Bangers & Mash, anyone? Echo Park gets its first taste of a new British pub

The Lost Knight opens in Echo Park 2-8-2015 2-59-58 AM

Storefront ReportECHO PARK —  Do British pubs usually have valet stands out front and serve salads with goat cheese? Perhaps not but when your 6,000 miles away from the British Isles, you probably have to be flexible and adapt to local customs and tastes. In this case,  The Lost Knight -“A British Pub,” according to the signs – has updated the old-world concept for modern-day Echo Park.

The Lost Knight appears to be in its early shakedown period, with it signs still be installed over the weekend on the building once occupied by Barragan’s, the Mexican restaurant whose owners sold and closed up shop at the end of 2013 after more than 50 years in Echo Park. Inside The Lost Knight, beer and cocktails were being served in a tavern-like area. Some traditional British comfort food – Welsh Rarebit, Fish & Chips and Bangers & Mash – along with some updated items, including salads, a vegetarian sausage roll and Beet Wellington, were on the menu.  A few, early Yelp! reviews were promising:

An exciting mix of British comfort foods and ingenious modern takes. The fabulous beer and cocktail list is true to British form with a focus on gin and rare beers. The wine list reflects colonial wine regions as well as the British affection for Bordeaux Clairet.

If the idea of a British pub inside a former Echo Park Mexican restaurant seems odd, just remember that Taix restaurant has been serving French dishes in a faux-chateau with valet service just  few blocks away for decades. Perhaps an Echo Park version of the Chunnel will eventually connect the two.


  1. bite your tongue! TAIX must continue, unchanged, in its current incarnation until I am dead and buried.

  2. We welcome them to the neighborhood! Sounds good to me.

  3. All ye damned hipster peasantry in thine tight breeches have now sacked Echo Parke. This has vexed me so!
    Begone with you back to the shire of Santa Monica!


    How many cheesy themed bars do we need around here!

    • Wasn’t aware that we had any ‘themed’ bars?

      • Well, there was Stinkers. which truly did try to go for a ‘hipster’ vibe, with its ‘side of a big rig’ and trucker hat look. But then they realized the people in the neighborhood actually wanted a nicer place, and then they turned it into the Thirsty Crow.
        Aside from that…not really a lot of ‘theme’ places. Maybe Jumbo’s Clown Room?

  5. Sounds good to me.

  6. It sounds like a gay bar !

  7. Echo Park is being ruined. Bottom line.
    How many dumb coffee shops need to keep opening right across and down the block from each other?
    How many dumb over priced restaurants need to open right across and down the block from each other?
    Beardos and mustached latharios… come one come all!

    • How many more diabetes inducing fast food conglomerates need to open? How many more predatory check cashing places? How many 99¢ stores filled with cheap, lead filled plastic toys?
      Sorry to see that a cup of overpriced coffee has caused your fragile little world to come crashing down on you. But why don’t you grow some cajones and try tackling some larger real world issues, instead of sitting in your parents basement obsessing over how tight another man’s pair of jeans are.

      • “… instead of sitting in your parents basement obsessing over how tight another man’s pair of jeans are.”

        He didn’t do that at all. He was obsessing over other people’s facial hair.

    • LOL…as if echo park wasn’t over 5 years ago.

  8. Yeah, how gay right? We should open up another taco stand or pizza place. It’s so “gay” to have diversity in the restaurant scene.

    If this is a themed bar, then every mexican, chinese and italian restaraunt is as well.

    I ate here on the opening night, so here’s an actual helpful comment: They had very friendly and professional staff, the food was good, the drinks were good. I like the old english decor, something different than the minimal-industrial look going on everywhere. I would say it’s slightly overpriced, but the food was quality and the service was great. They also plan on opening a separate bar upstairs with an open deck patio. I like it.

    • There is something quite different when a bunch of pizza or mexican places who all happen to congregate in a region because they live there and its affordable. That creates authentic community and bonding.

      When a bunch new shops and restaurants try to cash in on that vibe by creating disneyland-esque attractions that is something else. That’s the difference in perspectives.

      • Wow didn’t realize a British pub constituted a theme park. What does that make the UK then? It’s not a Medeaval Times any more than Patras is a Casa Bonita.
        Unlike the the petulant, chicken little NIMBYS (and homophobes) above, I welcome the diversity.

        • Hear, hear!

          Ate here last night. It’s no more theme-y than El Compadre is theme-y.

          Super-friendly staff. Good food. Good tunes. And the place looks great,

          Looking forward to the upstairs room + patio opening!

