Man killed in Echo Park shooting


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ECHO PARK —  Police are seeking suspects in the Sunday morning slaying of a 35-year-old man who was the victim of a drive-by shooting.

The victim, described as a male Latino, was shot at about 8:30 a.m. on Feb. 15 as he was standing on the sidewalk in the 300 block Douglas Street in the south end of Echo Park, said Detective Ray Martinez with the Rampart Division. The man died at a hospital a few hours later, he said.  Martinez declined to identify the victim but said he was from the area.

Police have made no arrests in the case and do not have description of suspects who were in a white vehicle that was involved in the shooting. It’s not certain if the shooting is gang related, Martinez said.

The fatal shooting took place the morning after a man was shot in the leg a few blocks away  near Temple and Boylston streets. But it does no appear that the two crimes are connected, Martinez said.

Anyone with information about Sunday’s shooting is asked to call Rampart Division homicide detectives at (213) 484-3650.


  1. Hoping you get that shooter in custody soon.Good luck

  2. that neighborhood is trash! I’ve seen the police down there trying to clean it up and all the morons that live on the street go out and act a fool toward them. I’m not surprised it happened, and was it Gang related? You had better believe it was! Whatever, keeping it classy LA…..

    • I’m sure the library got a good view of the shooters . they will be caught soon and serve good time in prison. Thats bullshit how can anyone take someone’s life like that. He didn’t have to go out like that. These fools be trippin lately and taking it out on the wrong people. People that have been in the neighborhood there whole life . these youngsters are stupid

    • Excuse me bro you don’t the block so don’t judge the people who grew up there it’s our home it’s a good place so keep your negativity to your self please and have some respect for my friend and his family in mourning

    • Clearly someone who doesn’t know the block and didn’t know Richard, Richie, Ricardo. He was a wonderful, kind person. We moved to the block a few years ago and he was welcoming and warm. This was a tragedy on what has been a beautiful street with little or no crime.
      Richie was killed almost a year ago and the street just isn’t the same. He had a gentle leadership about him that held this street together.

    • Someone who loves him

      For your information he was not a gang member and he was trimming hi bannana tree. He was loved by many people he had a big heart

  3. To all the racists, stop calling them gang members; they’re hard working people who are constantly being given a hard time, especially by the White Devil. Is it really hard to understand that murder amongst our Latino friends is inherently cultural and by criticizing it you are just perpetuating and stigmatizing another’s culture.

    Live and let live I say, ahem!!

  4. This was a senseless crime. Richie was loved by many people. He DID NOT deserve this. I hope and pray that the person who committed this crime gets caught soon. Now he’s family is left with a broken heart and a tremendous burden of expenses for his funeral. This tragedy was sudden and unexpected. There is a fund me account set up for Richie. Please if you are reading this ,please share the Fundme account on your Facebook wall. Any donations are welcome. Thank you. http://www.gofundme.com/mpx5js

  5. Rest in peace my boy Richard .my best friend a real good guy took care of his neighbors was loved by all was a good father ,husband,son,brother and friend I love you rich rest in peace

  6. Richard Nunez Grew up on the very same street he died on. A wonderful human being, This murder was not gang related and I am outraged by the raciest idiot who left such a vulgar comments. May you rest in peace Richie.

  7. Please share his gofund me account to help his family raise money for his burial.

  8. The immanent invasion of the gentrify(ers)?! has people in this hood fighting back. No doubt the real fear of living in this real hood will separate the men from the gentrifier!

    • I think your comment is in poor taste. You’re using this man’s violent death as a springboard for an anti-gentrification message, and I don’t think it’s very appropriate.

      I know this section of Echo Park (south of the 101) fairly well, and I think it needs a more prominent police presence, at the very least. There have been a few shootings in the area – another young man was killed a few blocks away last September or October – and there’s a man who lives on Cortez St. (where it dead-ends at Plasencia Elementary) who frequently shouts, drinks in the street, and threatens passers-by. The neighborhood is being held hostage, and it’s not fair to the majority of decent families who live there.

    • Did you forget to take your meds again?

    • “No doubt the real fear of living in this real hood will separate the men from the gentrifier!”

      proper dos, looks like your cause lost another two good “men” last night: https://www.theeastsiderla.com/2015/02/police-pursuit-ends-in-highland-park/

    • I would appreciate it if web administrators prevented dumbsh*ts from hijacking other people’s handles. Especially in these situations. I don’t praise or politicize the deaths of fellow residents and my sympathy and condolences go out to family and loved ones of the victim. Que en paz descanse.

  9. I think people need to get their facts straight before jumping into assumptions and pointing the finger at somebody…know what the hell youre talking about before opening your mouths. People like you are the reason innocent civilians are getting shot and killed…GET YOUR SHIT STRAIGHT!

