City smooths over the rough roads of Elysian Park

Photo by Katrina Alexy

Road resurfacing is expected to be completed in April | Katrina Alexy

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Driving and biking the narrow and crumbling roads of Elysian Park has been like running an obstacle course, with visitors having to maneuver around giant pot holes, large cracks and missing chunks of pavement. In recent weeks, however, motorists and cyclists have faced different types of obstacles in the form of detours, bulldozers and work crews. It’s part of $2.3 million project to resurface the park’s miles of roads.

The resurfacing project, which began in January, is expected be completed next month, ahead of schedule, according to an email newsletter sent out last week by Council District 1. “All of Angels point to Park Row Drive has been completed. 50% of Point Grandview has already been resurfaced and the remaining 50% will be completed by the end of this week,” according to the newsletter that was sent last week.

New blacktop in Elysian Park | Katrina Alexy

New blacktop in Elysian Park | Katrina Alexy


  1. Maybe they could move on to the interior roads of Griffith Park next.

    • According to my friend at P&R the city is sprucing up parks and intends to make them into revenue generators by stepping up rentals for private parties/meetings, enforcement of off-leash dogs and tickets for alcohol consumption…

  2. Glad to see, I drive up there a lot this winter as views for photos are great, but now peeps will start speeding thru. One good thing about the (huge and many) potholes was that drivers actually drove ’bout 5 mph.

  3. Am so happy this was finally taken care of…. I have to go to the top of the hill every week to take a photo of the work on the new Riverside Drive viaduct and I never enjoyed that trip… until now.

    /me does happy dance

  4. It sure makes biking up there even more pleasant – thanks!

    • Do you ever see rattlesnakes in this area while biking? I hate snakes but would like to bike in this park.

      • I’ve seen rattlesnakes in Griffith Park; I’ve seen large (non-poisonous) Gopher snakes in Elysian Park, and even a scorpion one evening, but my attitude is that if I don’t bother them, they won’t bother me. I stick to the paved roads.

  5. Sidewailks, bike lanes?

  6. No more bike lanes. Please.

  7. how about resurfacing some of the dreadful, suspension breaking roads people actually use?

  8. Wow. $2.3 million. That could go a long way. I guess interior roads in our parks are important. Sort of important. Kind of not really that important. If it were up to me, I’d have done other things with that money in our local parks.

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