New Elysian Valley residential project proposed for parking lot


ELYSIAN VALLEY ––  An investment group is seeking to build 49 residential units and commercial space on what is now a primarily a parking lot, the most recent development proposed for property adjacent to the L.A. River.

The investors have hired Los Angeles architect Lorcan O’Herlihy to design the development at 1901 Blake Avenue. The project would include three stories of residential units  on top of ground-floor commercial space and parking, said Dana Sayles, a consulting working on the project. The  project is still in the early stages but the concept includes  a courtyard and a 12-foot wide pathway that would allow the public to walk to the L.A. River path from Blake, she said.

The building’s units would range from one to three bedrooms, and 10% would be designated as affordable for lower income tenants.


  1. Yay! Elysian valley is a great neighborhood, we just need some coffee shops/cafes/restaurants in walking distance. If this place means businesses like that are coming, that’s good news for Frogtownians

    • Are you kidding? You must be kidding. This is a very sad joke. It will destroy the neighborhood.

    • Clearly this “frogtownguy” is not a resident of Elysian Valley, we do not call our self frog town guys, or even worst frogtownians …WTF !!???, we are Elysian Valley Residents, also his or her statement about that ” we need coffee shops, restaurants etc.) is irrelevant, WE the long time residents of EV, are being living very quietly and comfortable for the past 100+ years and survived with no coffee shops or restaurants, or weed dispensers, etc. within our neighborhood so NO WE do not need all that crap here ! Also he or she is showing his or her incredible ignorance by stating that the 8000+ residents of EV are happy and support to be GENTRIFIED, and being forcefully displaced of an area where be are being living for the past 3, 4 and even 5 and 6 generations. Foreign investors and developers are swarming our neighborhood, harassing and lying to hardworking, friendly and long time residents, specially to seniors, to forced them to sell their properties very cheap, investors and developers that most of them are not even of this city, state or country !! so no one knows for sure where all this “money” is coming from, so basically some irresponsible elected officials are selling OUR land, selling America’s soil and soul to some stranger corporations and individuals, violating the US Constitution = treason !! this people are basically lying to everyone, telling fairy stories about it, but the reality is much worst, how come the only option we have is high density ? 3,4,5 10 level buildings, paying for parking, “affordable housing”, not even raising the minimum wage to $15.00 or even $20.00 will enough for Med-low and low income individuals to rent anywhere near here, and forget about buying a house, thats near to impossible, so NO the real residents of EV we do not want or support the LA River Re-vitalization, NO to the Alt. 20 or any other “proposal” of that kind, because is Hurting entire families, because is violating our civil, constitutional and natural rights, also is affecting the LA River and Adjacent neighborhoods Ecosystem, killing the wildlife, Disturbing Nature and the Health and Safety of the 8000+ EV longtime residents and everyone that visit our neighborhood, the water from the LA river contains different bacterias such as E-Coli, Coliform bacteria, heavy metasl, and many other chemicals, also according to the LA County Vector Control Disctrict, there is the precscens of the Tiger moskito and the West Nile Virus Moskito, that carries very dangerous and mortal deseases, the LA river needs to be taking care of but in a RESPONSIBLE and PROPER way, respecting the many International Treaties and laws protecting endangered species that lives and fly by every single year, but most important, protecting and preserving the Health and Safety of all the Human beings, Nature and wildlife that lives all along the LA River,

      • Oh honey, you have so many wild-eyed conspiracy theories I don’t know where to begin! So here’s just a few thoughts.

        What l I said was, “It will be great to walk somewhere to get a sandwich”. I certainly didn’t mention anything about weed dispenseries (although there already is one of those around he corner on Fletcher). The desire to walk somewhere for a sandwich makes me some kind of elite bourgeouise douchebag hell bent on screwing the poor? I’m not asking for some $20 Intelligensia crap, I’d like a normal sandwich preferably made by a local mom and pop business who lives in our neighborhood. It’s so patronizing to say “oh, poor people don’t go out to buy sandwiches that’s only for fancy rich people” Really? Because I see McDonalds garbage bags on my street which tells me A) low income people buy food, and B) if they really care so much about the neighborhood why are they throwing garbage on the street.

        Anyone who owns their home cannot be forced to sell. Any homeowner should be knowledgable and informed enough to know what. If there are predatory investors committing crimes extorting or physically threatening people to sell, then that is a huge problem and you need to use all your resources to get these people in jail. If you’re saying people were ignorant enough to be bullied into selling their home for cheap, well that sucks for them but they should have known better.

        Any renter is going to be in the same boat in Elysian Valley that they are in anywhere in the world – you have no control over your circumstances because you don’t own your home. Sorry but that’s nothing special to Elysian Valley, that’s just the way of the world.

        If you want cheap rent forever and things to stay stagnant and never change, California is not the place to be.

        I suggest you put your passion and focus on the environmental issues, which are things most progressive people can agree on.

  2. C’mon Dana, an incredible 1,200sf of commercial?
    49 units; density bonus.
    Are your clients trying to avoid Site Plan Review?
    How about a traffic study?

