This year’s Dodgers Opening Day to be a game changer for tailgaters and locals

Police watch tailgate parties in Elysian Park during the 2010 season opener.

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ECHO PARK — Next Monday’s Opening Day at Dodger Stadium  is going to be a game changer for many Dodger fans and local residents alike. What’s the change? Parking restrictions that are designed to deter Dodger fans from tailgating and disturbing residents. But those same efforts will also force some Echo Park residents to move their cars or get a ticket.

“There’s going to be zero tolerance for tailgating on Opening Day,” announced Council District 1 Field Deputy Melinda Alatorre at last week’s Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council meeting. “I don’t know how to express it enough. LAPD is bringing all of the resources that they possibly have to try to maintain the tailgating activity in the park as well as in the neighborhood.”

In preparation for the season opener on Monday, April 6, Alatorre said that the city is trying to minimize the disturbances caused by tailgating in Elysian Park and the surrounding neighborhoods by posting no parking signs along the Avenue of the Palms, a stretch of Stadium Way that has traditionally served as the center of tailgate parties and picnics that begin in the morning hours before the game begins.  The details of the parking restrictions are scheduled to be released later this week.

“Avenue of the Palms is just uncontrollable,” Alatorre said regarding last year’s tailgating activities. “We had incidences with Banda [a style of  Mexican dance music] down Scott Avenue, and folks weren’t too happy about that,” she said. “We had a lot of folks partying on the street, disturbing the neighbors, parking in the neighborhood, drinking in front of people’s homes, urinating in front of their homes… we’re trying to curb it as much as possible and prevent it from happening altogether.”

But to prevent the the fans from simply moving their cars from Stadium Way and Elysian Park to nearby residential streets, a two-hour parking limit will also be enforced on several nearby streets:

  • Scott Avenue between Echo Park Avenue and Elysian Park
  • Morton Avenue between Echo Park Avenue and Academy Road
  • Academy Road between Morton Avenue and Elysian Park
  • Portia Street between Sunset Boulevard and Scott Avenue

The goal of the two-hour parking is to prevent tailgating in those neighborhoods. However, local residents who park their cars on the street will need to move their cars every two hours to avoid being ticketed.

“We are trying to minimize the inconvenience” caused by tailgaters, said Tony Arranga, communications director for Council District 13 said during a telephone interview. He said that Councilman Mitch O’Farrell’s office heard the local community’s complaints about opening day disturbances “loud and clear.”

Further details about the parking restrictions are still being determined. However, Sargent Vincent Aguirre of the Los Angeles Police Department, said that the parking restrictions on Avenue of the Palms will only be enforced on Opening Day.

“It is really going to be a game changer for the area,” he said.

Cecilia Padilla Brill is a communications writer and journalist. She writes news, health, education and feature stories. Cecilia is currently working on her first novel. She has lived in Echo Park since 1999


  1. This is ridiculous. I live on Echo Park Avenue and only have street parking. I often find parking easily up the hill on Scott.

    Instead of forcing residents to “move their cars every two hours” — just issue REAL permits to residents. Something formal, with barcoding and issue #s, not cheap blue copy paper print outs they send every year.

    Don’t get me started about the LAPD. Dodger Season is the only time they care about the neighborhood.

  2. Don’t want to inconvienence residents? Moving your car every 2 hours is convenient ? I feel sorry for anyone living in Gil Cedillo 1 . The guy is just not that bright.

  3. Dodger Tailgater

    Attention new EP residents: Your new neighborhood is located within a mile of a huge stadium, these things will happen. Apparently some new residents feel entitled, and refuse to move their Prius from Morton Ave, even though the city is willing to help the neighbors with the Opening Day tailgating issue. I hope Opening Day will continue to be a pain in the ass for these new EP hillbillies. Rage on Dodger Fan!

    • @Dodger Tailgater 100% agree with you. You moved into Echo Park knowing about the distance to the stadium why is it such a surprise every year when there’s a game? Why are you trying to make going to a game unaffordable for people?

    • Enough with the gentrification talks.

      Instead of having cops patrol the park, have them patrol the neighborhood.

      It’s not the cars or the parking that’s the problem, it’s the PEOPLE in the cars or tailgating, urn

      The LAPD or traffic cop would rather write me a ticket for exceeding my 2 hour parking than ticket the people with clear, open containers drinking in public on their walk to the stadium.

