Teens shot in Cal State L.A. parking lot; how a proposed Highland Park car wash went down to defeat

Highland Park | Andriana Baker/Instagram

Highland Park | Andriana Baker/Instagram

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  • Two teenage males, a 14-year-old and 18-year-old, were wounded after they were shot Sunday night while “challenging” people in the Cal State L.A. parking lots. NBC LA
  • A labor union and rival business owners were involved in helping block city approval of a new Highland Park car wash. L.A. Times
  • Bob Baker Marionette Theater plays a part in upcoming NCIS: Los Angeles episode. Culture Monster

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  1. The car wash case illustrates some ugly realities about Council District 1 under the new regime.

    Despite Rob Glushon’s “spin” that Gil Cedillo’s taking this land use case up to City Council “helped” the project opponents, the opposite is true. Cedillo, just like the case of the loss of Shopper’s Market, was bribed with campaign contributions into figuring out how to screw the community by taking the case to the LA City Council. The original decision of the East LA Planning Commission represented an agreement by the real community that the car wash’s location and impact was too much. Cedillo worked against the community interest by taking the matter to the LA City Council to veto the East LA Planning Commission’s decision.

    Fortunately, because a prominent Latina activist raised her voice, Cedillo could not do his old trick of trying to claim that the “real community” was not represented among the project opponents.

    Then the unions jumped in and told Cedillo to back down too. So he dutifully did.

    The community won over Cedillo’s corruption this time when he refused to ask his City Council buddies to overrule the community’s voice again.

    Thank you to the East LA Planning Commissioners for showing some plain logic and courage in the face of Cedillo’s intimidation tactics. Maybe there are some real leaders on the Commission.

  2. So are the other two adjacent car washes hand washes? When the minimum wage increase is pushed through and those employees are laid off, will those two adjacent car washes request to replace their facilities with automated washes? If this had been a hand wash facility proposed, would the ‘real community’ (what does that even mean) have opposed it?

    • Um. One of the existing car washes is automated and one is unionized automated wash with hand dry/polish. Both of them are noisy affairs. So how this problem with the nuisance of car wash noise and traffic on the community is related to the minimum wage debate is a bit of a mystery. And even a quiet hand wash has to use noisy vaccum cleaners — yes, hand washers do not pick out the dirt in the carpet by hand!. But I suppose you knew that already. So I really am not sure the community impacted by the proposed third car wash would have supported a hand wash either.

      And Cedillo’s race baiting whenever he claims he has not heard from the “real community” is wearing thin with his constituents. Just ask the Bike Coalition.

  3. So sad. If there’s one thing we all know highland park needs more of, it’s car-related businesses. More bright yellow cinder block mechanics, more used tires, chief, autozone, pep boys. While we’re at it, more donut shops, more payday loan userers. To this day we have not received even a single LCD billboard. What gives?
    I knew the neighborhood was headed south when they started putting in parks and protecting historic homes. You can’t even wrap your craftsman home in stucco anymore 🙁

    Next thing you know they’re going to take out the last remaining billboards and start putting in things we need, like markets.

  4. Victory for Highland Park! I support smart businesses that help improve our community! I DO NOT support businesses that exploit our community and cry wolf that they need to make these changes to their businesses for their economic survival. When in reality, they line their pockets with money and live elsewhere not caring what takes place in our community. These so-called caring business people should have to serve in community clean-ups, donate and volunteer their time in our local schools!!!

  5. I would like to ask, sincerely, why the Writer continues to report on Highland Park with negative bias. Leading up to this meeting, the Eastsider featured stories depicting the new carwash as an illustration of the ‘profit over people’ mentality that is supposedly ruining the neighborhood, starring money-hungy business owners displacing and disregarding the needs of long-time residents to better serve gentrifiers.

    People advocated, successfully, to prevent this from happening. Instead of acknowledging the movement that was created, you use negative language (why did the carwash go ‘down to defeat’ as opposed to the community ‘uniting to be heard’?), cast aspersion on the parties responsible for this victory, and fail to even properly archive the article to make it accessible. ‘Highland Park’ tags lead to stories about shootings, violence, and gentrification…yet you fail to denote this important moment. Where is the HLP label when something good happens? Is that fair to the people who live here, fair to your readers?

    You know the community cared, we even had discussions right here on your site, and shared our happiness that people were able to voice their concerns and do what was in the best interest of their neighborhood. You failed to follow up in any meaningful way on a topic that YOU promoted, burying what is a great story about community advocacy.

    I have been visiting Eastsider for years. I used to feel so proud that someone was talking about my side of town, at last! I’m so disappointed in the way you’ve chosen to use your voice to further divide our neighborhoods, instead of benefit them through honest reporting.

    The biased nature of these articles is obvious–but cloaked in the cowardice of omission. I wish you would come right out and write editorials, instead of this passive aggressive selective depiction of events. I would respect that so much more!

    Maybe it doesn’t mean anything to you–but Eastsider was a source for information that I once trusted and valued. I hope I can feel that way again soon.

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