Will a veterinary hospital chain become top dog in Eagle Rock animal care?

There's a new vet in town | Banfield Animal Hospital

There’s a new vet in town | Banfield Animal Hospital

Storefront Report

EAGLE ROCK —   Many Eastside animal hospitals tend to be independently owned or part of a small group. But now one of the nation’s largest operators of veterinary hospitals, Banfield Pet Hospital, has opened an outlet in an Eagle Rock shopping center, complete with pet-friendly videos playing in the boarding area and a complementary coffee bar (do dogs and cats like lattes?).

Banfield held a grand opening this past weekend for the 3,000-square-foot hospital in the newly expanded Figueroa Street shopping center anchored by Vons market. In addition to surgical services, the Eagle Rock hospital will also offer preventative care and nutritional care, according to the company.

Banfield, which operates more than 900 hospitals, including many at PetSmart stores, will staff its Eagle Rock location with 10 employees, including two veterinarians. Why did Banfield open an outlet in Eagle Rock?

“It’s important to us to find locations where the population is passionate about pets,” Woods said via email. “We are looking forward to partnering with Eagle Rock pet parents on the care of their furry family members.”


  1. In my limited experience with them, Banfield is over priced much like the VCA chain. I don’t know if they try to upsell like VCA.

  2. glassellparkgringo

    Banfield is the worst. They over charge, over vaccinate and don’t let you out of a contract. They are like a gym membership. AVOID AT ALL COSTS. VCA chain is a much better option. Or your local Mom and Pop like Village Vet on Hyperion.

    • Village Vet is the hands the very best experience I have ever had in 20 years of pet parenting. They are simply lovely and I am so happy they have chosen that location.

      • Let me, and my best friend, 3rd that. Village Vet is great. After having nightmare experiences with los Feliz small animal hospital and gateway animal hospital (Google the latter if you want hear how horrifying)’, it’s great to finally have a vet that doesn’t treat you like an open checkbook and your little one like Michael Vick.

        • OMG EXACTLY! Los Feliz Small Animal is the absolute worst shit show on earth, and they are RUDE to boot! I used to pop in just to buy our prescription food since the original vet who prescribed it was far away for regular visits, and even that starting becoming a hassle. Thankfully, the cat no longer needs that food and we have become huge fans of the good people at Village Vet. You hit the nail on the head about being viewed as open checkbooks with LFSA and Gateway. NEVER AGAIN.

  3. “It’s important to us to find locations where the population is passionate about pets,” translation – “these suckers will pay anything if we tell them it’s a dire situation”. I think they are overestimating the area.

  4. Ill stick with North Figueroa animal hospital they have a cozy family feeling and the doctors love and have always cared for my pets.

  5. methinks they misjudge the ER crowd. We are a tight-knit neighborhood and like our care provided by trusted individuals engaged through word-of-mouth recommendations.

  6. Not a fan of large corporations in general. The last thing I’d do is trust them my pets life. I’ll stick to the small family run businesses that help make NELA great.

  7. I have been taking my pets to Echo Park Veterinary hospital for many years. They are very friendly and caring.

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