Atwater vehicle owner warns of catalytic converter thieves

Honda Element being towed to dealer | Lindsey Ferguson

Honda Element being towed to dealer | Lindsey Ferguson

ATWATER VILLAGE — The car alarm on Lindsey Ferguson’s Honda Element went off early Monday morning. What was going on? She soon discovered that thieves had sawed off the catalytic converter from her vehicle while it was parked on Glenhurst Avenue near Glendale Boulevard. It’s the second time Ferguson’s converter has been stolen, and now she wants to warn her neighbors about the crime. “The police say it has been happening a lot lately so maybe we just keep a eye out for each other,” Ferguson said.

Catalytic converters contain platinum and other precious metals, making them an attractive target. The Honda Element sits high, making it easier to get underneath and saw off the converter, police have said.

Ferguson provided details of the crime:

They hacked it off at 230am, Monday morning while my car alarm was going off! Ha!  I installed an alarm after the first time but that did not stop them. I was in a well lit area. My neighbor said she looked out the window and saw a gold car when my alarm was going off but did not tell me until the next day. I pretty much feel like a sitting duck.

Ferguson said the police suggested getting a “CatClamp,” which is supposed to offer more protection. But when she took her Element to the Honda dealer for repairs, employees told her that thieves just cut right through the clamps with bolt cutters. “So looks like I will have to weld metal plates over my exhaust and cross my fingers for next time,” she said.

It’s going to cost $2,300 to replace the converter and repair the damage, she said.


  1. I hope they catch these punks and the tire slashers.
    It would be great if there was restitution and some public shaming involved.

  2. This has been happening all over Glassell Park recently as well – multiple thefts on our street, and adjacent streets. But the best advice we got was to replace the stolen one with an off-market catalytic converter, because the thieves won’t steal that one. Ours is an older Element so the parts were much cheaper than what was quoted in this article.

  3. Had mine stolen sometime between tuesday night and friday morning.
    Angelus Ave in Silver Lake. Sigh…

  4. This happened to me this morning at 1:30a on West Kensington and Bellevue in Echo Park/Angelino Heights. I was actually still awake after just getting home. After my car alarm went off, we witnessed a parked car next to mine. By the time I was able to get downstairs and onto the street, the thieves were gone. It is a very quick and efficient operation. I reported the incident to the Police.

  5. Such a bummer, this just happened to me over highland park. The tow truck driver said he had picked up 12 cars that week with the same problem. I opted out of the repairs, in fear it would happen again and traded my honda element for a volvo!

  6. Today April 2, 2015 at 9am a dark grey Volkswagen (the suspects vehicle) 4 door with 3 hispanic looking guys tried to steel my cat converter in broad daylight in front of my house Sand Fernando Road and Maceo/Loosmore/Alice streets. (Cypress Park area). They have a loud saw. You think someone is cutting tile or wood. So look out. There one guy (looken out) scruffy looking heavy weight round face guy hangs out on a cell phone while the other rolls under the truck with a loud saw. The driver never gets out. They are on camera so just reviewing footage of the event. Just need to find the guys the police say. So just spreading the word out there. There young guys in there 30s or so. A suspicious lookout truck came out before using a ONtrac sticker on their door. Not sure but seem quite suspicious.

    • THe suspect vehicle seems to be a grey colored 4 door sedan type car. The make is more like the Acura made by Honda. Model type is RL or the body style is RL.. The year may be 2005/2006/2007 with double side door moulding and slightly tinted windows. Watch out. !!!!

  7. My neighborhood car was stolen in front of their house its 1995 black Honda civic has damage on passenger side

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