New permit-parking district in the works for Echo Park


Permit-parking district restrictions are already in place on Laveta Terrace north of Sunset Boulevard.


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ECHO PARK — With the growing popularity of Sunset Boulevard as a place to shop, dine and drink, there’s also been an increase in complaints from residents about a parking crunch and more traffic on nearby streets. That’s why Councilman Mitch O’Farrell  has requested that the city establish a temporary permit parking district for some streets northwest of Sunset and Alvarado.

Permit parking districts impose additional parking restrictions on city streets, including banning overnight parking in some cases.  Residents and others must purchase permits to avoid getting cited under the provisions of the parking district. In Echo Park, a small section of Laveta Terrace north of Sunset Boulevard  is already covered by a permit parking district that imposes a 1-hour parking limit from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and bans overnight parking from 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. for those without a permit. The temporary districts are subject to renewal.

The new temporary permit parking district now being considered would include portions of Mohawk, Elsinore and Waterloo streets, according to a Council District 13 field report presented at the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council.  Creation of the permit parking district, however, requires a petition to be circulated and signed by residents and City Council approval.

“This is a long process but it has begun,” according to the field report.


  1. Makes sense… there’s a good amount of metered street parking along Sunset for people visiting nearby shops and restaurants. The only problem is people drive Sunset like it’s a freeway, making it difficult to parallel park without getting honked at, or worse, by some entitled cut-through commuter.

  2. Just have people park in their garages instead of in the street.

    • The problem is that people going to Mohawk bent park on our street and Mohawk bent employees also park on our streets when we gave them the ok (GEPENC ) they were to use the car wash on Sunset and Alvarado as a valet parking lot, which they don’t (it’s lease to the taco truck) so the valet park the cars on the street which is illegal. By the way the parking will be a 2 hour limit

  3. 1 hour parking limit? Ouch! I wonder if a 2 hour parking limit might be better so that visitors can actually sit down and enjoy a meal at the local restaurants.

    • Agreed… 1 hour parking is some LA bullsh*t. 2 hours should be the standard.

    • How about no parking. Pay for valet! Stop parking on my street in front of my house. I’m sick of throwing out your trash and listening to you drunk people screaming in the street above sunset and waking my family up. I don’t come park in front of your house and make a mess, or wake you up. It happens almost every night. Because you people are too cheap to pay for valet. Well now you only get an hour. And I realize that this might not apply to you Salts but believe me, MOST of the people who park in front of my house are as I described. I live here. They don’t. Stop trashing my hood. I can guarantee if I am ever in your neighborhood, I will respect it like I expect mine to be respected. Peace

      • Echo park is also well served by bus routes going to downtown, usc, hollywood, etc. Sometimes the bus stop is closer than a parking spot 5 or more blocks away.

      • “Pay for valet.” Where do you think valets park cars for venues without lots?

      • I hear where you’re coming from. But there’s no such thing as “free parking”… only subsidized parking. You’re not entitled to store your vehicle in the street, because that’s public property which we all pay taxes to maintain (and thus all have a say in how that land is best allocated.)

        I think permit parking for residents (if they’ve paid a monthly/annual fee to the city) and a 2 hour limit for everyone else is more than fair. If anything, the city fee is probably too small, and should be based on market rates for parking in the neighborhood.

      • We have the same damn problem in Silver Lake we are on our way to permit parking

  4. Please extend this district to include Scott Ave!

  5. bathing at baxter

    Please. Streets near Dodger Stadium need game day permit parking protection. With $20 parking fee fans will grab every street spot.

  6. I wonder if there are any underused city owned parking lots around? Oh wait…

  7. Where can we find the details of the proposal?

  8. More and more like the Westside every day… And yes, 1 hour really doesn’t work.

  9. I lived in a permit parking area by the Beverly Center years ago and it was a pain in the neck, especially for people who came to visit me (you are issued a visitor pass and then have to stand outside and meet your visitor before they park so they can hang the thing in their car. Or they have to park and then sprint to your place to pick up the visitor pass and hope they don’t get a ticket before they get back to their car. Etc, etc.)

    We do not need permit parking in the streets around Dodger Stadium. That’s overblown bs, coming from people with multiple cars, many of whom do not utilize the driveways they have. I have one car and it is always fine finding parking during Dodger season. I have had much bigger problems with new neighbors suddenly parking two or three cars on a block, than I ever have with people parking for Dodger games. Most Dodger fans are simply not familiar enough with Echo Park to park on the street, and they use the Dodger parking lots.