    • I agree with Frank Morales. It’s important to remember that you’re mourning and that you’re quick to point fingers, and blame someone that might or might not have been involved. So please retract

  10. Rip Richie, sad news, my respects to your family and your kids.

  11. Connected Made Men

    RIP Rich….never taught these busters will disrespect you like that…..instead of handling the foos that drop Lefty, No! They gotta gun down somebody unarmed. …no wonder there getting smoked left and right by some real “Gangsters” I’m surprised that informant “Henry M” hasn’t spilled the beans.

  12. What makes you guys so sure, it’s all here say stuff and your childish remarks about a green light. If I was Travis I would be worried and angry that people are falsely accusing him of something they have no knowledge and facts on. Stop trying to threaten somebody’s life you know nothing about. Let the LAPD HOMICIDE DETECTIVES do their job. You should be reported to the LAPD FOR false accusations and threats on someone. ??? Most of you people commenting believe your own lies and others lies. Don’t believe everything you hear. Especially when it’s coming from people on 300 Douglas that are known to be meth heads. Acting like there saints and trying to wrongfully accuse somebody. There so many shootings in that area it’s probably the same person doing all the killings. Again let DETECTIVES do their job instead of trying to ruin a innocent persons life. God bless

  13. False! False! False! Everything u people believe js false…let the cops do their homework…stop pointing fingers at innocent people. Get ur facts straight before assuming anything…

  14. Hey Jesus Sanchez why are u letting people talk about death and wen I state a few fact about the man that was a victim ur not letting my comments be posted not sure if ur trying to give me people a clean looking someone that’s not really clean play fair as a journalist and let us speak what’s right in a professional manner

    • Please refrain from accusing someone of criminal activity without documented proof, such as police reports, etc. Otherwise you are free to comment.

  15. Punctuation! Unfortunately gang life/presence in the community has warped many people’s sense of reality. More police, gang injunction and gentrification please. The honest, hardworking people in this community do not deserve to live under a state of siege from these gang losers.

  16. I don’t believe anything negative that’s being said is helping the situation in anyway. A life is lost & someone else’s is at stake. Until there’s hard evidence no one should be bringing up anyone’s names or assuming they know what took place.

  17. Douglasres, I doubt you know about a “green light”. If you did you wouldn’t be putting it out there like you’re doing here. Porfavor

  18. My condolences to the family. I personally knew Richie and the family but he was a dealer&everyone in that house are users. Yes, that still doesn’t give anyone the right to take his life but we don’t know the reasons why or who actually did it so we shouldn’t assume. He dealt with so many people and had so much traffic one can only wonder why that happened. When people are on drugs there not thinking straight.

    • Connected Made Men

      @J Sanchez

      So you mentioned he was a dealer and a drug user. The question is how do you know that? Or can proof that? Are you also a user? And You mentioned everyone uses drugs in that house do you mean his 2 year old son also did meth? Your a special type of ignorant huh? You must be a huggie or huggie lover since your obviously snitching just like dopey did lol. Trust by you acting like a public defender lol talking about “it could have been anybody ” No everyone knows who pulled the trigger. Its time for another huggie to drop green light on you know who its already in process

    • Shut you mouth and mind your own how about that? Let him rest in peace!

  19. To Jesus Sanchez. I’m new to this. I’ve tried to comment&for some reason my comments aren’t being posted. I’m under the impression only certain things are allowed to be mentioned at the moderators discretion which could be bias,therefore giving a false impression to everyone. It’s not a good reputation to have. . It also serves as a way to create more division amongst are community. Yes, it’s good to know what people are thinking but it’s not okay for lives to be threatened& get away with it. Do u know what green light means Sir? It means that anyone can kill this individual onsite with no questions asked. I don’t think that’s appropriate. Quite frankly that’s scary. Who wants to live in fear over a rumor or be allowed to pollute the mind of others & who could potentially succeed in doing so.
    & all i was trying to do was state a fact about someone i personally know. People should have clear understanding of the situation & the individual who was sadly murdered, what he was represented & possibly why this could’ve happened. This can only make one question the authenticity of this site&the people behind moderating the comments. Thank you for your time. Fair is fair!

  20. Thank you sir! Well, done! You should also remove the comments that have this supposed Travis name. No accusers names should be mentioned. That makes this person look bad & be hated by the community that might possibly know of him. No one should be made to feel or looked at as though they did something they didn’t. It’s not right!

