Frank McCourt says Chavez Ravine remains an NFL stadium alternative; Auntie Em’s to open Downtown restaurant

Lincoln Heights | Dave Piendak/Instagram

Lincoln Heights | Dave Piendak/Instagram

MOrning Report

  • Former Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, who retains an ownership stake in the stadium parking lots,  said the ballpark property remains an alternative site for an NFL stadium. L.A. Observed
  • Auntie Em’s Kitchen, which opened in Eagle Rock 13 years ago, is opening a second restaurant in Downtown L.A. Daily Dish

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  1. We were successful in fending of the NFL years ago and we will fight it again! NO STADIUM!!!!

    • bathing at baxter

      We must continue the fight and not allow this. Chavez Ravine is the only location that the NFL wants and, when the price paid for the Dodgers was revealed, it was obviously a real estate deal. Everything happening at Barlow and Elysian park is geared to a new complex containing a multi-use venue and football stadium, shopping mall. entertainment complex and highrise parking structures.

    • I would happily welcome NFL football back to LA and hope it’s at Chavez Ravine. Seems like the most logical spot. Don’t understand why it wouldn’t be welcome.

      • You must live nowhere near the Eastside, Jim.

        • Eagle Rock. There would only be 8-10 games per year. What’s the problem?

          • Echo Park is swamped game night in every single direction for miles, and tail-gating for Dodgers is already a problem.

          • Tailgating is not a problem and serious tailgating occurs on Opening Day,

          • Tony the Main Spoon,

            You must not live near the stadium, we see tailgating all the time on my street. Lovely “fanimals” leave piles of trash and broken beer bottles on the side of the street. This is NOT limited to opening day.

          • Tony the Main Spoon


            Stop it! I wouldn’t say I live in EP and lie about it, Jeez! I am your friendly neighborhood Scott Ave street sweeper dodger. (I own two cars, a VW bug and a Honda Element, catalytic converter stolen twice.) Oh, the adversity!

            When I speak of tailgating I am acknowledging the gnarly partying done before most sports games where true tailgating is permitted. Have you seen, for example, the film “Silver Lining Playbook” where the characters are doing their TG thang before the Philadelphia Eagles game? Now that’s tailgating. I fly to NY to watch my poor Buffalo Bills on opening day and to experience the same thing. I love it because its allowed. Now, the MLB Opening Day partying happening in Elysian Park on April 6, 2015 is a (I love this term) “fanimal” occasion too the max. REAL tailgating. But you are right EPGrrl and I dont deny your words. Peeps are swigging their brewskis in their cars or posting up nearby residential streets to do a little TGing of their own, minus the hibachi. Look on the bright side. At least the local shopping art scavengers get the leftovers in a timely manner. Now would an outsider know about that?

            No they woundn’t Ms. EPGrrl. And, yes I was inspired by the 90’s Bills QB Jim Kelly as a boy, and stay true to the team today, which is why I ask for time off the Stadium to see my Bills come September. Nuff about NFL and TGing. Luv Ya EPGrrl

            Go Dodgers!

  2. There is no way this is going to happen. And for Frank McCourt to be taken seriously is a damn joke. I live in Scott and have worked at Dodger Stadium for years. The traffic is a drag for my neighbors although I am partial to the business. There is no tailgating allowed today,which is no fun for football fans at all. Cason would be ideal given the space. If McCourt would just shut up and collect his money for the few parking spaces he owns. Eastsider! In the words of Wayne and Garth, “This (news) is not worthy!”

  3. This is war. Seriously, there’s no way in hell our neighborhood is going to allow the NFL to ruin Elysian Park! No way in hell!

    • NFL football won’t be nearly as disruptive to the neighborhood as Dodger baseball. There are 80+ games at Dodger stadium and there would only be 10 games or so per year of football. I agree that McCourt is a dirty rotten scoundrel. Maybe Inglewood will be the preferred location. Less opposition and they are further along in planning.

      • Think about it...

        What makes you think that Dodger games would stop? It will become a dual use stadium and you can plan on 100+ home games a year. (Don’t forget pre/post season) He makes no money when his parking lots are empty- he makes crazy money when they are filled to capacity. He isn’t going to trade baseball for football, he wants baseball AND football.

    • Please forgive my ignorance – but is Frank McCourt proposing to use Dodger stadium as an NFL stadium as well, or is he talking about cutting into the land near Elysian Park and building a whole new structure?

      Thanks in advance!

      • Frank McCourt has a vested interest but very little power now days. He had zero ownership of Dodger Stadium itself. Last year he was booed by the Marathon runners at the start if the race. If a spokes person for the Guggenheim Group that actually owns the Dodger organization had said a word about this subject, we should take it seriously. The “parking lot attendant” F McCourt should just Zip It.

        • Thanks for the reply.

          IF McCourt were to get his way, (let’s certainly hope not) does he want to dig into the land in the Chavez Ravine/Elysian Park to build a brand new stadium, or is he proposing to build one on the parking lot of the current Dodger stadium?

          • Kim,

            That could be a possibility but Frank McCourt only owns a select few parcels of parking spaces around the Stadium. He could self off those cubicles if the powers that be decide to plot a stadium on his spaces. Again this is highly unlikely. Carving in to the Elysian Park Hill sides to make more room for a stadium is a ridiculous consideration given that there are already zoned areas and large holes already dug deep in the Earth ready for construction. Perhaps McCourt is bracing for a Stadium built on the existing parking lot hoping to get his grubby hands on more cash. Not gonna happen.

          • Thanks for the info!

  4. It’s unbelievable that the same folks who complain about “runaway development” and road diets would support hundreds of thousands of cars coming in and out of their neighborhood literally year round with the already baseball and now football and let’s not forget summer concerts being programmed. It proves that NIMBYs are never consistent.
    The best idea for a football stadium remains to be the Downtown location at the heart of our ever-expanding transit network. You also have good freeway access while Echo Park literally only has the already over-used Sunset Blvd which needs to be calmed and perhaps narrowed and made more walkable in the Dodgers area with all of the new housing being built in that area.

  5. bathing at baxter

    I’ve heard repeatedly for decades that the NFL preferred Chavez Ravine as the location for an LA team. I have know idea about the source this information /speculation but building highrise parking structures usable for all events taking place at the “entertainment complex” to be built on parking lot land was usually mentioned. When the coming changes at Barlow were revealed the subject of a multipurpose stadium, shopping mall and entertainment facilities were mentioned. The price of 2 billion dollars paid for the Dodgers suggested that real estate expansion was part of the plan but nothing has been confirmed.
    A new soccer team sponsored by Emirates national airline, the sponsor of the Manchester City English Football team has just started playing in Yankee Stadium. A team in Chavez Ravine would be welcomed by many.

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