    • I’m pretty sure you are in the minority here. I’m pushing for this in my neighborhood toooooo!!!

    • No, you clearly don’t live on a street where ALL the parking is taken up by fans. I work late, get home around 8:30 and there is no place for me to park for blocks and blocks. This all got worse when the carpetbagger took up residence at the stadium and jacked up the parking prices (during the recession, no less). I’ve lived in the area for years and it was never this bad in my neighborhood until then, since then it has been awful.

  10. Parking permits for the entire city, I say! I do agree it needs to be two hours… I mean, really!

  11. Are you all even reading this? This whole proposal sounds like a nightmare. First off, you’d have to purchase a permit to park in front of your own house, which is absolute insanity. Just wait for the bureaucracy to get that figured out. Not to mention having someone visit, or stay with you for a night or two.

    Secondly, this will likely only cover the block or two that border Sunset. So that means people will just drive back a few more blocks into the neighborhood where the permit parking doesn’t exist, and jam up that entire section of neighborhood. Then they will still have to walk through the permitted neighborhood, and the drunkily back through the permitted neighborhood, now giving them even more time to yell, puke, throw trash, piss in yards, etc. I do think something should be done (perhaps cops walk an Echo Park beat for once?), but this isn’t it.

    • Why is that insanity? Lots of neighborhoods have that. The street is a public right of way. Residents do not have a right to park on it. Allowing permits at least gives residents a greater opportunity to find a spot.

      That said, this plan is half-assed without CHARGING for those one hour spots. And as many commenters have noted, they shouldn’t be restricted to one hour, anyway. Solution: Charge non-residents to park (if you don’t have a permit, you pay the meter – easy as that). No time limits on the spots, but dynamic pricing that adjusts by time of day. And of course, the revenue for the parking is primarily used for beautify the neighborhood.

      • “And of course, the revenue for the parking is primarily used for beautify the neighborhood.”

        Great idea… so I assume it probably won’t happen in LA 😉

    • Probably silly question, but does LAPD patrol areas around drinking spots when they close? That way they could keep drunks off streets walking or driving.

    • I completely agree! I live on Elsinore and have never had a hard time finding parking! I do not want to pay to park to my car. And I like having people over!

      How is everyone in support of this!?

      It’s a huge pain in the ass. And parking on Mohawk and Elsinore is heaven compared to other places I’ve lived.

  12. Again I wonder why 25% of the city owned lots behind the South side of Sunset were handed to the Pueblo del Centro for unused private basketball courts. That parking is so rare along sunset and was a resource for all of the businesses and residents.

    I am sure they do good work but never understood why their core mission has anything to do with basketball and why public property was handed over to them.

    • Non profits flow monies to Politicans, than get appointed to police commissions, much Like Sandra Fig. NO SHAME IN HER GAME!

  13. It will be a 2 hour limit on Mohawk from Sunset to reservoir and on Elsinore from Alvarado to Waterloo

  14. Ha ha. Each permit should come with a coupon for new tires or catalytic converters from a local auto shop. If we lived in a sane society, only people with empty garages would be entitled to a permit.

    • So what about the many residents of EP who live in homes or apartments with NO off-street parking of any kind? There are many of us.

      • Okay, if you have no garage you get a permit. Otherwise my proposal is a-okay, right?

        Hah! We’ll see.

        • Personally I think everyone should pay market rates for parking, period. Residents could buy monthlies at market rate (how you’d determine that is tricky, but you would be looking at a substantial cost, let’s say 50-100/mo.),

          The meter and parking pass revenue would go into transportation improvements for the neighborhood.

          The street belongs to everyone, and everyone who uses it should pay. Period.

          I say this as a resident without parking.

  15. mmmmmmegathread

  16. Luiza Mavropoulos

    Can we discuss HANDICAPPED PARKING??
    OURS WAS REMOVED OVER A YEAR AGO. NO HELP FROM CD13 JUST A F U FROM ADAM BASS. My new neighbors have 5 people with cars living here. At times I have to park 5-6 blocks away, call a cab cause my pain level is high. My quality of life has changed, I do not go out to enjoy my hood as I will have nowhere to park my car. I’m a homeowner, pay my taxes. I’m DONE WITH O’FARRELL, WILL FIGHT MY BEST AGAIN HIM NEXT ELECTION, HOPE YOU DO THE SAME. BEWARE OF WOLVES IN SHEAP ATTIRE.

