Eastside Weekend: The Armored Cars of Dreams; Vinyl Potluck in Highland Park; Kinda Open Mic


Renaciendo/Re-Birth by Isabel Martinez

By NATHAN SOLIS Take the story of Don Diego happening upon the Virgen de Guadalupe and run with that idea, interpret the scene in a number of different ways and there lies Stairway to Heaven celebrating Saint Mary at Avenue 50 Studio with various works of art. But why not also consider the Guadalupe’s indigenous pre-carnation as Tonantzin, also known as the Aztec earth deity. Closing Saturday, January 31.

Oh boy, let’s invite everyone to have a turn on the mic. No! That’s what drove the last generation to become mewing artists. Let’s have some structure, let’s have some professionals in the mix who know what they’re doing with Kinda Open Mic. People like Sara Schaefer, Byron Bowers, Eli Olsberg and Dave Ross. There will be time for an open mic if the organizers are feeling it. Sunday, February 1 at The Satellite.
Enjoy an evening with the works of poet Elizabeth Bishop. The evening will include live music accompanied by the works of the Poet Laureate of the United States, 1949 to 1950. Spend your evening with, “We must go under the wallpaper/to meet the insect-gladiator,” at Stories Books and Café in Echo Park. Friday, January 30.
There was a time before the Internet, when people talked with words about how music made them feel. And in that sharing of genuine emotions maybe people bonded over the most obscure bands, maybe over a guilty pleasure. Whatever the case may be the Vinyl Potluck wants you to share. Hosted by Tom Norris at Monte Vista Projects, Sunday, February 1.
Slow Hollows are a Los Angeles band with some messy overtones. Call it beach goth or post hardcore, the too-many genres-to fit-on-one-cracker type of serving. Sometimes that’s a good thing; it allows the brain to marinate on the chopstick servings. The adolescent vocals remind of Cap’n Jazz while the skittering guitar careens all about the floor trying to get out of the room. And you’re reading this saying, ‘Yeah? So what?’ but that’s only the cynic talking. You’re invited, just show up at Pehrspace, Friday, January 30.
Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.


  1. Vinyl Potluck – a “project” that “investigates our relationship with vinyl records and nostalgia”…is that what listening and sharing music has become?

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