Popular Highland Park Twitter feed goes silent



HIGHLAND PARK — The Twitter handle HLP90042 meant plenty to residents of Highland Park. The Twitter account was their update to police activity; store openings and closings; local politics, cuisine, culture; band performances and gallery shows. Which is why it was a rude awakening for the 5,966 followers of HLP90042 when they discovered today that the account had been deleted.

The author of the account, Waltarrrrr, who also once authored the 90042 blog, re-tweeted almost every mention of Highland Park on Twitter, either good or bad, giving his feed a colorful palette of people venting, loving and all around living their lives in Northeast L.A. It was no surprise then that followers of HLP90042 expressed their disappointment on Twitter:

Back in 2011 the 90042 blog went into hiatus, but Waltarrrrr made occasional updates throughout the years on the history of Highland Park and on local issues ranging from transportation politics to addressing the issue of calling the Arroyo Seco Parkway a freeway. All content from the blog has since been deleted, along with any other mention of the author’s presence online.

Why did HLP90042 sign off so abruptly? Will the Highland Park updates appear under a different Twitter account? Did HLP90042 offend the North Koreans? HLP90042 did not say much before shutting down. The @walkeaglerock Twitter feed posted some of HLP90042’s last updates, including one that said “Call it a New Year’s Resolution or an offline evolution. Either way, this is the end.”

Waltarrrrr will be sorely missed and we hope that whatever he gets into next he will bring the same level of commitment and enthusiasm he shared with HLP.


Nathan Solis is a Highland Park resident who writes about and photographs the L.A. music scene. You can find more of Solis’ stories, reviews and photos at Avenue Meander.


  1. He will truly be missed. No one was as knowledgeable as he was with the history and happening of this great community of ours. Hope we can do at least 1/4 of what he did to keep our community up to date.

  2. He has retweeted at least 2 things today, even though the account seems to be dead. Very strange.

  3. He did the exact same thing with his blog. It was a great resource for a while, then apparently he decided he was wasting too much time online and abruptly pulled the plug on it. Seeing as how the twitter feed had become something of a community resource, it would have been nice if, in the spirit of community, he would have turned the keys to it over to someone else to maintain. Or at least asked if anyone was interested in taking over.

  4. I still miss the 90042 blog – it was great! Whoever Waltarrrrr is, he is real force of insight and info.

  5. I noticed one of Waltarrrr’s photos of the Arroyo Seco parkway appeared in the winter issue of Boom magazine, in a piece on the background of the parkway as a WPA project.

  6. This leaves a big gap in the digital world in terms of Highland Park’s history and discussions about it’s past and future.

    I blame Obama.

  7. Never new of the Twitter feed, but check out @happeniginhighlandpark on instagram!

  8. He won the lottery and moved to the Virgin Islands. Maybe he’ll start some other boring blog about his new surroundings…

  9. Classic Personality Disorder

  10. Sad. I’ve found the old-school local Yahoo listservs a good resource, though, especially NELAlist and ASNC News: https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/nelalist/info https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/ASNCAlert/info

  11. Born and Raised HLP

    Though it’s mostly the York Blvd Site of HLP (but do metion all of HLP), you can check this twitter site. These people are extremely knowledgeable about the history of Highland Park, are residents and keep the neighborhood informed of up coming events. They also post some great old historical photgraphs of HLP. OH, and they’re actually mentioned (screen shot) in this article.

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