Daily Archives: February 9, 2015

Silver Lake furniture store moves out, taggers move in

SILVER LAKE -- The Sunset Boulevard building that once housed Living Room, a furniture store that moved out in the face of a steep rent increase, has been leased to new tenants. But before those newcomers arrive, the taggers have moved in, covering the building's brown exterior, windows with a variety of messages and drawings. There are even some tags inside the building.

On the Agenda: Cypress Park’s Taylor Yard development; Atwater river projects update; Lincoln Heights Easter Egg hunt

There's no escaping the upcoming City Council and School Board elections in this week's agenda items, including two candidate forums. Also on the agenda: the Homeless Coalition in Silver Lake, Cypress Park's Taylor Yard Development and Atwater Village's River Committee. It’s a good idea to check with organizations to find out if meeting items and times have been changed or postponed

Arroyo Seco homeless encampment clean up underway

HERMON -- Another large-scale clean up of homeless encampments along the Arroyo Seco has been taking place in recent days. Felipe Xanadu snapped the photo above from Debs Park as workers cleared away vegetation and the debris from the Arroyo Seco channel near the 110 Freeway.

Bangers & Mash, anyone? Echo Park gets its first taste of a new British pub

ECHO PARK -- Do British pubs usually have valet stands out front and serve salads with goat cheese? Perhaps not but when your 6,000 miles away from the British Isles, you probably have to be flexible and adapt to local customs and tastes. In this case, The Lost Knight -"A British Pub," according to the signs - has updated the old-world concept for modern-day Echo Park.

Got to go? Echo Park and Silver Lake homeless to get maps of neighborhood public restrooms

SILVER LAKE -- The rise of the homeless population across Echo Park and Silver Lake has been accompanied by complaints of street people urinating and defecating in public or in the yards of residents. Now, the Silver Lake Council has taken a step to deal with the problem by having maps of the public restroom and shower facilities in both neighborhood distributed to the homeless. As it turns out, most of the facilities are in Echo Park.

Echo Park car owners wake up to vandalism

ECHO PARK -- Several cars had their windows smashed and damaged overnight on or near the 1300 block of Allesandro Street. An Allesandro resident said she heard "smashing sounds" shortly after midnight as a car headed north on the narrow street. She went out and found that the driver's side window of one car had been smashed in. This morning in daylight, she found that the windows of two other cars appeared to have been hit with BB-gun pellets and some side view mirrors had also been damaged.