The Reformation Station: A Story Of Strength in Lincoln Heights

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By Chi Wang

“So close.” Words I’ve heard a lot lately.

The first week of my latest foray with Pilates, I wondered if progress would ever be made. Engaging my core, flexing my feet, and relaxing my shoulders while performing a modified sit up seemed impossible. Trying to attend classes three times a week has revealed some improvement, but after seven months, hearing that I’m “so close” still rings out. It’s an indication that while I become stronger, the exercises have, too, become more difficult. I’m at peace with that: being a work in progress.

Christina Pierson at The Reformation Station has been the primary guide for my personal Pilates journey. She’s small in stature, but giant in every way a good fitness instructor might be. Her enthusiastic “so close” and “nice” comments keep me motivated, especially on days I arrive wishing I had gone straight home. She often demonstrates exercises to increase comprehension. But it’s the details Christina recalls from our past conversations that signifies genuine interest. She is the owner of The Reformation Station, a 1,000 square-foot Pilates haven that she built within her larger, existing artist studio.

Exposed i-beams, polished concrete floors, and tall ceilings give the space its clean, modern feel. Equipment and furniture is thoughtfully arranged to capitalize on the abundance of natural light. A futon sofa adjacent to cubbies provide coziness to read or nap. The restrooms are equal parts utilitarian and charming with a single shower stall standing next to a six-foot antique farmhouse sink. Kiehl’s hand cream and hair ties make for thoughtful amenities, as if to say “thought of everything.”

Typically no larger than parties of three, classes are tailored according to the students’ wants and needs. Prescribed modifications have worked around a host of my temporary injuries including a strained wrist, a bruised knee, and an inflamed rib tendon. The company of people who will laugh with me as I’ve rolled off the mat on occasion makes class feel less like a task and more like a prize.

Still, the favorite part of my reformation is this: better posture, faster reflexes, and less pain in all facets of life.

I guess, in the end, “so close” isn’t all that bad.

Annual Open House
The Reformation Station is hosting its annual open house on Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 11 am. Everyone is welcome to attend the celebration with Fresh juices, Mimosa’s, tamales from the neighborhood (Mom’s Tamales) and specials on Pilates classes and private sessions.
The Reformation Station
2222 S. Pasadena Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90031







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