Who Says Pet Furniture Has to be Ugly?

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Architecturally Inspired Cat Furniture

By TOM DAVIES, Owner of Davies Décor

A recent survey conducted at my house where I live with my wife and cat asked, “When it comes to pet furniture, what’s more important – that it be functional or aesthetically pleasing?” The results were as expected. The humans want a balance of the two. They want furniture that provides the cat with a comfortable, safe space for snoozing, stretching, scratching, etc., but they also want furniture that adds beauty and interest to their home.

The cat “responded” to the survey by yawning and exiting the room.

Mount Washington based Davies Décor has designed three cat lounges that are stylish for the pet owner and comfortable for the cat.

Paying homage to the wonders of modern architecture in Los Angeles and beyond, each cat lounge is designed to emulate a specific type of modernism.

All designs are hand built by the designer right here in Los Angeles and are available online at daviesdecor.com, Amazon, Houzz. A select few are available at Los Angeles County Store.

Watch videos of the designer describing the inspiration behind each design here.

The Post and Beam Cat House


Inspired by the great mid-century architects and designers, the Post and Beam Cat House uses classic post and beam principles, horizontal lines and a beautiful combination of natural materials. Solid oak beams support the floor, roof and walls which are veneered with African sapele wood. The stained poplar screen allows both you and your cat to keep an eye on things. Entrance and egress to the spacious interior is provided by way of a whimsical cat-shaped 9″ circular door. And there’s even a section of roof bound in sisal rope for whatever scratching needs to be done.

The Googie Cat Bed

Inspired by the Googie style of architecture (think 1950s coffee shops with their curvy signs and boomerang patterns on the countertops), the Googie Cat Bed celebrates the spirited optimism of postwar America. With its two bold amoeba-shaped walls, this cat bed will make you smile every time to look at it. It’s also super comfortable. Sheathed in carpet made of 100% post consumer recycled bottles and padded inside, the Googie Cat Bed adds fun to both your home and your cat’s day. Available in three color/pattern combinations.

The Oscar Cat Rest

Inspired by the great Neo-Futurist designers and architects of the mid to late 20th century, the graceful, simple curve of the Oscar Cat Rest gives your cat multiple ways to comfortably curl up or stretch out. A cat can stretch over the large curve, curl up and snooze against the gentle slopes of the carpeted smaller curve or just settle in underneath. Finished in African sapele veneer over molded plywood and carpeted using material made of 100% post consumer plastic, the Oscar Cat Rest pays homage to the beautiful organic architecture of Eero Saarinen, John Lautner and Oscar Niemeyer who famously said,”Right angles don’t attract me.”

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