  17. finally some sense around here….I’m pushing for this near sunset silverlake area .. los globos . LYFT / UBER people. take the bus. TAXI. love it when I see the girl do the drop off of shame to her car the next morning in front of my $1700 tiny ass apt. with no parking .permit parking rules!

  18. Residents of Echo Park — do not fall for the permit parking tricks — it’s just another tax and will drive down local revenue. Sure you want parking but this is not the way! Your friends will never visit and a new hipper neighborhood with parking will take it’s place. Best thing to do is ride it out. People are already being priced out of the neighborhood. You can save yourself $50 per year for the rest of your life and the guest and visitors passes. Think about it.

    • “a new hipper neighborhood with parking will take it’s place.” Your words are music to my ears…where do I sign up for my permit???!!! I have $50 burning a hole in my pocket for that permit!

  19. I live behind Mohawk Bend and DO NOT want this. I do not ever have any problem finding parking near my apartment and my visitors don’t either. This is going to make it really difficult to have friends visit and I see no need for it. The area is nowhere near as busy with street parking as say, WeHo or Melrose – and I don’t live in WeHo for a reason. It’s really not very much of a problem unless you’re within 1 block of Sunset and it’s the evening hours, just go up to the next block…this will just drive people to park further into our neighborhood where the permit signs end. Plus, the valet for Mohawk Bend already causes enough safety issues with cars stopping in the middle of Sunset, which is a problem of its own…
    Permits are not the answer. I will definitely not be signing this petition.

  20. Speaking from experience on a street next to bars in Silver Lake, parking is not the total problems, it’s the trash, empty bottles left in the street and yard every weekend and always vomit on in my yard. It’s the hit and runs damage to our cars at least once a month. It’s the drunks talking stupid after 2:oopm. Of course parking is limited and we don’t own it BUT………………….

  21. Jonathan – yes I am aware that the empty bottles & don’t forget the cans do not come from the Bar – they only magically started appearing nightly when the bar open up.
    What about the Vomit – does that not come from the bar ??

  22. hopalong chastity

    Getting inside the front door of the White House is easier than obtaining a resident’s permit from LADOT for a neighborhood Permit Parking District.
    You will need a utility bill in your name at your address and your vehicle will need to be registered in the same name at the same address.
    Many residents who rent, sublet, co-tenant will find they can’t produce the documentation required to purchase a parking permit for their vehicle.
    Why is LADOT so stingy and inflexible when a resident needs to purchase a parking permit?
    Maybe the City of Los Angeles doesn’t want to sell parking permits at $55/year as much as it wants to write tickets at $68/each parking citation.

  23. hopalong chastity

    The City Councilman is not a neutral party when it concerns the establishment of a new Permit Parking District within the Council District which he represents.
    The increase in parking citations which results from imposing the new Permit Parking District has a direct political benefit to the Councilman.
    This is because a portion of the revenue from the parking citations issued within the Council District is transferred into a discretionary spending account controlled by the Office of the Councilman for that district.
    The coffee and pastries laid out at a community meeting hosted by the councilman are paid for by parking citation revenue transferred to the discretionary spending account.
    When the City Councilman takes credit for using council office funds to help pay for a mural at the elementary school or a bicycle rack and a park bench the City couldn’t afford, that is actually parking citation revenue placed into his discretionary spending account.

  24. be prepared for the trickle down effects. I live right outside a permit zone at sunset junction. My street was fine until the permit rule went into effect. No my street is packed by both business patrons and residents who don’t want to pay for a permit. I had no voice in the decision and have no right for a permit myself, even though I can throw a rock and hit the permit parking area from my home.

  25. No way. I live further down on Mohawk and coming home after 7pm there is a bit of a struggle to find a spot. There have already been two spaces painted red. No reason why and are probably illegally painted. Look on google maps and the curbs are not red and cars are parked there. Plus as someone else posted there are many folks who have more than one car and don’t use their driveway. My landlord doesn’t live here and parks cars on the street. Hey that’s ok it’s America right? People already don’t know how to park correctly. Look at the number of cars hogging more than their space,’it all adds up to a couple more lost spaces. If I go to another part of LA and there is permit parking, I’ll just drive further past the permit area and that is just what everyone will do. Believe me, Mohawk from Reservior to Scott will be a nightmare with people taking up all the other free spaces. How many houses along Mohawk from Sunset to Reservior have driveways and garages? Is it possible some of the people who are for permit parking don’t have to park on the street?

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