Springtime arrivals at Echo Park Lake

Echo Park Lake gosslings | Robin Blackman

Echo Park Lake goslings | Robin Blackman

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ECHO PARK –– A gaggle of goslings took a morning stroll at Echo Park Lake today under the watchful eye of adult geese.


  1. How cute and hate to be a downer, but whomever dropped in the (illegally stocked) bass last year is responsible for ducklings getting eaten by said bass, which have nothing to eat in the lake.

    The bass guys, of which there are lots, went selfish and popped them in, some were over 20″. They came from other lakes, like Castaic, in live wells to survive the fwy. journey. I have photos of them hanging just under the surface on the east side of the lake.

    The bass seem to have eaten all the mosquito fish, thanks a lot for that, and now and then because of starvation will take a duckling or gosling. The bassers should have been patient and worked with others who would have established a panfish food base in the lake (bluegills, crappie, shiners, crawfish, others), then dropped in the apex predator, the black bass. Then, kids would have a chance to have fun fishing in the old lake, where generations of Angelenos learned to fish>

    And I hope against hope the culprits didn’t drop in Florida strain bass, which are the hungrier version.

    • You can just hear some dolt saying “survival of the fittest, brah”

    • I couldn’t possibly agree more. The state “Fishing in the City” program had a stocking plan for this lake as well, with plans to eventually restore the black bass fishery the lake was known for.

      Now we’re just going to end up with thousands of stunted, 9″ largemouth bass with nothing but their brethren to eat.

  2. I saw a guy catch & release a 12″ bass yesterday while walking around the lake. And I saw the seven cute goslings.

  3. Sure, these goslings look cute, but next thing you know, they’ll be selling $4 coffees.

  4. Hey, what sort of Indiana discrminatory nonsense is this? I like my crackaccinos — oh you said ‘quackaccinos.’ Never mind.

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