Two females shot in Highland Park [updated at 10:33 p.m.]

HIGHLAND PARK  — Police are looking for the suspect or suspects responsible for shooting two females tonight.

One victim was in stable condition after being taken to a hospital while the other suffered a minor injury and was released at the scene, according to an officer at the Northeast Division.  No suspects were in custody, and he was not aware if the victims, described as a Latina juvenile and an Asian female, knew each other.

The shooting took place shortly before 7 p.m. Police responded to two locations, one in the 6100 block of Piedmont Avenue  near the Highland Park Recreation Center and the other near the  intersection of Figueroa Street and Avenue 60. Early reports suggested that there were shootings at both locations but the most recent information indicates that the victims were shot at one location before separating and being found in two different spots.

This story was updated at 10:33 p.m

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  1. There’s not a lot of information here to go on. So were the men hispanic, black, asian, or hipster?

  2. And, the HHPNC wants to “Lift the Gang Injunction in Highland Park?” Are they for REAL? How about LAPD actually enforcing the gang injunction?

    • I guess your argument is that the gang injunction prevents more events like this from happening? Others would argue that this type of shooting happens with, or without, the gang injunction. Or perhaps that the gang injunction destabilizes gang territory and makes shootings more likely due to weak control between gangs. It is a complicated issue.

  3. The shooting happened outside of my house. A few shots were fired. Someone screamed very loudly. Cops and ambulances showed up pretty fast. They carried a small body off on a gurney. They’ve been interviewing witnesses for hours and have sectioned off the area. My guess is, based off of the sound of the shots and scream, the victim definitely was shot and wounded in the same spot, right outside the community center.

  4. Gentrification needs to pick up its pace.

    I’m surprised Northeast Los Angeles Alliance is not there hurraying this event.

  5. The Highland Park Neighborhood Council drafted a letter “On behalf of our stakeholders…..” requesting the City Attorney “lift the Highland Park Gang Injunction Project”. If you’re concerned about the ongoing gang violence, please get involved and make your voice heard.

    • no need. city attorney will trash that letter as long as the weekly shooting continue…

      sorry if innocent, young latinos who choose to dress in baggy shorts, with high white socks and shave their heads bald are sometimes stopped by police…

      they can always move to an area without a gang injunction if dressing as they wish and associating with other “non gang members” who look like they may be in a gang are so important to them.

      cops aren’t messing with the law abiding 50 year old grandmas. they are stopping young punks who rob, tag and sometimes shoot… once the problems stop the council should draft a letter asking to lift the injunction.

    • Peggy, please clarify. You like gang activity in HLP? Which gangs in particular do you support?

      • Actually, I support the gang injunction and very upset that the council tried to push this through with no outreach to the community. Various outside groups were represented at the last council meeting in favor of getting rid of the injunction. This is very disconcerting since they are not part of our community.

        Additionally, I wonder if this anti-gang injunction is a sly “anti-gentrification” movement. I’m getting very tired of folks in our community throwing around terms like “hipsters”. Ultimately, we all want a safe community (unless your a gang member). Placing labels on people just adds to the division in our community.

        • @peggy

          “Additionally, I wonder if this anti-gang injunction is a sly “anti-gentrification” movement.”

          It is.

          One of the guys from the NELA Alliance boondoggle sent out two group emails to the members of the HHPNC google group. One of the emails outlined the reasons for lifting the injunction.

          It was the biggest gang enabling POS list I’ve ever read.

          The gangsters have two choices. Either get it together or get out.

          Those scumbags, as shown here, have no regard for human life and I’m happy to see them “displaced.”

          We do not change our lives to accommodate them. It’s the other way around.

          • Can you provide a link to this? I am sick of these losers. Thank you

          • It was an email that I deleted in disgust so sorry I can’t link it.

            But it was basically the same Youth Justice Coalition gang enabling mentally backward laundry list of reasons against the injunction.

            Why anyone would want to make life easier for gangbanging losers is beyond me.

  6. The facts that these people shoot at will is scary. This happens right next to the recreation center where basketball practice and other activities were on session. One of these day, an innocent bystander will get hurt.
    This is very troubling and something needs to be done to clean up the area of these scumbags!

  7. Double shooting at the Piedmont HLP Recreation Center last night and a televised high speed chase involving guns and drugs ended a half a block away from there last week. I never see any police presence in this area. How about more visible LAPD patrols before this gets even more out of hand?

  8. Prime example why newcomers should stay on the York side

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