Final sale at the Silver Lake Ralphs

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing

SILVER LAKE — The Silver Lake Ralphs is scheduled to close on Sunday, March 15. But, judging from the vast stretches of empty shelves and display cases, the end might come sooner than expected for the Glendale Boulevard store.  In fact, one manager told a shopper that Ralphs store No. 732 could close earlier than scheduled if the inventory runs out.

Whole Foods says its moving into the Ralphs space after it’s remodeled and expanded.  Permits have been pulled to remodel and expand the 51,000-square-foot store into the adjacent storefronts but Whole Foods has not said when the new store will open, leaving Ralphs shopper to look for alternatives.

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing

Photo by Kelly Erickson

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing

Photo by Kelly Erickson

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing

Silver Lake Ralphs Closing


  1. so sad in part… although the store had been run down for years especially compared to the stores in Burbank, Studio City and the spectacular downtown store
    end of an era and really with Gelsons, TJ and Lassen I certainly do not need or will be shopping the Whole Foods store

  2. For so many years I’ve made the late night gottahaveit runs to Ralph’s in SL alllll the way from the Brewery… sad.

    I’m not even allergic to gluten.

  3. While I don’t have a problem with Ralph’s in general, this particular store has been uncomfortably neglected for years. West Hollywood has Rock n Roll Ralph’s. We nicknamed this one Meth Ralph’s.

  4. It was time for a change or for a complete renovation of that Ralphs. I welcome Whole Foods as another option in the neighborhood. I will definitely shop at Whole Foods over Lassens since they were a Prop H8TE supporter.

  5. Can’t come fast enough! That Ralph’s was run down and lacked healthy, organic choices on the whole. I’ll be very happy to see Whole Foods come to town. Now we don’t have to drive into Pasadena!!!

    • hopalong chastity

      why do you have to drive into Pasadena to shop at Whole Foods when they have a location in Glendale?

      • Pasadena WF is WAY better than Glendale. You could almost live there, or at least spend the whole day……

      • Just drive to Glendale? Why should I drive 15 minutes to the Glendale Whole Foods, when I have several closer markets? God, that suggestion could only occur in L.A. This is why I welcome the new, far closer Whole Foods. In most large cities in the world, people select a market that they can WALK to. The Kroger Corporation, owner of Ralphs, could have cleaned up and expanded that store years ago, as they did at other locations in and around L.A. They did some sort of misguided calculation and decided not to do so (I personally believe that they didn’t recognize the changing demographics of the neighborhood, because they just pissed away a potential windfall), and so here we are. Whole Foods didn’t force them out – they shopped around for a space in the area and worked with the mall owner on making the deal happen. If Kroger had wanted a better, expanded space, they already had a relationship with the mall owner and could have had first dibs. Didn’t happen, but I’m happy about WF signing the lease. My pocketbook will be taking a big hit, though.

  6. I know when Whole Foods moved to the new Pasadena location they hired many of the Wild Oats employees. I do hope the Ralph’s employees are offered jobs too.

  7. Whole Foods yeah… now what about the TACKY CVS store?

  8. I guess that the Yups feel that they will be made healthier by paying more for their food. Then they can go to the Starbucks and pay more for their coffee. And, as they walk the Silverlake boulevards, hand in hand, with their slim bodies and stylish hair, they should remember that all too soon they will die.

  9. I wonder if there will be more parking…that lot can get crowded. Although I have no idea where they could put additional parking.

  10. Anyone remember when it was a Hughes Market, and Rockaway Records was in an adjacent storefront on the south end, before the market expanded into it?

    • When was Rockaway there? I shopped at Hughes right up until it became Ralphs. I thought maybe it’d be an upgrade but it was just the opposite. I only shopped at Ralphs to buy junk food and sodas. I won’t miss it.

      • Before Ralphs was Hughes, it was a Market Basket. Rockaway Records began life on the other side of the mall (near the KFC), when it was called Rainbow Records. Then they changed their name to Rockaway Records (though I’m not sure when), and they moved to the other side of the mall, before moving up Glendale Blvd. and then across the street to their current location.

    • Rockaway was there, and a florist was there. There was a tiny bank, that moved up Glendale Blvd. and transformed from Union Something Bank to CalFed to Shittibank.

  11. the whole foods parking lot will be a frickin war zone!!!!!!

    • Nah, the parking lot won’t be as crowded, this is Hipster central,….we be riding 10-speed bicycles and walking everywhere.

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