Daily Archives: February 11, 2015

Why it takes so long to clean up a homeless encampment

From Echo Park and Silver Lake to Highland Park and Hermon, many residents have complained about how long it can take for the city to clean up a homeless encampment, even when it’s blocking a public sidewalk or encroaching on parkland. After being hit with lawsuits and court orders, the city along with other government agencies needs to follow several steps to compassionately provide clean ups, according to a summary of the process issued by Council District 13.

The Juice wants to clean up Highland Park

HIGHLAND PARK -- Juice cleansing comes to Highland Park with The Juice on York Boulevard. The store is the second for co-owners Elizabeth Halpern and Melissa Cronkhite, whose first juice shop in Atwater Village allows customers to try and reverse their not-so-healthy habits with green apple, lemon, kale and triple ginger juice or chocolate almond milk if juice cleansing seems intimidating.

Barbara Bestor-designed Silver Lake modern seeking $4.25 million

SILVER LAKE -- When this Barbara Bestor-designed home went on the market in 2007, the property sold for $3.35 million in only 11 days amid the last real estate boom. A few years later in 2012, the same hillside house on Baxter Street sold for $3.07 million - $280,000 less - after the real estate market had tanked. Now, the contemporary-style house is back on the market, and the buyers are seeking to cash in on the run up in prices by asking $4.25 million.

Echo Park’s Blackbirds development living up to its name

ECHO PARK -- No mossy green or pastel peach for the Blackbird project. Painters have begun to spray on a coat of black paint on the townhouses that are expected to go on sale soon. But that black paint is not your common shade of black. It's a custom color designed by project architect Barbara Bestor, said developer Casey Lynch.