      • “We had a lot of folks partying on the street, disturbing the neighbors, parking in the neighborhood, drinking in front of people’s homes, urinating in front of their homes… we’re trying to curb it as much as possible and prevent it from happening altogether.”.

        Suggestion: Arrest the jerks who are breaking the law. City should bill McCourt for overtime LAPD presence. The tailgaiting is mainly an excuse for getting drunk and increasing chances of more stupid behavior in neighborhood and during game.

        Also, it’s almost April, beginning “season” for loud and illegal 4th July fireworks in Echo Park. Could LAPD possibly increase patrols at least the first week in July? These are not sparklers but dangerous fireworks on our neighborhood streets. Try to get response but nothing is done.

        • You can no longer blame the gangbangers for illegal fireworks, illegal drinking, or vending in the park. The hipster nation took over, they are now doing what former locals got arrested for.

      • Dodger Tailgater

        This is 100% about gentrification. This wasn’t an issue about 5 years ago. When the area was invaded by out of towners, this became an issue. The reason you are being asked to move your car is because the new residents made it an issue. The city and the Dodgers are attempting to work with the neighbors, but it’s still not good enough. You knew the consequences of moving into the area with a huge stadium on the other side of hill, if you didn’t, shame on you.

        • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

          No, Dodger Tailgater, it’s not 100% about gentrification. It’s about the greed of the Dodgers (McCourt) gouging fans for increased parking, fans who may have jobs again, but can’t, or won’t, afford/pay the increased parking fee and choose to park in our neighborhoods. Dodger fan parking, on my street, was not a problem 20+ years ago, but once McCourt jacked up the prices it was. Even opening day wasn’t out of control back then, like it is now. So try to bootstrap that into your gentrification fantasy,

          • Dodger Tailgater

            Deeply Skeptical – McCourt doesn’t own the team anymore. Yes he may own a piece of the lots, but the new owners set the price. FYI – They still offer $10 prepaid parking. Also, this article is about Opening Day tailgating, nothing else. Read the article before you comment,.

        • It’s about GREEDY FRANK MC COURT using city law against the city, much like developer Palmer, MONEY TALKS LOUD!

        • It’s been a major issue since the McCourts bought the Dodgers. The new owners also will not take responsibility for their TRUE BLUE fans partying before the games. If they would allow and monitor tailgating in their parking lot like other teams do, the impact on our beautiful Elysian Park would lessen considerably. The extra parking revenue would more than cover the security guards needed. As for complaints being a new thing, the complaints have been lodged year after year. It is only in recent times that blogs such as the Eastsider LA publicly show the outrage the neighborhood feels towards the obnoxious fans. Really, there is nothing new about it.

        • I am a lifelong Echo Park resident and I have to say this is not a gentrification issue, it has been bothering us for years but has gotten worse lately. Last year was a little better and there were cops patrolling our streets more. I don’t want people, whether they be hipsters, gangbangers, or whatever drinking and urinating in front of my house. The opening day is ridiculous. My mother is on dialysis and comes home during this time, and she can’t find parking in front of my house. I’m all for permit parking as are many others on our street. I hope that we can get together and try and make that work.

        • you said it exactly right dodger tailgater…. its the truth! their complaints got them whats happening. never before did all the working calls of echo park call the cops in mass to complain the stadium they live next to cause traffic and people issues. the new residents are a true joke.

    • The city is broke. They will use this as a new revenue stream. Open container tickets are about $300. Expect plenty to be written and none of that money to be circulated back to clean the parks.

      Gotta love the fact that as a society we have allowed employees that work for the public sector to unionize. That is just silly silly silly.

  4. …and still no plans for light rail to the stadium? This city has no leadership.

  5. Yeah, I knew where I moved. But in the 20 years I’ve lived here the Stadiun has never inconvenienced me that much, until these 2hour parking signs.
    It’s ridiculous. We don’t need them and I highly doubt anyone who lives on Scott or the adjacent streets asked for them.
    Parking is already a joke here.
    And yeah, I know where I moved when I moved here. It was a much different place then. I would have never called the boring yuppie invasion, either.

  6. Yes, those parking restrictions are completely out of line.

  7. Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

    I well knew where the stadium was when I moved to EP in 1983, too. And Kelly is right, it was a much different place. It was less crowded because there was no small lot development, no McMansion condo developments, hence there was much more parking. The Dodgers were, along my street, much better neighbors for many years and we had virtually no problems with fans parking, trolling, tailgating along our street. In fact, it wasn’t too bad until the McCourt took over, jacked up the parking fees and then all hell broke loose. Now that they’ve jacked them up again, we’re in for 6 months of hell.

