Man injured in Echo Park shooting


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ECHO PARK – A 24-year-old man suffered a superficial gunshot wound Tuesday night after a passenger emerged from a dark-colored vehicle and opened fire before fleeing with the victim’s bike, police said.

The shooting took place at about 9 p.m. near Bonnie Brace and Bellevue avenues. The victim, who was wounded near his abdominal area, is not believed to be a gang member, according to information from John Melendez, a detective with the Rampart Division.

The suspects, described as male Latinos, left the scene with the victim’s Fixie-type bike in an unknown direction.


  1. Wow, the anti gentrification movement has begun. Shot over a bicycle, is it the 80’s all over again?

  2. This intimidation is to be expected from a people who are being driven from their long-time homes. How can they look at this as anything other than an invasion of their neighborhood? Expect US.

  3. We are all the same. And as until as this blog, the commenters and anyone else who jumps ignorantly into their knee jerk emotions can rise above this behavior it will continue to be this way. The unconscious crimes committed against each other in this way is what holds this community back. When something like this or worse happens we should band together to give love and support to everyone involved. Name calling, dividing people and lack of empathy will get you more of the same. We are all humans, all equal, we are all made of the same material. Lets act accordingly to create a better community that is based on love, regardless of any negative events that may occur.

    Eastsider, won’t you give this a try? To date, this blog has not created any healthy change in our community. You just perpetuate the differences between people instead of the commonalities. You even went as far as to mock the community even more by having multiple readings of the comment section for comedy. You don’t even respect the very people that support your blog. You don’t even respect yourself. Your obvious subconscious self-loathing is meant for a therapist chair, not taking it out on the community you pretend to care about.

    • they’re reporting news. comments are typically forums for mostly idiots, don’t expect more.

      in any event, we see less and less in part due to the gang injunction. the little kiddies who want to play guns are quickly finding out it’s a losing proposition. it would be great if their families start to reinforce that rather than complain about the man gettin them down.

      • Non gang related community got caught in the cross fire, not of their doing, some survived, others TOTALLY DISPLACED, SCREWED WITH NO VASALINE!

        • EASTSIDER BLOGGERS, FORMER ECHO PARK HISTORICAL SOCIETY! JESUS SANCHEZ, DAVID Z ANZ SOMETHING writer for L.A TIMES. No shame in this pairs game. Set the community up to resell. They have set themselves up well, this blog, the houses they rent out. Great set up fellas.

    • Jesus and the Eastsider are looking for visitors, equaling advertising dollars. And if the combustable words of “gentrification” and “hipsters” get more eyes on the website, regrettably I wouldn’t expect anything different to change in the future. It’s unfortunate because it’s such a formula that gets people going.

    • Thank You for your post! I see the EASTSIDER AS INSTIGATER OF HATE, ALLOWING HORRID, MOCKING DIALOGE. At times I can laugh, most of the time my stomach hurts at the HATE SPILLED ON THIS BLOG. WHY EASTSIDER? YOUR writer is staff for LA TIMES. WHY DO YOU STUP SO LOW!

      • Because all of the heated comments are the actual entertainment, and is what will eventually sell this blog for a big chunk of change someday. Just like Curbed. I guess actual news isn’t enough for people these days. I’m getting more and more disenchanted with this one.

  4. Bonnie Brace? If you want to be a news source you should consider hiring a proofreader.

  5. Hello my Echo Park brothers and sisters I think the bottom line here is we all want and need safe neighborhoods to raise our children. Gentrification community revitalization whatever you call it has already begun. Higher proper value and new prosperity is displacing poorer families . New business and homeowners bring change that is healthy for our communities. The old school mentality gang turf,homeboys and locals only doesn’t fix in . We the tax paying residents need to take back and own our streets . Come to the 8th Annual PEACE in Northeast March & Resource Fair Saturday April 18 Benjamin Franklin High School 820 N. Ave 54, Los Angeles ca 90042 at 11:00 AM

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