  21. I truly agree with everybody.. putting another mans life in danger or any human being is not fair. This is a very serious matter I was amazed to see green light under somebody’s name on here. I truly believe this is very dangerous for the people or for the person that is getting blamed n wrongly accused. I would be scared. The community needs to know their facts before throwing peoples name out there. This can lead to another death you guys are not the detectives. Let the LAPD do their jobs that’s what they went to school for. I hope you guys catch the killer we want to live in a safe community and please don’t be putting people under pressure. Start with all hear say, people saying this, people saying that. Accusing with no evidence. I’m worried more about this man’s safety that is getting convicted, accused, and blamed by a bunch of ignorant individuals. Hope he don’t pop up dead for .false statement I pray for this person that’s getting accused and for Richie God bless to all of you

  22. historicphilipinotown

    You all nothing.you guys all talking like your a detective.cut it out.let those who are trained to do what they do do there job.stop pointing fingers at eachother.sad a life has been tooking by such crime.those rampart police are no good ethier there are the real gangsters around

  23. Connected made men, you’re a lame ese. Ur talking loud here. Check your spelling. Check your mouth, ur feeling strong and pumped up. what yardas have you been homie? Gracias.

    • Connected Made Men

      Do you really think I’m gonna put the yard or even a verification # . Exactly you are a weak huggie

      • @Connected made men. Ese hozico nomas lo tienes pa hablar pendejadas. Yes I expect you to name the yardas. You’re the one talking like you have juice. it’s obvious you’ve never been to the joint. What the hell is a verifi cation #. Do u mean your state #, or your cdc#.I’ll post my cdc#’s if you post yours. No andas en nada carnalito. Just stop. You sound dumb. Try using spell check

  24. connected made man… it sounds like you are the killer and you are trying to find someone to get blamed for your mistakes ..and you were talking about green lights.. and getting people killed we are trying to find out who is killing these people …people like you are why innocent people are getting killed ..I am a photographer out of Echo Park. I am afraid for this mans life who they are mentioning so much..all over hear say people need to stop blaming people this isn’t fair for somebody to get accused. Thats wrong I would be scared to walk to the store or down the street. All over hear say. This isn’t fair for somebody. Random people that might be holding personal grudges against him … Sound more like people don’t like The individual god bless

    • Connected Made Men

      how I’m I the killer? Or how do I sound like the killer?
      Can you even support your statement?
      Even law enforcement would agree that a criminal is always trying to blame others and point fingers like you are lol…you sound more suspicious than anybody else here commenting. Maybe you hang out with the suspect or suspects and just like the other huggies your trying to protect you know who? L.A.P.D knows who did it but there just waiting for the evidence and a witness to prosecute him don’t worry huggies are lame so they’ll post you know who? Shortly after his arrest. Are you still gonna denied it after??? Lol

  25. Connected Made Men

    It’s funny how everyone is trying to protect the suspect lol. You guys are only making it obvious it was him lol. How come you don’t post a picture of your friend its not like he has gang related tattoos right? Lol I bet he even has a clean record and career right? He probably has long hair too huh like a hipster lol exactly I reach my point and for the record how is his life in danger? No picture no last name hmmmm!! Like I said you guys are only make in it obvious smh Learn how to lie lol if he didn’t wanted to get caught up he shouldn’t have acted a fool.

    Don’t do the crime if you can’t commit the time busters!!!

    • How r u so sure. R u the one doing all the crimes. ..yes I fear for him it’s seem like your rich is family or friend ..trying to put a clean name on him.. this is not safe I doubt you know what’s going on ..all you do is believe in yo own lies ..sound like yo holding personal problems wit the individua that’s fine let the LAPD do what there train for yes hope they get the right killer ..I know your a gang member .. u want this person to get hurt I can tell you have a personal problems.. your problems wit him got Notting to do wit anything.

  26. Those who talk, don’t know. Those who know, don’t talk.

  27. I pray for the grieving family, that our lord and savior Jesus Christ comforts them in this difficult time. I pray that Richie had time to repent from his sins and seek The Lord in his final moments of life. I pray that this evilness is discontinued and that people begin to cherish life. Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword. The killer will not escape The Lord’s anger. Only the giver of life is permitted to take life.

  28. May he rest in peace. Thank you City of LA for providing the victims fund for people who really are victims, and not gang members, or gang related and with no history of violence etc. Everybody needs to take a step back and really listen to the good part inside you. We all have a little bit of goodness inside each and everyone of us. Please stop the violence and name trashing, respect the dead and their family. Amen.

  29. This is a terrible and sad situation all the way around. A man is dead and another INNOCENT man getting blamed.

    Thank god, that our system ” POLICE OFFICERS & AND OUR DETECTIVES” for doing their jobs.

    I’m sure the right person will get caught. No need to throw names, out of spite or hate. It would be terrible to have the wrong person in, while a murder is still out in our streets.

  30. That’s fucked up

  31. That’s messed up

  32. Who was it? Who would do this ?

    Patty Ruiz, who did this?

  33. How is his wife and kid and sister doing?

    Please give them my condolences

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