A sky-high view of York Park

HIGHLAND PARK — Did you miss last week’s grand opening of York Park? No problem. Now you have a drone’s-eye-view of the festivities without having to endure the speeches thanks to a YouTube video uploaded by Daniel Lingua.

There are some dizzying moments as the drone swoops down to inspect the tree house and snake-shaped slide, but the best part comes around the 4-1/2 minute mark when throngs of kids adults swarm over the small park.


  1. Dull video. I can’t wait until these things are banned from flying over populated areas.

  2. Where’s the green space? Aren’t parks suppose to be GREEN? How about a few mature trees?

  3. I used to knock the park until I went there and experienced it. Really, folks are having a great time at that park. I would LOVE to see more nature in parks, but I did change my mind after I walked through it.

  4. I think this drove video is great!

  5. This is what community without the profit-motive looks like. Kids, families, and neighbors playing outdoors again. Love It.

  6. Aesthetics aside (looks like 6 people designed different parts of the park and never bothered witha conference call), the park is great, Been there a few times and there are always kids playing, adults and kids playing the beautiful bells, adults and kids on the exercise equipment, folks just sitting down and chilling. Its a really nice community space.

    There are trees planted. They will grow.

  7. I sure hope everyone agrees the trees will grow! By any chance does anyone know how long these particular trees will take to grow; so that, they provide much needed shade? I can’t help but wonder how many people will flock to the park when the sun is blazing hot and there’s NO shade! With a three million dollar budget, could the park designers/planners have incorporated a minimum of three sizably more mature trees; instead, of the Charlie Brown size trees that are there now? Why does Highland Park residents settle for minimum?

    • Bobo, there are giant shade sales in the design. apparently, they just didn’t have time to install them before the opening. But if the reports are true, there will be shade by the hot months.

  8. We attended the opening we enjoyed it very much and welcome this to the neighborhood. They are some complaining it’s not green enough or lacks features which baffles me. It was an empty lot for gods sake for years cant we just celebrate this. I saw a community out there enjoying an open space. My 10 year old son and his buddies love this place which is great. What I lovd best about this park is the diverse crowd of folks enjoying this together as a Comunity . That for me gives it major points. We ride our pikes down there and have notice folks enjoying this wonderful addition to the neighborhood

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