Silver Lake furniture store moves out, taggers move in

Silver Lake furniture store tagged up 2-8-2015 2-45-12 AM

Tagging attracted the attention of passersby this weekend

SILVER LAKE — The Sunset Boulevard building that once housed Living Room, a furniture store that moved out in the face of a steep rent increase, has been leased to new tenants.  But before those newcomers arrive, the taggers have moved in, covering the building’s brown exterior, windows with a variety of messages and drawings. There are even some tags inside the building. Looks like some shoppers have also discovered that the spaces in the empty store’s parking lot are also up for grabs.

Silver Lake furniture store tagged up 2-8-2015 2-45-40 AM

Silver Lake furniture store tagged up 2-8-2015 2-46-28 AM

Silver Lake furniture store tagged up 2-8-2015 2-48-35 AM


  1. The previous tenant was friendly with the graffiti/streetart community and let artists do pieces around the property from time to time. I assume his forced move may have something to do with this newfound graffiti spot….

    The craziest part of this all? Blek Le Rat, a very famous and inspirational artist who inspired Banksy did a piece on the brown brick wall that was torn down.

    Why was the wall torn down? For that piece.

    It will end up on the market very soon if not already with some outrageous price. The owner of the business also had Blek Le Rat do a piece on his back electrical box. Which was soon vandalized by people who recognized the value of the door. He was offered $30k for the door and had to keep it inside and get a replacement made. Whomever tore down that brown wall, tore down the Blek Le Rat bricks very carefully. I promise you that!

  2. Why wolld you report its been leased to “new tenants” and not report who the new tenants are? Whats moving in here?

  3. Where did the furniture store move to?

  4. My favorite is right on the front awning that says “EAT MY ASS”. Reminds me of how fun silverlake used to be.

  5. Another hair salon please 🙂

  6. There is one person who bought up the entire block, including Conder (El Conquistador) and up to that ridiculous urban taco factory (maybe owns Los Globos too). I heard a rumor that The Living Room was going to be a Restaurant/Bar. I don’t know for sure as everything changes.

    • i thoroughly enjoy diablo – as much as i don’t enjoy the name’s subtitle

      • They painted over the subtitle! They must have finally realized how lame it was.

        Monica – I’m pretty sure that Condor and Diablo have different business owners. Are you saying that those business owners are renting from the same property owner?

    • There are three different building owners in between Maltman and Goldengate. Rent’s went up and we had to go.
      Enjoy your new Italian sun glass retailer. Diablos… They might have the best tacos on the planet, and I will never know. “Urban Taco Fabricator” GMAFB. Sorry.
      See y’all in the neighborhood. Cheers

  7. Original field office of CD 13 councilperson Eric Garcetti.

  8. That graffiti should put to rest the anti-gentrification folks, but I doubt it will. It was stores just like The Living Room that helped bring Silver Lake and Echo Park out of its gang ridden situation.

  9. There is a mural underneath the brown paint that Steve from Living Room covered up. I believe he was required to protect the mural so that it could be uncovered at some point. I believe also that Jackie Goldberg was instrumental in being sure the mural was protected. IMHO it was an ugly mural but not nearly as ugly as the graffiti in it’s place. Nor as ugly as displacing a wonderful tenant and neighborhood icon.

    • AgentAimee knows whats up
      . I don’t think the next tenant, a Italian sun glass company knows about the preserved mural situation. Good luck y’all. See you in the hood.

  10. Getting tagged is part of doing business in Silver Lake. We get it, and would clean up, or paint over any “work” at our old location as soon as went up. What we have a problem with is DICKID going over our logo. Not cool DICKID.

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