Suspected car thief collides with police in Cypress Park [updated]

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Police apprehended the suspect vehicle thief near Maceo & Cypress

CYPRESS PARK — A suspected vehicle thief rammed two police cars during a police pursuit this afternoon across the streets of Cypress Park and Glassell Park.

A man driving a Toyota minivan that was stolen in Glassell Park earlier in the day was pulled over by police when he sped away, prompting the police pursuit, said Sgt. Victor Arellano.  The chase ended on Maceo Street near Cypress Avenue, where the suspect was apprehended  after the van struck a curb.

The man was transported to a hospital.  Police officers were said to have suffered some minor injuries described as “bumps and bruises,” according to one officer.

Police reopening Cypress Avenue | Anthea Raymond

Police apprehended the suspect vehicle thief near Maceo & Cypress | Anthea Raymond


  1. glad they are finally putting up some results with all the thefts and car break ins but does anyone else think that was an odd choice of a car to steal? I’m guessing it’s valued at like $750… old 1988 toyota mini van? wtf?

    • The reason they stole this van is like ter said these vans can be started with a pair of scissors ..usually to do drive by

  2. it was probably headed toward the scrap yard for $400. tough these days profiting off high end car theft I think, to easy to get caught.

  3. These mongoloids steal unassuming cars to commit crimes with. Not a mystery.

    • sorry i don’t have a degree in criminology or extensive knowledge in gang crime terry. thank you for your DB passive aggressive comment piggybacking off a civil and education conversation from a blog…

      – ps DB is an acronym ending in “bag”. you should hit the reply instead of “new comment” – there’s something that is also not a mystery


  4. Will anything actually happen to this savage? Deportation? Jail time? maybe he had his new drivers license and they let him go.

    • Deportation??fuc&en idiot Juan Montoya…but check out ur name straight Hispanic ,talking about deportation and new license for the poor immigrants who come here to work and provide a better life for their families…and I must mention this again Juan talking about deportation…LMAO

  5. Mongoloids? Savages? I love the internet.

  6. Big_Daddy_Kane1990

    @Juan Montoya

    You Sound More Hispanic Than Anyone Here Yet Your Comment Sounds Racist As Fuk.. How Do You Automatically Assume That Knucklehead Isn’t a U.S Citizen? You Bring up Deportation? And What’s Up With The “New Drivers Licence” Reference? Tas Bien Pendejo Vato. I’m all for apprehension of any Criminal, Race Aside.. And This Guy Will Do His Time Deservingly So. But You, Juan Montoya, You Make The General Public Of Hispanics Sick.. That’s All.

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