How long does it take to repair a street light? Depends on where you live


It took the city significantly longer on average to repair broken street lights in Echo Park, Elysian Valley and Silver Lake than many other parts of the city, according to a Daily News story. It took an average of 8 days to repair a street light in the three communities while some areas had to wait only two or three days on average. One Elysian Valley resident waited 118 days to have a light fixed.

Why are Echo Park, Elysian Valley and Silver Lake left in the dark for so long compared to other areas? City officials came up with different responses, ranging from the distance  crews had to travel from the Bureau of Street Lighting’s maintenance yard to a lack of readily available replacement parts for older lights and copper wire theft.

The lack of a street light, even for a few days, raised concern about neighborhood safety. Martha Mazariegos, the Elysian Valley resident who waited 118 days to have the light in front of her home repaired in 2012, told the Daily News:

In the dark it’s dangerous, and you don’t know who’s coming down the street.”

Click here to view an interactive map showing the average time it took to repair city streets in different neighborhoods.


  1. Interesting timing, I just reported a street light out on my block last week using the 311 app. Not repaired yet. But a couple years ago I reported the one in front of my house out on a Tuesday, and Friday morning they were fixing it. I was pretty pleased with the service.

  2. “City officials came up with different responses, ranging from the distance crews had to travel from the Bureau of Street Lighting’s maintenance yard…”

    I guess the city official didn’t know that there is a street lighting maintenance yard at Santa Monica Blvd and Virgil, just a few minutes from Silverlake and Echo Park. Poor excuse on their part and poor reporting for not probing into this further.

  3. This is an important issue — we don’t even *have* street lights on the 1300 and 1400 blocks of Allesandro! The only lights are on the adjacent alley.

    In this part of Echo Park, as far as I can tell, the city is unlikely to put up a street light unless there’s a telephone pole to put it on, and sometimes not even then. I’m sure this is because the area is relatively poor and lacks clout…

    • I noticed they didn’t hesitate to completely overhaul the street lighting in front of the new development on the 2400 block of Allesandro. It actually borders on excessive, i.e., movie-set caliber brightness. Apparently money has a direct mitigating effect on proximity to maintenance yards and accessibility to parts(?).

  4. Part of Temple between Glendale and Douglas Street have been without street lighting since December. I have sent a report but I’ve only noticed two street lights working since mid February. The fact that it takes a long time for this to get fixed is absurd. There are drivers that speed through Temple like they are on the 101 freeway and there is a crosswalk that I have noticed pedestrians aren’t visible until the cars headlights reflect on them. This is scary and thank God there hasn’t been any accidents nor fatalities yet. Same goes with fixing potholes and paving the street. All of Lucas Street starting from Glendale Blvd. to 7th Street it is horrible. Also, anyone noticed that Echo Park Street has a long crack between Park Avenue and Bellevue Avenue. Is it a pipe ready to burst? Or does it have to do with the renovation of the park?

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