we are not talking about wealthier neighborhoods, we are talking about HLP. ER is adjacent, diverse and wealthier, so you can compare the two if you like. Higher levels of education as well.

            Who is being forced out? Who cannot afford to live here anymore? If you own a home, great. If you rent a home unfortunately you are not covered by the RSO anywhere in Los Angeles. Those are the rules, neighborhoods change.

          • PD, Please respond:
            By “planting my flag” do you mean you moved back? By “native” do you mean you were born in HLP/NELA? Were you born in California? Does “immigrant family” mean your immediate one or relatives likes aunts, uncles, cousins etc.? Please define.

          • Dude, some of the LEAST diverse neighborhoods in LA are the poorest.

            And if you haven’t seen diverse wealthy neighborhoods in LA, then apparently you haven’t been to San Gabriel Valley or to Beverly Hills.

            I suggest you hop on a bus and go check ’em out.

          • By “planting my flag” do you mean you moved back?” Yes. Rented elsewhere but always wanted to return to NELA once we could afford to buy, which we did in the mid-90s when property was cheap and the overwhelming majority of you had never even heard of NELA neighborhoods. I however never considered planting my flag anywhere else in L.A. “By ‘native’ do you mean you were born in HLP/NELA?” Born, Raised, and Educated along with dozens of other family members whose parents and grandparents all over NELA in the 40 and 50s. Does ‘immigrant family’ mean your immediate one or relatives likes aunts, uncles, cousins” and parents.

            Now, are you an NELA native? Transplant? Immigrant? How long have you resided in NELA? Do you own property in NELA? Where were you educated? Are you educated? Please respond.

          • “Dude, some of the LEAST diverse neighborhoods in LA are the poorest” and Why? Or do you assume that some groups of Americans are simply and naturally destined for poverty?

          • Thanks for the response. Moved back to LA 20 years ago, born in San Diego and have lived all over California.
            Lived in NELA since 1996 (SL, Echo Park and ER). Yes to owning property and have post graduate/doctoral equivalency. Educated in So Cal, Mid West and abroad. You?

            PD, you make so many assumptions: “the mid-90s when property was cheap and the overwhelming majority of you had never even heard of NELA neighborhoods.”

            Your sense of grandiosity is truly something to behold.

          • “PD, you make so many assumptions”(?). Oh really? You had heard of Elysian Valley, Cypress and Highland Park when you were living in San Diego? I stand corrected. I also apologize if you moved to L.A. during the post-riot era to also defy the dumping on our L.A. that became so prevalent in that decade. I (we) Love L.A. Always have. I had no idea that you shared the same unconditional love for our beloved city. For better or worse, through thick and thin. Welcome to L.A.!

            I earned my undergrad and post-graduate degree n L.A. (not San Diego State) after being raised in a spanish-speaking household, by immigrant parents with no more than a 5th-grade education.. The common profile among all of our elder relatives, Accordingly, people like myself were compelled to travel a much longer and more challenging path to becoming educated without any financial support from families who considered higher education to be an indulgence and not actual work. Nonetheless, they were prouder than most when the mission was completed.

            Btw, “Your sense of grandiosity is truly something to behold”. Thank You. I’ve learned that arrogance is an effective tool to counter the customary arrogance of others when they think that they’re only dealing with a “Mexican”. It’s the ugly side of my own American identity that I reserve for the ugliest of Americans of ALL colors and ethnicities. Thanks again for noticing.

          • Haha, again you are cracking me up. Was a baby in SD, so of course I was just learning about everything. Never went to college.there. Again so many assumptions. Must be difficult to walk around NELA with such a big chip on your shoulder.

          • “Must be difficult to walk around NELA with such a big chip on your shoulder”. It’s the big heart in my chest that you’re mistaking for a “chip on my shoulder”. The result of pride and integrity NOT fear or self-loathing.

            Btw, you’re not funny at all(?!). Just disturbing with your limited life-experience with your city and neighborhoods.

