Second juvenile suspect arrested in fatal East L.A. middle school stabbing

EAST LOS ANGELES – LASD homicide detectives working on Friday’s fatal stabbing of a boy outside an East L.A. middle school have arrested a second suspect – a 14-year-old who is believed to have provided the knife involved in the killing.

The juvenile was arrested Tuesday night at his  Los Angeles home in connection with the fatal stabbing of 14-year-old Steven Cruz in front of David Wark Griffith Junior High School, according to an L.A. County Sheriff’s Department statement. The first suspect, the 13-year-old who allegedly stabbed Cruz, was arrested over the weekend and booked for murder.

“Investigators learned that the 2nd Juvenile provided the 1st arrested juvenile the knife that was used in the commission of the crime shortly before it occurred,” according to the LASD statement.


  1. And they should arrest the parents for negligence for allowing their kid (or raising a kid who thought it was okay or acceptable) to bring a knife to school. If parents started being held accountable for the crimes of their children, perhaps more of them would actually start doing their job of parenting.

    • Right, because teenagers always do exactly what their parents say they should do.

      • If you knew as a child that your parents would be arrested and taken to jail for your criminal actions, you’d be way less likely to do the things that would cause that to happen. And trust me, parents would have a very strong motivation to be better with overseeing their kids, to teach acceptable behavior at a young age, and to punish mis-behavior in an effective enough way and starting at a young enough age, that it actually makes an impression.

        Besides, we’re talking about violent crime with actual victims, not telling your parents you’re going to the library to study and then stealing their cigarettes and hanging out with your friends instead. Any kid that brings a knife to school and then gives it to his friend to stab someone in the back …. yeah …. big parent fail from way back when they should have been teaching the most basic right from wrong lessons. Normal 14 y.o. kids with good upbringings don’t suddenly become little murderers and accessories to murder, And if your kid is not normal and shows sociopathic tendencies, a good parent recognizes it early on and gets them the help that they need.

        My suggestion should only worry those parents who know that their children are lying, stealing, aggressive little assholes who could potentially murder someone, and if they are? Your fault entirely.

      • No but teenagers with attentive parents are about a million times less likely to stab someone.

  2. Free Lil Chingon

  3. Rip lame reject?

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