Where will you shop after the Silver Lake Ralphs closes? [updated]

Whole Foods plans to take over the Ralphs in Silver Lake

SILVER LAKE —  It was only a few weeks ago that Ralphs employees were telling customers that their Glendale Boulevard supermarket  was going to remain open. Now, it’s a different story. Employees and managers of the Silver Lake store have been told that their supermarket will be closing as Whole Foods says it’s moving into the same space. “That location will be closing on or around March 15th,” said Ralphs spokeswoman Kendra Doyel.

It’s not clear, however, how long Silver Lake will be without a major supermarket chain. Whole Foods, which is holding a ceremony today for a new Downtown store, has said it is still going forward with plans to open in Silver Lake but has repeatedly pushed back a tentative opening date.

Building permits have been pulled to remodel the Ralphs shopping center, where many spaces have been vacated as the landlord did not renew leases that expired.  But it’s not certain when that will work will begin or if the Ralphs will remain open during that renovation.

Where will Silver Lake Ralphs customers go if their store closes and the Whole Foods has not yet opened?   The Silver Lake store manager said that there are several Ralphs in nearby Glendale and that the Downtown Ralphs was recently renovated.  Other nearby options include a Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, a Gelson’s in Los Feliz and a Vons in Echo Park.

The manager said that employees were told they would be found jobs at other Ralphs locations.  Meantime, they plan to keep working the Silver Lake store until it shuts down for good. “It’s still our baby,” he said.

Update: A company spokeswoman confirmed that the store will be closing around March 15.


  1. Uh …super king . It rules ! Next ….

  2. orrale homes I finally get to eat my organic veggies, only bad thing now, I gota Jack these huerros to pay for my organic comida !!
    Chale !!!

  3. I’ve shopped there long enough that I will miss some of the staff…

  4. “Other nearby options include a Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake, a Gelson’s in Los Feliz and a Vons in Echo Park.”

    The Trader Joe’s is across the street from Gelson’s, both of which are in Silver Lake.

  5. and so there is the final nail in the coffin of the Silverlake we all knew and loved.

    • Oh noes, sad story bro. Maybe you can get the city to designate this Ralphs a historic landmark.
      The tainted meat and mealy vegetables will thank you.

    • If a garden variety Ralph’s remodel is “the final nail in the coffin of Silverlake(sic) as we all knew and loved’, then good. You folks complain about EVERY single change in town. I see Silver Lake as a gaggle of faux originals, being slowly moved out and displaced by decent hard working folks who don’t falsely claim they’re an “artist” of some sort. You types make me sick. You can all move to Maywood, where you can all lick your fake wounds all while reminding yourselves how cool you were when you lived in 90026 in some place owned by someone else.

  6. Why is everyone so mad at Whole Foods? Yes, we all know they have expensive stuff, but they beat the pants off of Ralph’s for AFFORDABLE organic stuff, too. Maybe you don’t want to pay $10 pound for step 5 chicken. Okay, but at least you have a choice and can still get the cheaper stuff. There are lots of staples there that are cheaper and of better quality than the Ralph’s crap. Your trendy attitude of crap on WF is just as ridiculous as my trendy attitude to shop there. Get over it. It’s good for the neighborhood. They have educational classes for the local community that teach people to eat healthier which reduces medical bills and conditions like Type 2 Diabetes in essence giving money and life back to you. I could go on, but I will sit back and take my “gentrification” lashes. Please proceed.

    • Please! 20% of organic food comes from China anyway. Guarantee both Ralphs and Whole Foods get their organic from the same place, it just looks different.

  7. A local commercial real estate investor in the area told me that Wal Mart recently out bid Whole Foods on that location.

  8. Beware the Ides of March for thee groceries shall treble in price and declineth in quality.

    • What? How could the quality be worse, Ralph’s has the worst selection on everything. (though I’ll miss the buy 6 bottles of booze deal) And the prices are insane, for things like nuts or frozen fruit, especially compared to TJ’s. If you stick to Whole Foods brand, you get good quality and better deals than Ralph’s…. and don’t even get me started on how crappy that self check-out is…However, parking is awesome because no one wants to go there, I can’t imagine how congested the neighborhood is going to be soon.