          • More amazing commentary. You assume those who perhaps did not grow up in similar circumstances consider college an indulgence? Then you continue to make more unfounded assumptions about my life experience? I assure you, it’s broader than yours. Maybe you should take a trip somewhere and expand your horizons, seems they are extremely limited.

          • @eastsidearts : he can’t see the chip as it’s obscured by his superiority complex.

          • Maybe we should change his name to El Grande?

        • “Maybe we should change his name to El Grande?” and you can become “El Gringo” or “Old Gringo”. Which do You prefer?

          • Old gringo? what’s your age threshold for “old”? Again, so many assumptions: race, age, etc.

            I think this calls for some quotes form “Mommie Dearest”:

            “Don’t you EVER use that tone of voice with me, missy. WHO DO YOU THINK YOU’RE TALKING TO? I’ll tell you what you’re gonna do, you’re gonna MARCH yourself UPSTAIRS to your room and you will STAY THERE until I tell you to come out.”

            Christina Crawford: It’s not fair. You’re bigger than I am, it’s not fair to win twice.

            Joan Crawford: AH, but nobody ever said life was fair, Tina. I’m bigger and I’m faster. I will always beat you.

          • Joan Crawford reference? “Old Gringo” it is!

          • Well at least your sense of humor isn’t bland . . .

          • El Grande, why do you persist in making such assumptions as “bland”? What do you mean by “blade”? You really should seek some professional counseling.

  17. Demographic statistics that may shed some light on this “controversy”:

    Mexican (51.8%) and German (1.9%) are the most common ancestries.
    25,982 (45.1%) of residents are foreign born, high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county. Mexico (55.3%) and El Salvador (12.0%) are the most common foreign places of birth.

    The percentage of never married males is among the county’s highest.
    There are 2,705 families headed by single parents. The rate is 21.1%, high for the city of Los Angeles and high for the county

    The median age is 28, young for the city of Los Angeles and young for the county

    14.3% of residents 25 and older have a four-year degree, about average for the city of Los Angeles and about average for the county

    The percentage of residents 25 and older with less than a high school diploma is high for the county.

  18. These ” residences known to be sites of displacement.” were sold by someone to the new owners. These sellers, some of whom are Latino, live somewhere new. I wonder if the Northeast Alliance plans on holding vigil in front of these sellers homes?

    You can’t have buyers without sellers.

    • What does the race or ethnicity of the gentrifiers have to do with this issue? In fact, weren’t many of you pissin and moanin about “latino” owned business also being targeted by protesters?

      You guys are all over the map trying to reconcile the facts with your ignorance and insecurities.

      • I’m simply asking if the “vigil” will spend time in front of any seller’s homes.

        • That’s irrelevant. NObody is insisting that people stay if they don’t want to. However, nobody should be forced out if they would like to stay but suddenly can’t afford it. Once again, your reasoning is reactionary and incoherent.

          • a few questions:
            a) if someone owns a rental property, say a small house or multi-family dwelling built after 1978 (ie no rent control), should they be able to sell when ever they like?
            b) should they be able to sell at current market prices?
            c) if a & b, then should the new owner be able to rent the unit(s) at current market prices even if the existing tenants cannot afford market rates?

  19. Chris Rock Calls Los Angeles A ‘Weird Town’ Where Whites Expect Mexicans To Care For Them

    • I like this Chris Rock youtube better (warning, explicit language)

    • Must be difficult for True Freedom to have the TRUTH underlying his own bigotry and prejudice confirmed by an insider who does know better.

      • PD. I am sorry for how tortured you are by reality. Reading your posts, I imagine a very angst ridden person sitting in a room banging your head against a wall or at least fists against the desk.
        It’s like watching a misguided character in a movie only when watching a movie the viewer understands he can’t do anything to help the character. The comment section of a blog gives one the false hope of reaching that misguided character through posting direct communication. Maybe it’s just all an exercise in futility.

        • and, as the handful of people who think like Pooper doos moves away, he will become increasingly isolated, increasing the intensity of his self inflicted insanity.

      • do what now?
        nevermind, I don’t really care to know what you even meant.

        You think about me way too much.

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