Eagle Rock High students give campus quad a makeover

New sod was planted in the formerly barren campus quad | L.A. Unified

New sod was planted in the formerly barren campus quad | L.A. Unified

EAGLE ROCK — The quad at Eagle Rock Junior/Senior High looked like a giant dust bowl, with much of the grass having given way to dirt in the busy gathering space. But the same spot now sports a bright green lawn as part of a renovation project that was planned by students in partnership with school district maintenance staff. On Tuesday, students and staff celebrated the completion of the project.

The members of the campus’ We Save Club get credit for the new, green quad. They researched what type of sod was most suitable for the environment and amount of foot traffic and also helped install the sod during their free time on weekends, according to a school board official.

The club members will submit their research and work on the quad for a science contest later this year.

Eagle Rock HS 11

Before: The quad’s grass had nearly disappeared | L.A. Unified

After: Students helped plant sod on weekends | L.A. Unified


  1. Too bad they didn’t realize or care there is a drought and used native ground cover, so not to waste a very valuable resource; water!

  2. I don’t know of any native ground cover that allows students to exercise ? The space is use for lots of physical activities. need green space to run, exerciser

    • There are plenty of California native grasses that require a lot less water, and yes you can mow, walk, run and exercise on them. Native nurseries like Theodore Payne or Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden carry more than a few native grasses.

  3. It’s a little bit of a bummer and a lost opportunity to not educate and familiarize these kids about drought tolerant landscaping. Also there are some pretty darn realistic looking artificial laws that can be purchased that last a long time and are very friggin durable. Guess that’s why some people call LA “La La Land”.

  4. I wish the kids would stop littering everywhere around that campus. Walk by it sometime, there are candy/junk food wrappers lying around everywhere. Trash all over the place. Same with Yosemite rec. center. Tagging and trash. Huizar need to get it together and work on some quality of life issues in ER!

    • Huizar’s office has taken the initiative to address the tagging at Yosemite Park; the next planning session is scheduled for next Wednesday. The first one included 3 reps. from his Northeast office, 2 local residents, a high school vice-principal, and a rep. from the neighborhood council. Police rep. was invited to the second meeting and didn’t respond; hopefully they will be at the next one. Northeast Graffiti Busters, which has a contract with the city, gets rid of any reported graffiti within a day, in my long experience of calling it in. Is Huizar responsible for the filthy habits of some of his constituents’ children?

      • Not directly, the school would be better at encouraging normal, socially correct behavior. Huizar’s office could encourage that. Graffiti, littering, no respect for others property are all connected and they all feed on each other.

        • I used to live near a public school in Pasadena and had similar problems with litter. Getting the school to encourage socially correct behavior was like repeatedly slamming my toe in a door. I’m not exactly sure why.. could have been:
          a) apathy on the part of the school
          b) the fact teaching good behavior is not “on the test”
          c) policy dictating topics on ethics / morality / social behavior are verboten
          or what
          This is one nice thing about private schools: freedom to make ethics/ morality part of the curriculum.

          • I don’t live right near ER High, but every time I use the rec. center I’m saddened by the way this really beautiful nook in ER is treated. The school is in a nice spot as well, they should have some school/neighborhood pride.

            However, the way I see their parents driving every morning gives me little hope.

    • “Huizar need to get it together and work on some quality of life issues in ER” — never gonna happen.
      He is a terrible councilmen. only interested in re-election.

  5. So in the middle of a historic drought Eagle Rock HS is encouraging students to ignore water restrictions altogether and plant non-native grasses that require an inordinate amount of water just to stay alive? This is befuddling.

  6. Did I miss something in this article? Did it mention what type of sod they planted? How do you guys know that it’s not environmentally responsible? It even says in the article they researched environmentally suitable sod. And then volunteered to improve our school. What in the world are you complaining about? Students trying to improve our neighborhood should be applauded, not whined about.

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