Dodgers hike parking to $20; Is that a giant spider or an art project on the Sixth Street Bridge?

Elysian Park | daveedkapoor/Instagram

Elysian Park | daveedkapoor/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • The cost of parking at Dodger Stadium will rise to $20 this year for fans who buy parking at the gate. The $5 increase comes on top of a $5 hike the year before. Parking purchased in advance still costs $10. L.A. Times
  • What’s that giant spider doing hanging from the Sixth Street Bridge? L.A. Taco

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  1. Gorgeous photo!

  2. Council offices, don’t be surprised if residents start requesting permit parking districts…

  3. The last time this happened we were unable to park anywhere in our neighborhood for every home game, not just the high profile games. This is a huge disaster for the neighboring areas, especially for those of us who are land-locked and MUST park on the street.

  4. More corporate greed and the brain washed fans will still feed these billionaires with their hard earned dollars, wake up people and say no!

    • Amen. Can’t believe what a bunch of chumps Dodgers fans, and baseball fans in general, are.
      Blind loyalty to teams who don’t give a sh*t about their fans and will jump ship to another city if you wave an extra $5 in their face. Meanwhile the stadium fleeces the fans with overpriced merch, overpriced parking, overpriced sh*tty beer, and overpriced sub edible food.
      Their contempt for it’s customers also manifested in turning a blind eye to fan safety resulting in some poor family man getting his head caved in by a couple of thugs.

      They also clearly don’t give two sh*ts about the surrounding neighborhood, which gets gridlocked with traffic.
      And the egregiousness has no end, for now they want to expand into the park even further with a Dodger land center.
      Move the stadium to Downey or Commerce or the f*cking moon. Just get it out of our neighborhood.

      • I think they are trying to help the traffic by encouraging people to prepay for parking. If you buy online it is only $10 and will help speed up the lines of cars coming into the neighborhood. I think it’s great to incentivize people to think ahead for the benefit of everyone.

        People love to complain about living near the stadium but it’s been there since the 60’s. Why are people still surprised that it gets busy when 50,000 people come to a game?

    • The parking is the exact same price if you buy in advance. This is a form of social engineering to get people to buy parking in advance so they don’t slow down the entrance. The increase will hopefully get more people to buy before they go so everyone can get into the stadium faster.

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