Holiday Ideas: Give your home a French accent with a restored brasserie-style table

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This brasserie-style table came from a village near St. Mére L’église, Normandy, France

The owner of Industrielle Attitude, which specializes in French vintage and Mid-Century furnishings and home accessories, found this Mid-Century, Parisian-brasserie-style table in a village near St. Mére L’église, Normandy, France. It has now been restored and refurbished and awaiting a new home.

“It came from a bistro that recently closed,” said Deborah Blake, who owns the Eagle Rock shop with partner Eric Ulmer “We were excited to find the original order tag stapled to the leg. The manufacturer, Ateliers Normand, has been making them since 1930.”

Once back in Industrielle Attitude’s Los Angeles workshop, the table was refurbished, giving it a new life. “The metal details lends itself to the Pre-War Art Deco style,” Blake said. “This table is 100% original.”

It seats up to four and would make a great statement for your holiday party!

Table before restoration

The same table before restoration


The restored table was originally made by Ateliers Normand


The original order tag stapled to the table leg

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