Momentum builds for Silver Lake tire slasher reward as vandalism continues

Tire in need of repair | Photo by Silver Lake resident


SILVER LAKE –  New street lights have been installed and police have promised to be extra vigilant. But the Silver Lake tire slasher has continued to damage more vehicles.  Now, some members of the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council are considering issuing a reward to help catch the suspect or suspects.

The Silver Lake tire slasher struck again three times on Monday, Jan. 19, according to a council member.  Residents on Crestmont, Golden Gate and and Maltman avenues have been dealing with the issue since last October. At least 100 tires had been punctured as of December, according to one news report.

Several vehicle tires will typically be slashed or punctured in one evening.  An employee from AAA, which has come out several times to repair the damage, said it appears that an ice pick may have been used to punch a small hole.

On Wednesday night, the council’s  executive committee discussed the possibility of requesting up to $2,500 be put up through City Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s office. Public Safety Committee member Teresa Sitz said she’s reached out to  O’Farrell’s office and LAPD’s Northeast Division about the matter, with the possibility of requesting a matching $2,500 from the city. It is unknown if the council member’s office has responded to the funding request.

In December, O’Farrell’s office unveiled the installation of new street lighting in the areas affected by the Silver Lake tire slasher, however, the crime has continued. LAPD has not reported an update to the investigation.

Matt Sanderson has been a journalist, photographer and digital media producer for nearly eight years. A native of Rhode Island, he received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of New Hampshire and moved to Los Angeles in 2012 through a job transfer with Patch.com/AOL.


  1. Don’t leave your car outside ove night! DUH! Why would you leave something so valuable just sitting waiting to be destroyed in the ghettos of Silver Lake. Howz about some personal responsibility for your belongings! SHESH! Plus aint you got INSURANCE? Isn’t that what this is for? Now I gotta pay for a reward because a certain group of entitled momo’s are tempting fate by leaving $30k just sitting on the street. Ridiculous

    • uh…not everyone has a garage, bud.

      also, repeated insurance claims raise premiums, and not just for the people directly affected. insurers judge risk by zip code, so a hefty increase in auto vandalism raises rates for everyone in the area…including you, if that’s where you happen to live. your infinitesimal taxpayer contribution to a small $5,000 reward will be about .00000001% of the potential increase in your auto insurance premium.

      consider thinking before you speak.

      • Plus, a reward shows civic unity in the face of vandals. And if it’s $100 to fix the tires, the vandal has already cost $10,000 in damage – not to mention the piece of mind.
        (and the OPs comments are just bizarre; as if there is a secured garage for every car in Silver Lake)

    • Wow, that’s an unthinking, toolish response. AtomZ said it best. Do you live in this area? How could you not notice that there’s only about one garage per four or five cars in this neighborhood. Most of the houses on my street don’t have garages at all because it was originally a lower middle class neighborhood in the 20s, when people of few means couldn’t afford cars. And there was an amazing public transportation system – the Red Car line. Most of the existing garages in this area are one-car garages, and most households have an average of two cars. That puts one out on the street, along with all the ones from garage-less residences. And insurance isn’t a panacea – most of these people have to pay out of pocket, to meet their deductibles, and then all of us get redlined and our insurance rates go up. So quit being a douche and think.

    • monkeyman,

      Don’t you know that public property is where you are supposed to leave all your critically important personal property? You are supposed to just leave whatever you need to get around out on the street, for free, and nothing bad will ever happen. All the laws and rules about building garages and storing cars in them is just a funny joke we play on ourselves to inflate home prices and provide more room for our novelty catalytic converter collections and such like and so forth.

      In todays comment section: people describe how every single person on this block NEEDS to own more cars than they can afford to store on their private property.

      • theres rules and laws about storing cars in a garage?!? I wish someone would tell my landlord. AAlao streets free? Last I heard the citizens pay for them with their taxes to use as the laws permit

  2. The momentum has been building slowly because everyone’s tires are flat.

    Thank you, and goodnight.

  3. Okay, one more.

    Does anyone find it stupid that instead of stepping up patrols, or forming a neighborhood group, making a tighter knit community on the block so that this person (or people) doing this have a higher chance of getting caught that we’re going to spend a bunch of money on fancy new street lights?

    I mean, the problem isn’t a visibility problem. The problem is that even with the lights on, nobody is looking. This is a crime of opportunity when the person doing it knows that nobody is paying attention and people mind their own business, are fearful, etc.

    The solution to this isn’t lights. The tire slasher can see the tires just fine as it is.

  4. Blaming the victim is ridiculous. People simply should not mess with other people’s stuff. You *should* be able to forget your iPhone on a park bench, and come back sometime later and find it still sitting there. Your kids *should* be able to come home, leave their bike on the front porch unlocked, and come out the next day and find it right where they left it.

    There are certain subcultures that exist here in America that feel like rules are only suggestions, that ethics and morality should be applied only when convenient (or not at all).

    I hope they catch this dirtbag, throw the book at them, force them to pay restitution to the victims, and do some form of public shaming.

    • You would fit right in in Singapore. I think I understand what True Freedom is all about now.

      • Yes, quite outlandish to expect mutual respect from your fellow citizens.

        Your bike Naziism is shining through again, you one trick pony!

        • Since the tire slashing began there has been talk around the neighborhood that bike people are responsible. I overheard it being said again yesterday in line at Walgreens. I am repeating a rumor I’ve heard but don’t know if it’s credible.

          • Most likely someone walking. You will notice that in the pictures the flat tires are on the curb side. Also, people have had their tires slashed in carports. So much for the don’t park on the street screed. As far as insurance, vandalism is covered by the Comprehensive portion of the policy . If they even have Comp, most people have deductibles that are greater than the cost of a tire. Filing an insurance claim is not an option

          • this has nothing to do do with bicyclists or cars or parking or street lights.
            you have someone living in the neighborhood who has psycho-emotional anger immaturity issues which he acts out through an act of fetish vandalism.
            in this case the fetish is puncturing tires.
            probably an adult male loner who lives with his mom in her home.

      • have you ever been to Singapore? Last time I was there, there were news crews filming a man in an orange vest picking up tiny trash bits with tongs. Turns out he was a high ranking city official who was caught throwing his cigarette butt on the ground. This community service/ public shaming was part of his sentence.

        Well run societies have laws and a code of conduct that people follow. Here, we have too many dirty people (dirty on the inside) that think the rules apply to others, not them.

  5. hidden cameras…make it happen.

  6. Okay this vandalism CRAZY person/person is really starting to get me mad.
    Saturday marks the 5th time my cars tires have been slashed.
    Saturday 12:30pm 3/7/2015 Effie & Mitcheltorena I realized my back passenger tire was flat.
    I fixed tire then went in my home at 4pm my neighbor banging on my door & said a BLACK HONDA with teenagers BUSTED MY WINDOW OUT?!?
    My landlord has installed cameras & We are now doing stake outs.
    The police said last count # of damage OVER $10,000.
    The crime is not decreasing but rather increasing.
    By the way I don’t always park in same spot yet I’ve been a victim in car port & Street.
    Any suggestions that’s helpful would appreciate.

  7. I just had my tire punctured by a man walking a dog on Golden Gate and Effie. Felt my car move a little bit and noticed someone bent down by the back passenger tire. I didn’t think much of it when they walked uphill with the dog. Thought they were picking up a toy or something they dropped at first. I drove home and saw the flat indicator light, looked at the tire and heard a hissing noise. There was a small puncture in the sidewalk. Seems like this freak is back. I wish I got a better look, but he seemed to be a late 40’s-50’s white guy.

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