      • I’m English, live on the East side and moved to the US 17 years ago.

        I welcome this Ye Olde Theme Parke pub. It’s about time I had somewhere to go wearing my Ye Thowde Knights Armor. It used to take forever to ride my Olde Horse down to The Old Kings Head in Santa Monica.

        I do love a good Taco but come on, diversity doesn’t mean exclusionary.

  9. “What does that make the UK”

    So when you go on the Pirates of the Caribbean you’re like “What does that make the Cuba?

    The Lost Knight was specifically designed to cater to a boushy crowd without an honest connection to anything other than cashing in. When you have restaurant groups planning restaurants that’s what you get.

    If you like this kinda thing there’s always the Americana and plenty of other places you can get your Katsuya and other similarly boxed concepts but there aren’t to many Silver Lakes and Echo Parks left.

    • But don’t all businesses want to make money? Don’t think for one second the mom and pop establishments in our neighborhood are doing it solely for the people. Because they most definitely want your green, too.

      Will The Lost Knight be a good neighbor? A good fit for the neighborhood? That remains to be seen. But I’d much rather check them out for myself than wag a finger from afar.

    • The UK actually has pubs like this everywhere, whereas Cuba doesn’t have pirate themed amusement rides on every corner. Your comparison doesn’t make any sense.

      Wait… Are you telling me there’s investors in a restaurant group (some that are actually British) that saw a market for an upscale place in EP and are trying to make money off of it!?? The audacity of some people!!!

  10. Who said I was against making money. All I said is that makes a qualitative difference to the neighborhood when corporations and restaurant groups get involved. I will say if its only about the dollar then it everything would turn into the Americana or Third Street Promenade. which is what much of the neighborhood does not want.

    “The UK actually has pubs like this everywhere, whereas Cuba doesn’t have pirate themed amusement rides on every corner. Your comparison doesn’t make any sense.”

    I have no idea what you’re talking about. I was responding to Leopold Stotch who didn’t understand why the pub would be a theme if there is already a real place. I’m just pointing out that Pirates of the Carribean is based on a real place and its a theme.

    …Just for the record just based on the menu and price the UK absolutely does not have pubs like this on every corner

    • $21 for a ploughman’s! Wouldn’t be that much even by London prices.


      • No, prices for everything in London is insane now thanks to unlimited overseas investment in the Capitol.

        $21 in Echo Park for a Ploughman’s that most people are unfamiliar with is a f*****g rip-off though.

        Cheeky Buggers!

    • @mike

      And I was responding to your comment about a British pub being compared to Disneyland.
      Unless it resembles the Renn Fair with wenches and turkey legs and mockney accents spoken by out of work actors, a British pub doesn’t constitute a ‘theme’ park.

  11. Ya, I like those.

  12. Where’s the Chicken Tikka Masala?

  13. Yeah, but I think with the addition of the sausage roll this isn’t really a Ploughman’s anymore. Personally I’m stoked on the 16oz pints of Craftsman at $6 everyday. Not a horrible deal when most other places charge around 5-6 for a 12oz pour. And proper ale on cask everyday? Who else has that?

    As to the theme park aspect, that argument holds no water. In London there are tons of places like this, these are the original “gastropubs” of which only a subway-tiled shadow exists in the states. Check out the Prince Bonaparte in Notting Hill or Google “Gastropub London”. It’s a well established modern British dining model that, although more expensive than a local pub, offers the locally sourced/seasonal fare that is so common in restaurants these days. The large amount of winter vegetables on the LK’s menu also indicates that it will change throughout the year as well.

    Clearly the comparison between Echo Park and Shoreditch was too strong, and someone figured that LA’s neighborhood might have similar tastes to the other. It remains to be seen if they were right.

  14. Generic crappy sign in front, Screams unauthentic to me. Can any Brits share their experiences?

    • Brit here. Visited last night. Not like any pub I’ve been to in England, sorry to say.

      – no British beer available (because ‘we support local brewers’ said the server)
      – ‘wines from across the British empire’ declared the wine list. Including several from that great outpost of the empire: France
      – the only real concession to Britishness that I saw was a load of fox hunting prints on the wall
      – to be fair, the chips were thick cut, UK style (sort of)

      All that said, I didn’t hate the vibe. Some nice nooks for a quiet pint, booths for plotting, and larger spaces for partying. Just not very authentically British.


    Will it open in the mornings for English Premiere League Soccer Matches?

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