    The two hour parking is a very very bad idea, a poorly thought out “solution” by local politicos from both District 1 and 13. What about the people who don’t work or the people who do shift work and sleep during the day – or the locals who are Dodger fans and want to attend opening day? The two hour parking solution screws residents. Will DOT actually ticket cars parked there for more than two hours? I have my doubts. They have never ever ticketed the people who are illegally parked along BOTH SIDES of Academy Road from the top of the hill going down to Stadium way – on opening day or any day – those parking signs are completely ignored and DOT, in turn, ignores those parked there. They’ve not ticketed vehicles parked in red zones on opening day in residential streets, either. I’m not going to hold my breath on this.

  8. Voice your concerns and attend the meeting with the dodgers. Very easy to complain but lets find a solution with al parties involved;. Received this email today

    As we prepare for the 2015 baseball season we wanted to invite you to Dodger Stadium this Thursday, April 2. Representatives from LA DOT, LAPD, Council office and Dodgers representatives will be present to listen and discuss the 2015 season. This meeting is open to all neighbors.
    Details are as follow:
    When: Thursday, April 2, 2015- 6pm
    Where: Stadium Club at Dodger Stadium (Park in Lot L)… You may enter via the main gate (Gate A) off of Sunset Ave

    • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

      Agreed. I got it, too. Thanks for sharing with others.

    • Due to church obligations my family will not be able to attend, this whole idea is horrible! Looks like the residents got there ass handed to them on a plate. WELCOME TO NEW ECHO PARK. CITY GETS PAID VIA CITATIONS.WAY TO GO MITCH, ERIC THE NEW ECHO PARK. JEEZ!

  9. How about letting them tailgail in the stadium parking lot just like every other ball park.

  10. The game is on a Monday AT 1PM……HONESTLY,, are there that many people who work at home, or don’t work, who’ll have to back their car up 5 feet? Is that really an inconvenience? As inconvenient as coming home to no parking anywhere because all of the game attendees are parked for the game? Or not being able to run to the grocery store for fear of losing the only spot on the street to someone going to watch at the Short Stop>???
    I live on Portia, and am thrilled, that I can park the night before , and only need to move my car a few feet next Monday!…Yes, I work at home….2hr parking is no big deal people…


    • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

      Wow, your lack of empathy for those working graveyard is deeply underwhelming. And good luck with merely backing up 5 feet….if you really think a) Dodger fans will abide by the signs and, if they don’t, b) you seriously think those vehicles will be towed allowing you to actually move your bucket 5 feet. Good luck with that.

    • You don’t get to “move your car a few feet”. Check the law. It has to be moved to another block.

  11. I’m usually someone who supports the LAPD but this is 100 percent bull. The City and Police are screwing the people that are already being screwed by the Dodgers.

  12. I’m new to LA, so sorry if my question seems stupid to those of you more in the know. But why don’t they just let people tailgate in the parking lot of the stadium? It makes no sense to me. Or, at the very least, why hasn’t there ever been a plan to design better public transportation to the stadium?

    • Two reasons: They don’t allow grills because of the fire risk. I completely understand that. Dodger Stadium is surrounded by a tinder box. The other reason is the alcohol. As much as I love the Dodgers, we have a certain small segment of our fan base who only care about getting drunk, “representing”, and getting in fights at games. I’m sure you remember the Bryan Stow incident, but we’ve had problems with fan violence for years now and drinking in the parking lot was banned a long time ago. It’s a real shame as I enjoy tailgating too, but I agree with the policy.

      • Yeah, I’ve been going to Dodgers games since the early ’80s, and sometimes in the late ’90s I noticed that there were way more fights during games. Like, every half hour you’d look across the stadium and see this rumble of people.

        • As a season ticket holder, I’d say it’s gotten much better since the public outrage over Brian Stow. While it’s true that there used to a fight almost every game (those NLCS’s against the Phillies were a disgrace), I’ve hardly seen any the last two years. I think that a combination of a heavy police presence and the stadium staff’s quick trigger on ejections has really helped out the situation. That’s not to say that I don’t still see inappropriate behavior at games (and you’re gonna see that at just about any ballgame in a major city), but the violence has dropped significantly. I just wish there was some way to convince violent young men to stay away from Dodger Stadium completely.

