Crime Check: Echo Park burglars coming in through the front door


ECHO PARK — Police are warning Echo Park residents to take extra precautions against break-ins after more than 15 burglaries have been reported since the Christmas holiday in the area north of Sunset Boulevard. How are burglars breaking in? While most burglars prefer to sneak in through side windows and rear doors, the criminals in one-third of the Echo Park burglaries preferred a more direct approach: the front door.

The burglars either pried open the front door, used a lock slip and, in one case, “used bodily force” to enter through the front, according to details of the Echo Park burglaries that was distributed by Senior Lead Officer Gina Chovan of the LAPD Northeast Division. “If you hear your neighbors doors dogs barking excessively, take a moment to look outside your window,” was one of the bits of advice Chovan offered via email.

Echo Park burglaries reported north of Sunset Boulevard

  • 12/26/14, 1015 am, 2300 Echo park Ave, pried rear door
  • 12/23/14, 1625 pm, 2100 Echo Park Ave, pried front door
  • 12/27/14, 1600 pm 1500 Cerro Gordo St, pried rear door
  • 01/05/15, 0930 am, 1900 Effie St, pried front door
  • 01/13/15, 0800 am, 2200 Baxter st, pried rear door
  • 01/23/15, 3:20 pm, 1400 Fairbanks pl, pried side window
  • 01/25/15, 02:20 pm, 1600 Sargeant Pl, pried side window
  • 01/23/15, 9:00 pm, 2100 Lemoyne St, used bodily force to enter front door
  • 01/27/15, 11:00 am, 2200 Echo Park Ave, smashed side window
  • 01/27/15, 1:00 pm, 1500 Donaldson St, used lock slip/key on front door
  • 01/31/15, 6:00 pm, 1300 Quintero St, smashed side window
  • 01/29/15, 1200 pm, 2200 Princeton Ave, entered attached garage
  • 02/06/15, 0900 am, 1400 Laveta Terrace
  • 02/07/15, 12:15 pm, 1800 Scott Ave, entered via rear window
  • 02/07/15, 5:45 pm, 1600 Sargeant Ct, Pried front door

Burglars have also been busy in the section of Echo Park and Angeleno Heights south of Sunset Boulevard, which is patrolled by the Rampart Division. At least another burglaries burglaries have been reported in this area since Christmas holiday, according to CrimeMapping.


  1. As the cops have told everyone in my neighborhood, the best alarm system is a big, territorial dog. I have two – one of whom has taken a bite out of someone who tried to force his way into the house. Dumb idea.

  2. Add: 2/11, 1358 Laveta Terrace. My house. I believe one entered through a window in the back and let the other in the front door. Which I saw as I was getting out of my car across the street. Thanks to my next door neighbor who also called the police, and to the police for responding in force and catching one of the two guys. The second is still out there, so if you see someone unfamiliar who looks like he (assume he) is casing a house, report it.

    • Yikes, I was wondering what the commotion was about last night. I’m glad you were OK and they caught at least of the burglars.

    • What time of day was this? I’m glad they caught one of the jackasses. Did you get your property back?

      • It was at 7 PM. I got the items that the guy they caught had on him, but not what the other guy got away with. The detective told me that the first one gave up the name of the second one but they haven’t found him yet.

  3. It’s a good idea to install wrap-around steel brackets under door knobs and dead bolts, especially in homes with older doors.

  4. They’re targeting these neighborhoods because the cops waste all their time breaking up harmless parties and giving speeding tickets, NEVER patrol for gang or crime activity, other than serving warrants with SWAT teams. Echo park avenue is like the wild west. Try walking up the street from sunset to fix at 3-4 am and notice how many people are just standing on the curb or in their yard waiting for trouble at that hour… it’s unreal. The police are completely clueless.

    • oldman, I don’t disagree about where they’re spending time patrolling – but I was grateful for their response yesterday and follow-up today, so I do want to express appreciation for the officers. I will even have more tolerance for the helicopters going forward.

    • Breaking up parties on their own? or responding to noise complaints?
      I say let the parties rock on, but if people are calling the cops, they are supposed to respond.
      And if people are standing around “waiting for trouble” but not actually causing it – it’s a free country. The cops can’t do anything about it.*
      *Unless the people are violating a gang injunction

  5. this new spree of home burglaries, as well as the rampant, unbelievably dangerous speeding towards the north end of EP ave are all a result of a distinct lack of police presence in the neighborhood, and EP ave in particular. I’m glad that they are still able to get on scene very quickly, but it really seems like a lot of this could be prevented if the cops were more visible in this area. I have called several times regarding the speeding towards the top of the hill (it is incredibly dangerous for anyone walking with their dogs or kids), and have never ever gotten a call back. I understand it’s not as important as gang shootings, etc., but since not a lot of that seems to be going on, especially north of sunset, what’s the deal LAPD?

    • I have noticed an extreme uptick in tagging activity in the last month. It hasn’t been this bad in about two years or so. The north parts of Echo Park are filled with trash and discarded bulky items. I don’t think the sidewalks or medians on my street have been cleaned in years. It’s almost like the city is inviting the crime. Families of all races live on our block — they deserve to be safe and live in a clean neighborhood.

  6. With these break ins, is anyone home at the time and has anyone gotten hurt? Do these burglars have weapons on them?

    • The “successful” burglaries are ones where people are not home, but the police have been called by residents who’ve noticed people on their property or even trying to open a window or door.

  7. Hooray for Prop 47

  8. Just a reminder, folks: There are tons of dogs at the Northeast Animal Shelter who would love nothing more than to protect your home and valuables.

  9. I’m all about protecting homes
    From burgleries!
    But more barking dogs ! Ugh
    I call our area ” Barking Park” not echo!
    Only thing that echos here are barking dogs
    ever street and just about every house has one
    in the yard howling. So fringing annoying
    when you go out at night for a run or walk.
    Saving animals from the shelters is great! !!
    But keep ’em inside your house and you listen
    to them bark, bark, bark, bark, bark ,bark etc..
    PS. Every heard of a Doberman ?
    They protect and stay quiet!

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