  9. Whelp, I won’t miss it as I went there once and never went back. Got there about 6pm and went to the sandwich counter to get a couple of sandwiches for my bf and I. As I’m waiting, the deli lady comes by and starts packing up all the fixin’s, telling me they are closed. It’s only six o’clock! Why are you closing, I asked. She tells me they are out of bread. At a grocery store?

    So I asked to speak to the manager and I told him what was up. He told her the deli is not closing and to make me what I wanted. Who does that? I had to watch her like a hawk so she didn’t do anything weird to my food. How lame. That’s why I never went back.

  10. This Ralph’s honestly didn’t deserve to stay open. Stock stacked up in the aisles, not particularly clean, and it hadn’t moved with the times. There are many nearby options – the Von’s store up on Alvarado is the closest, and Super King is a popular destination for good deals and more ethnic food selections. Whole Foods will be a great addition – and, yes, there’s plenty of healthy and affordable options even at WF.

  11. the parking in that lot was already borderline dangerous. This will only make it worse.

  12. Won’t miss the Ralphs, but not exactly jumping for joy over Whole Foods. Personally, would’ve preferred a Ralphs Fresh Fare or just a nicer alternative to what was there. Anyhow suppose it’s good news for all those folks who do enjoy Whole Foods’ offerings – it’ll be Trader Joe’s, Vons and Gelsons for me.

  13. There’s a Vons at Vermont and Sunset; I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned. There’s also a Ralph’s near Vermont and 3rd, across the street from another Vons.

  14. Hell yeah! Good Riddance! That Ralph’s was the most neglected of the chain. The only downside to this is knowing how horrible traffic already is by that intersection and this is going to make it even worse without question. But I’m all about it, that plaza is an eyesore!

  15. Yes, Ralphs has been going downhill for a while, but Whole Foods is a HORROR! More folks have been poisoned by ‘organic health foods’ than the usual kind. Hopefully, the YUPS will all get ill and we will get a ‘normal’ market back. Even the YUPS in Trader Joe’s are unbearable, and now another BS market for them to visit after their Starbuck coffees. How can so many folks with a few extra bucks and maybe a bit of education be suck JERKS? Bring back the ’60s, or even the ’50s, and maybe the ’40s.

  16. I stopped going there when they started playing ads on the PA system. Yuk. Sorry for these folks losing their jobs,tho. Hopefully management will help place them other stores..good luck with that,sadly.

  17. Yara yara yara….. I just hope Wongs Wok doesn’t close down 🙁

  18. Wongs gives me the runs

  19. I heard about this a week or so ago, and I am so sad about this. It’s a rundown store that needs fixing up, but I prefer Ralphs to the other major grocers, and this location is so convenient for me. I, too, have gotten to know some of the staff. I can never find any thing I want to eat at Whole Foods.

  20. They’ve left THIS Ralphs to deteriorate because the WF maybe-maybe not thing has gone on for so long. It’s a 10-minute drive further, but the Ralphs on Glendale Ave. (underneath the Ross, etc) is WAY better (if you’re a Ralphs fan like I am.) There is tons more parking (underground), and the store is much bigger with a huge selection of everything, including organic. At least one checker from the Silverlake store is already there (George) and he said others would be joining him. Other reasons to shop there: a bunch of convenient stores in that mall (Staples, Michaels, Petco, Starbucks, etc etc), Whole Foods and Trader Joes each a block away, and if you time it right, taking the 2/134 is way faster than navigating supermarket traffic in Silverlake. The Vons in Echo Park is pretty small, but it’s improved a lot, especially the service deli, and the Vons at Sunset and Vermont is awesome. (You can stop at Ricky’s on your way out!) Moral of the story: there’s something for everybody. (You can always call Yummy.com and get it delivered, but supermarket shopping is a life experience to be mastered and enjoyed, imho.)

  21. I’ll miss this ralphs, check out staff is great .I’ll miss the $0.99 leafy green And there organic store brand we love you ralphs I wish you could give us a fresh fare .

  22. I love it when the Silver Lake folks complain about a major corporation’s store closes down for a while..

  23. After else close I started shopping at Vons, now I am completely hooked on bonds market now

  24. Meant to say Ralphs supermarket. When it closed I started shopping at Vons, and now I love the market

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