Highland Park stabbing victim identified

HIGHLAND PARK — Police are asking the public for help to find the person or persons responsible for the fatal stabbing of 34-year-old Olugbenga Oni, whose body was found in an alley near Figueroa Street and Avenue 60 on Sunday night.

Detective Ubaldo Zesati with the LAPD Northeast Division said the victim was stabbed in the upper torso and was killed in or near the alley.  Police don’t believe that Oni, a black male who was found lying face-down in the alley at about 9:30 p.m.,  lived in the area but at this point they don’t have much information or a motive.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Northeast Division homicide detectives at (323) 344-5731.


  1. Terrible. LAPD how many more murders/attempted murders are needed until you start patrolling this area? Have we hit the quota yet?

    • Why not form a vigilante patrol and get out there yourself? Don’t let these thugs control the neighborhood.

      • As much fun as it would be to pretend I’m Charles Bronson I’d rather not risk my life getting shot by an illiterate 17 yr old asshat. We are paying the police with our tax money to protect us. They could at least pretend to show some presence.

        If you’re such a tough guy Jim, show us how it’s done.

  2. “Police are asking the public for help”

    Hey police, the public is asking for your help.

  3. very bad place to live in right now in HLP homeless is up, three shootings this year and now this killing behind pollo loco , crime in hlp is bad and only going to get worse

    • MORE gentrification please!

      • UH……………………………………….. I don’t think gentrification works on crime sorry

        • You can say that again. Just look at the “gentry” videotaped burglarizing homes in Montecito Heights. I’m quite certain they aren’t what the likes of ESARTs imagines when he rants about resident “scum” and “thugs” and what not.

          I look forward to welcoming these gents to my property if and when I catch them trespassing. It won’t be me barricading myself in a bathroom.

          • Once again, Poopy Retardos taking his typical giant watery dump over a civilized discussion and making it all about himself and how tough he is cuz he’s from these hard barrio streets and doesn’t dial 911….he dials 357. Now go outside! The adults are talking. And don’t forget to put your helmet on!

          • el pequeno grande, don’t put words in my mouth. while I’ll freely say that I believe you to be of substandard intelligence and lack normal reasoning skills, I don’t recall using the word “scum” or “thugs”. Who let you back online?

          • How about I just call them ne’er-do-wells?

        • sure it does.

          Exactly why certain crimes go down would stir debate. The race/class baiters would say it has to do with city personnel responding more favorably to certain types of residents complaints.

          I would assert that many of these new residents don’t adopt the “no snitchin'”, “it’s none of my business”, or “it’s no big deal” attitude that is pervasive in many neighborhoods prior to being gentrified. The noobs are more likely to call the cops when they see suspicious characters. The noobs are more likely to call the graffiti clean-up hotline when scribbles show up.

  4. since police can’t be everywhere at all times…
    and since being vigilante, while sounding fun, could get you in trouble with the law…
    we need citizens to be vigilant, and call the police when they see suspicious behavior or have tips that can lead to solving crimes;.
    It takes a village…

  5. From the deceased man’s name, I’m gathering that he’s African (i.e., an immigrant from the continent of Africa). The homeless man who was shot by the police is reportedly from Cameroon. I have no point to make; it’s just interesting – and sad – to see men who had traveled such a long way from home wind up in such awful circumstances here in L.A.

  6. Martin Arredondo

    Proper dos isn’t tough. He’s not even from NELA. He’s from OC. I grew up across the street from his grandma and when he would come visit during the summer he would try to fit in with the homies but they would tease him and call him a coconut. That’s why he has such a chip on his shoulder. Now that he’s all grown up(5′-2″,300lbs) he resents outsiders. He forgets that he is one.

  7. belly laugh. thanks for that one.

  8. This news sucks. My family members go to school at Saint Ignatious. Sometimes I want to go “Kick Ass” out in these streets. I often want to Kick Ass on those low lives that stole my catalytic converter. We should all be in the and side here over the damage being done to our NELA communities and less focused on taking stabs at one another on the comments. I am seriously pissed off just like you dudes.

  9. I contacted the neighborhood council and cc’d Cedillo’s field officer in the email. They got back to me and seemed equally concerned. Yesterday I noticed a police car parked on Piedmont and Fig but he had his radar gun out and was most likely clocking speeds and giving out tickets which is fine. It’s a dual purpose calming traffic while maintaining a presence so I’m ok with it.

    • Traffic enforcement casts a wide net and if I’m not mistaken the LAPD will catch parole violators, failure to appear, child support deadbeats and all manner of ne’erdowells.

  10. It’s still fairly unsafe for blacks in HLP. I’d compare it to being a white boy sauntering around the streets of Watts and South Central in the 1980s.

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