      • hopalong chastity

        The real problem with allowing tailgating in the stadium parking lot is that it allows ticket holders to arrive early and have a picnic and drink beer before walking a short distance to watch the baseball game.
        Those tailgaters don’t leave very much room in their stomachs for all the different snacks and beverages sold by the stadium concessions.
        The second thing the Dodgers want are fans hungry to see another pennant.
        The first thing they want are hungry fans in the ballpark.

        • You’re allowed to bring your own food into Dodger Stadium. I do it all the time. I am absolutely STARVING for a pennant though. 27 years and counting…

  13. The 2 hour parking restriction will make zero difference. Last year on opening day i was walking by a couple of fans that were parking on my street on a street sweeping day, so I tried to warn them and let them know that they would get ticketed because it was a street cleaning day. They shrugged as they continue to unpack their coolers and just said doesnt matter, we don’t mind paying a ticket between the four of us. So it makes absolutely no difference that they’re doing parking restrictions and issuing tickets. They need to issue parking permits for the residents, period.

    • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

      You are 100% correct. This is exactly what will happen. I see them parking in the No Parking zone every year, they may, or more likely may not, get a ticket. It’s no deterrent and it won’t be with the 2 hour parking limit either.

    • I agree, but I live on a block where people work from home there clients multi – park, on the small block taking up needed street parking. WHAT TO DO?

      • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

        Anon, go to the meeting at Dodger Stadium on Thursday evening at 6 and air your concerns.

  14. Need clarification: are the 2 hour parking signs permanent, only being set out for Opening Day or is this a permanent change?

  15. hopalong chastity

    They have a solution for the parking situation if the 2 hour limit becomes an inconvenience for some of the residents.
    It’s called the Permit Parking District. Residents won’t need to repark their vehicle every two hours. They will only need to obtain the Parking Permit.
    However, the Permit Parking rules will be in effect during baseball season, and every other season. Some
    residents will discover they can’t produce the documentation required to purchase the parking permit from LADOT.
    Once the Permit Parking District has been established, it will remain the rule even if it doesn’t solve the problems or leads to new
    unanticipated problems.
    The city ordinance which governs the establishment and administration of Permit Parking Districts contains clauses which provide for removing blocks from the Parking District. In fact, the ordinance details the circumstances which require the removal of blocks from the District.
    Except this is Los Angeles, a great City whose politicians are hooked on spending and hooked on the revenue from parking citations.
    Which means the section of ordinance which provides for removing blocks is never used. The section which requires removing blocks is never mentioned, ignored as if invisible.

  16. I believe the local residents should be issued parking placards to hang on their mirrors like the handicapped temporary placards. This would allow the DOT to see that these cars are legally parked for the area. It’s sad that this wasn’t addressed back in January when there was time to put such a plan into place. It’s always the last minute ideas that mess everything up for residents. I feel for everyone, fans and residents because solutions to these types of annoyances take time to fix.

    • It was addressed, people didn’t want the permit parking, because if friends, family business, coming over. So now deal with this. CD 1 SCREWED YOU! AS DID CD 13.

  17. Miguel Carranza

    I believe the tailgating problem started when Dodgers security got way more stricter in their parking lot, sometime around the Bryan Stow beating. I have gone to 9 straight opening day’s and I remember being able to sit in your car or outside of it , drink (with red cups) and no one would bother us (it wasn’t allowed but everyone was doing it). Now you can’t even stand by your car for 2 minutes without having security ask you to go inside. Since Dodger fans can’t somehow tailgate in the Stadium Lot, they go to Elysian Park. Has nothing to do with the parking prices , it’s 10 bucks right now which is decent. I feel the City and LAPD need to fix the tailgating problem outside the stadium lot, not the Dodgers. Increase Police patrol, issue open container tickets , issue parking permits for residents , etc. Dodgers will never allow Tailgating in their lot

    • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

      It’s $10.00 if you pay online in advance, it’s $20.00 if you drive up on game day without paying in advance. I suspect there will be a number of fans, for various reasons, who won’t pay in online in advance, thus parking in the surrounding neighborhoods.

      • Miguel Carranza

        That may be true , but no one is tailgating because of the parking prices. They are tailgating because they want to drink before the game. Since they can’t do that , they go to nearby Elysian Park. I bet if they were allowed legally to tailgate inside the Dodger Stadium lot at a price of let’s say $30 , everyone would pay. It’s not about prices, it’s about tailgating

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