    These investors don’t like to share ideas with the neighborhood. Why should they, they’re from West Hollywood, which seems to be the vision they’d have for Frogtown.

    I suppose they will do minimal outreach, as they did with Beachwood and Coronado, leaving the community at the altar wondering what happened.

    Sadly, their reputation precedes them.

  3. This area needs more new product like this and will only add value and beauty as Frogtown continues to get better and better. Really excited to see what these developers do here. I hope it’s walking friendly and includes the waterfront.

  4. I am saddened that once again a false need for density is going to overtake an artist’s area. These blocky buildings are out of touch with the community- always enormous and out of scale. There is a total disregard for the height’s of the existing structures- the city has no guidelines for building that developers need to adhere to- so more and more of these structures are approved- without community consent. The diversity of neighborhoods is being run out. We the people who live and work here have no recourse. We must demand a set of guidelines to be followed that will preserve the neighborhoods. We need a moratorium until such guidelines are in place- the city is rampant with greedy developers and the blind eye of our city government.

    • There’s plenty of guidelines in place, they’re just outdated. Infill density throughout Los Angeles is inevitable, it’s just a matter of where to build it (concentrated near existing/planned mass transit stops? or everywhere at the same time?) and how to build it (conventional urban neighborhoods built to human-scale; or lots of parking and wide streets that favor driving over other modes of travel.)

      I see no problem with a little bit of mixed use integrated within our older residential neighborhoods… nothing wrong with a few walkable amenities. But I think a compelling argument could be made to reduce the scale of this project quite a bit. That street is pretty narrow and not exactly convenient to any major bus or rail lines.

      Better question though, will a mixed use project generate more traffic than a strictly commercial one on this lot? Maybe it would be more prudent to wait and see what the project looks like (and measure that against what the current zoning allows here.)

  5. This site is currently a dump-zone called the Bus Depot were several tour buses come and go daily. If the developer is truly including retail, rental apartments, and some affordable units than this would enhance this stretch of the Elysian Valley. Hopefully a Coffee Shop can go on the group floor. Love to hear more!!!

  6. Yeah let’s just keep it a boring parking lot that is much better for the community! As someone who plans to stay in EV for years to come, I’m excited for a future where you can bike or walk to many good restaurants and shops. How is that not better for everyone than an empty parking lot?

    • “How is that not better for everyone than an empty parking lot?” Breathing and living space and relative obscurity is what made Frogtown great NOT “good restaurants and shops”. If that’s what you were looking for why did you move to Frogtown?

      Also, please spare us the “Frogtownguy” handle. It’s interesting how just 10 years ago NONE of you would’ve dared claim “Frogtown” but now you’re all giddy with the notoriety that comes with claiming this neighborhood. Get real . . . and a new zip code while you’re at it. Or you can wait to claim “Frogtown” to the wrong person and wisely decide to stick to the neighborhood’s official name of Elysian Valley or is that not gritty enough for posers like yourself?

      • Hey I’m all for Elysian Valley that sounds classier anyway! Who do you mean by none of you? I’m not sure what monolithic group you are lumping me into. I moved to frogtown because I could afford to buy a house here and I love the bike path and proximity to parks! What’s so insidious about that? Look, they aren’t ripping out trees or demolishing historical homes to build this development . It’s an ugly parking lot! Why are we mourning the loss of a parking lot? Let’s be progressive and support a green future where we can walk and bike to nice places to eat, not cling to the past of crappy parking lots for no other reason than that’s how it’s always been.

  7. The mayor ruined Hollywood by overdevelopment now they want to destroy the small community of Elysian Valley. They always have to find the last best spots to live in and then destroy it.

    • Hollywood has always been a trashy hellhole, now it’s just a trashy hellhole with taller buildings. I don’t see why the idea of some cafés and shops in walking distance in a neighborhood that has literally none, is somehow threatening to some people?

      • “Threatening” or annoying disruptions to the relative peace and quiet that has always made EV a sort of sanctuary in the midst of the urban hustle and bustle. Over-priced goods and service is NOT an improvement to our neighborhood and Silverlake and Atwater are just a short bike ride away IF you’re so desperate for gourmet coffee.

  8. Hyperbole on all sides!

    The neighborhood can influence, affect and somewhat change what will be built – if folks show up to meetings and work together. Elysian Valley is an amazing place where people are deeply bonded together. That’s a great basis for future visions that don’t displace and stratify people.

    Those who want everything to stay exactly the same need to be straight with what that means- bad streets, no lighting, lack of parks, and lots of kids who did not have good options for jobs or growth. At the same time, developer metrics can never make sense of is that space is sometimes more valuable than buildings. What’s old and even at times substandard is where weeds blossom in the cracks. You can’t make rules to preserve the good kind of chaos but we know what it is. That’s where creativity comes into play. Let’ s make it what it should be!

    People too. Be careful newbies to wish away the best part of this neighborhood. People can sometimes be harsh when they feel like they are in a battle…but they are also loyal friends.

    If you think you know it all, you don’t. Listen and learn. Show respect.

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