Sporting goods chain prepares to open Highland Park store


Opening Soon: Big 5 Sporting Goods | Katrina Alexy

Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK — Big 5 Sporting Goods is  preparing to open an outlet in a York Boulevard strip mall on the border of Highland Park and Garvanza.

The space had been vacant since early 2013 after Figueroa Produce, an independent grocery store, closed after the owners were not able to negotiate a lower rent on the approximately 6,000-square-foot  space. A Big 5 “OPENING SOON” sign now hangs from in front of  the space on York Boulevard near Figueroa Street

The Eastsider has contacted Big 5, which operated more than 400 locations in the Western U.S., for details about the new store.


  1. Still bummed to this day about Figueroa Produce — it was such a great little market. Personally, I’m not that excited about Big 5, but hope that the community can get some good use out of it.

  2. The shelves are already stocked and the employees are already in store for training, so my guess is that it will open before Christmas…Great addition to the neighborhood.
    If only it could remove all the scumbags that hang around that parking space. I see them going inside the 99C stores and stealing wine and beers almost every day…

  3. Figueroa Produce was great, but I’m happy to see something finally going in.

    • Fig Produce was a great idea, but too many times I found spoiled or rotten produce in their bins.
      Plus, I believe those guys were from real estate and actually didn’t really know how to run a grocery.
      Happy Big Five is coming in.

  4. Great addition to the area, glad it’s coming in. The entire Rite Aid, 99 cent complex of stores is awkward. How about trees in the parking lot?

  5. Sadly I doubt there will be a candlelight vigil in front of this major chain. It’s too bad Figueroa Produce couldn’t get it together. I love their other store Organix and visit regularly. The contrast between the strip mall the occupies Fresco Market and this one is significant. The amount of soul sucking chains is in direct relation to the shady mofos hanging out around it. Also the food4less/Mcdonalds is a real mecca for Monsanto laden obesity and inner city crime.

    • So how much time or how many visits do you make per week to the food 4 less/mcdonald’s shopping center at 50 & Fig?

      • Zero. There is no real “value” when the products they sell ar devoid of nutrients. And they supply LESS jobs to the community by not employing baggers. I’ve seen quite a few altercations in front of it however….

    • And contributes to the eons it takes to turn from Ave 50 onto northbound Figueroa, on account of all the snail’s-pace diabetic foot traffic crossing the street.

      • You’re sitting on your ass in an air conditioned car, complaining about people walking too slow… remind me again who’s the lazier person in this hypothetical scenario?

  6. Comments like Moody’s conflate many things, all of which may be correlated but can hardly be said to be causal. Clean up the area and the “shady mofos” will go away, chain or no chain. South Pasadena has soul sucking chains too.

    • Yes, the balance is way off at this particular intersection. Small business owners tend to care a heck of a lot more about their local environment and engage the community, as apprised to chains that report to a higher authority.

  7. It will be interesting to see if the masked clowns protest the opening of this store for being culturally unwelcoming or if they got it out of their system when they protested the small businesses further up on York.

  8. P.S. Organix in Eagle Rock has a vegan delicatessen in the back that is GREAT.

  9. Will this Big 5 sell guns?

  10. I was no fan of Fig Pro, but gosh, I sure hope the landlords enjoyed the year-and-a-half of vacancy they got out of raising the rent.

  11. This entire plaza is major blight… a massive parking crater, chain retail, junk food trifecta. In a more progressive city, the entire lot would be rezoned, razed and subdivided to allow for human-scaled mixed use. One can dream, I suppose.

  12. This is a good addition as long as they sell bicycles. We are hoping eventually the entire parking lot will be made a bike only area with a farmers market and a vegan/organic neighborhood garden. Our dreams of a car-free Highland Park are coming closer to fruition.

  13. so why is it that big corporate companies can come and settle in the neighborhood and not one poster is hung on their window?

  14. The intersection of York & Fig should in theory be a highlight of the improving community and neighborhood but instead it’s ugly and devoid of any soul. From those crappy weird huge stores with no windows flanking both sides on York to the rather unsavory element that likes to lurk around the lot its no wonder why Starbucks decided to make their cafe into a utilitarian fortified battle tower.

    • Starbucks in Seattle at least the one I saw in a industrial part of town was made of shipping containers. I welcome the one you are referring to any day.

  15. Welcome to Highland Park.
    America’s white millennial problem: Why the next great generation might not be a liberal one

  16. I don’t go to the McDonanlds but I certainly shop at Food4Less. I used to think it wasn’t a place I’d go to and then one week I looked through all the grocery sales flyers and saw things on sale that I’d but and save on, so I checked it out. Then did some research. I remember when the 99 cents only store was a Ralph’s…I liked it then but not enough to drive to another store for occasional savings. But F4L and Ralphs are all Kroger and I like buying store brands and they consistantly
    have milk for less than other stores (did some research, they have their own plant in Compton so it arrives in big tankers and is packed here, so yes, local jobs).
    I’ve only had one person panhandle and there is a security guard at F4L so there is some controls there. Is it my ‘forever’ or ‘everything’ store? No. But I know it saves me money and it’s easy to get to. I like the fact it’s open until midnight (I practice procrasitation actively)
    When I’ve been there I see a lot of families and they’re buying basic foods not all junk. I live near Superior (and shop there too) but if you’re going to dis F4L then apply it equally to Superior…not bad in the daytime but come evening and it turns dodgy.
    Figueroa Produce: Those who do not read either NELAlist or ASNC News won’t be aware that FP gave itself a very big very black eye. They signed up for one of those deals…Groupon or the like and I guess a lot of people who liked FP bought then. Someone who shopped there regularly had the deal and went in on the next to last day and was told the deal was over. Usually when a deal expires it is still good for the actual price…(say $10 for a $20 deal). They refused to honor that either.
    And as the story was told, the proprietor wasn’t very nie about it, complained it was making him lose money. Well that action made him lose the patronage of a large number of people. So was the rent really raised or was it the loss of business? BEfore the Groupon fiasco I had gone in there but each time I would be pushed to try something else, buy something else which offended me. Three times, I’m out of there for good. Other people may have felt the same way.

    The space isn’t that large so I don’t know how much they’ll carry there. The next time I need a fishing net to catch wild chickens it’ll be nice to have them there (I had to go to midtown for that chicken roundup adventure supplies) but other than that…
    I hope the new store makes some demands of the owner…border plantings in beds (drought-tolerant species, of course) would make the parking lot in back seem a lot safer and less of an open-free-for-all. Investing in a guard to patrol to ensure the plants aren’t vandalized until they can sustain themselves would be good and send a message to both shoppers and loiterers.
    Of course the situation in that minimall is a direct consequence of the Veterans
    triangle ‘park’ and the situation there. There is a homeless problem in Highland Park and just like other areas, people get moved around, encampments cleaned up..until the next time and place.
    And no, of course I don’t have a solution…but be thankful for the businesses that are willing to come to the area and don’t expect them to fit into a preconceived ideal which cannot be sustained.

  17. Big 5 Sporting Goods, Thank you for coming to our town, I will be supporting you guy’s.

  18. Cool. Now I can shop her then drive to Glendale…

    Ghetto Rei? Funny.

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