A welcome sign for cyclists at Echo Park Lake



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ECHO PARK — About a dozen new bike-shaped bike racks have been installed at the entrances to Echo Park Lake. While the new racks, which include a lotus stamped into metal, will be welcome by cyclists, bikes are still not allowed on the paths circling the lake.


  1. Exactly. These bicycle idiots ride around it constantly. No enforcement whatsoever. Try doing that in Griffith Park and you’ll get a ticket but over here the commies bicyclist lobby owns CD13.

  2. Your’re right. The other day I saw a 5 year old girl with her little brother riding around the lake, and I thought, “They should be riding on Glendale Blvd.”

    • the sad thing is there are plenty of people who don’t realize this is sarcasm. they seriously think that way.

      • I did not take that comment as sarcasm. Try careening around a few entitled cyclists that give you the finger and then re-examine the so-called sarcasm.

  3. I dont know about sarcasm, but the other evening during rush hour on Rowena Ave. while I was sitting in traffic not moving, I was passed up by so many bicyclist using the the Bike lane (That I used to be able to drive my car in) It looked like the Tour de France.

  4. I’m sorry, but it’s true — the fact that there are no bikes allowed in Echo Park is completely ignored. During the busiest times in the park — weekends, evenings — bikers constantly ride through the crowded paths inconveniencing elderly people, little kids, families, people walking dogs, etc. I recently saw a group of five young, to give you an instant mental picture, I’ll use the dreaded term — hipsters riding SHOULDER TO SHOULDER through the park, essentially making it impossible to pass, and forcing people around them to get out of their way. All kinds of people speed along those paths, and it’s completely inconsiderate and dangerous. I have never once seen any enforcement of the no-bikes rule at any time, but maybe now I’ll consider complaining to Mitch O’Farrell’s office.

    • I am certainly never shy about “politely” reminding people that no bike riding is allowed in the park. Most plead ignorance and get off to walk their bikes. Nothing you can do about the a-holes that ignore you though. Except a broom handle in the front spokes…

      • I don’t care how polite you are. You are not going to tell me what to do. I’ll ride my bike where I want to. Don’t like it? Go back to Kansas.

  5. I really hate this, the bikes at EP Lake thing — have seen numerous near collisions and boorish behavior, oh we’re so green riding our bikes in L.A. Absolutely oblivious, privileged peeps.

    And the others, how shall I ID them, the ‘less privileged’ might be okay, who do exactly the same thing on the paths. Speak up to them and risk fists or worse.

  6. …and by the way, the no riding of bikes on paths is NOT NEW with the restored park. I spent a lot of time at the lake as a boy, and rules were enfored — no bike riding at EP Lake.

    We got off our bikes and walked them.

  7. I don’t want to generalize because I know bike riders that actually obey the law, but often I have to avoid bike riders that run stop signs, cut out into traffic lanes, and go the wrong way in traffic and have the audacity to flip the finger when autos pass their unlawful paths. Maybe if more paid attention to rules and traffic laws there would be less complaining on their part.

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