York Boulevard shooting leaves one injured

HIGHLAND PARK — One person suffered a gunshot wound to the leg tonight in the neighborhood’s third shooting in three days.

An officer at the Northeast Division station said police were on the scene investigating the incident.  He did not have a location for the shooting, but, according to @EagleRock311 and other Twitter users, the person was wounded near York Boulevard and Avenue 51.

The victim had been transported to a hospital and was in stable condition, according to police

Tonight’s shooting comes after a vehicle was struck by gunfire near Luther Burbank Middle School on Monday and after a victim was shot early Sunday morning near Springvale Drive and Figueroa Street.

Before tonight’s incident, nine previous shootings had been reported within or near Highland Park in the last six weeks, according to Capt. Jeffrey Bert of the Northeast Division.  Bert blamed most of the recent shootings on a feud between The Avenues and the Highland Park Gang. It’s not clear, however, whether tonight’s shooting is gang related.

L.A. Now today reported that the LAPD is struggling to deal with a sharp increase in shootings and other types of crime this year across the city. The number of reported shootings is up 31% compared to last year.


  1. While whites are worried about whether the jasmine chai tea is organic or not and latinos are just trying to survive, gentrification wave is creating conflict, resentment and anger. Newer residents need to find a way to identify common values and coexist peacefully. Trying to blame violence on bad parents and need for more police presence is fraught with folly.

    • jim, really? the big bad boogeyman of “gentrification” is to blame? I don’t believe you. these shooting are alarming, but they usually flare up this time of year. people of all backgrounds and ethnicities are working hard to live in this community. stop with your “trustafarian hipster” bullshit and being envious of others success. it’s really tiresome.

      • This turf war is between gangs and nobody else! Why? Drug sales are up, up, up! It’s a modern day gold rush! Meth, pot and pills! The users are newbies, oldbies, the homeless and kids. Drug dealers must pay taxes to the gangs that control and these drug dealers are everywhere in HP. They are in my neighborhood, your neighborhood, the park, the pool hall, the car wash and worst of all, our schools!

      • LA Is The Greatest

        Thanks you for that truth. Too many morons live in fantasyland.

    • I haven’t seen any evidence that recent shootings are linked to resentment against white people moving to the neighborhood. Have you?

      Seems to be gang-feud related.

      • This is NOT about gentrification! It’s about individuals who do not value human life! Any life lost due to senseless gang violence is UNACCEPTABLE!!!

        Where are the LAPD officers in Highland Park? If LAPD can pull resources $22,000 and escort a kingpin mafioso to a luncheon/dinner, LAPD can proactively protect and serve Highland Park. If LAPD can perform a manhunt for one of their own (Dorner) and spend a million, LAPD can PROTECT & SERVE Highland Park.

        Highland Park deserves better!!! This is our community! It doesn’t matter from what walk of life you come from – this is your home too!

    • Jim, aside from the weirdness of blaming organic tea drinkers for this shooting…. do you really believe that gang violence is about people “trying to survive”??

    • Latinos are just trying to survive while whites are worried about tea, that’s your take away from all these shootings. You don’t think much of yourself do you, otherwise you wouldn’t have such a defeatist, lay down and rollover accepting attitude towards the violence. That’s the real problem here – that the gang culture gets a pass because it is perceived by people like you as just being part of the color landscape and therefore no one should complain. Incredible. I’ll tell you what’s “fraught with folly” and that’s backwards thinking like this. And another thing, if the parents aren’t going to control their kids or lead by example then it’s the responsibility of the police to control them. We can’t have gangsters shooting up the place because you think it’s cute. Seriously, you’re probably the guy whose been tagging up my wall.

    • white hipsters strike again!

    • Surely you are not blaming gang on gang violence increase on the gentrification of Highland Park?!?!!!

    • Jim, your comment is so off-the-wall and ridiculous that I’m not sure if you are trying to be funny in a very weird way, or if you are serious and talking through deficient brains that have been fried by drugs. Either way, I feel sorry for you. Keep your head up!

  2. 3rdpartyobserver

    Hey Jim, just remember… if you’re going to stir the pot and take a snarky provocative stance on violent crime….. well, the next time something like this happens the blood will be on your hands too:


    • Such a sad, senseless act. I always think of her when I pass through that intersection. I believe the 16 year old shooter got life in prison. No doubt about it, shooting blindly into the street is a crime against humanity.

  3. This gang war is way above your heads either deal with it or move out because it’s only gonna get worse

    • No one’s going anywhere MM.

    • Mando is the “people’s champ.” LOL SMH.

    • “This gang war is way above your heads either deal with it or move out because it’s only gonna get worse”

      Wow, this comment is so agro and stupid that one might think you’re a real dumb putz, Mando.

      What about the gang war is above our heads? Is it the intellectual discourse that these goons discuss in their own private quiet reflective time that we’re missing out on? Generally there is a shout from a car window of “where you from,” followed by a barrage of bullets. It doesn’t sound like much more than a dumb inbred dogs territorial pissing contest. If that’s above our heads then I hope to never be on that intellectual level to bother understanding.

      You’re not scaring anyone Mando, and no one’s moving out. If anything, I’m encouraging more white people to move in to displace and squeeze out scumbags like you who don’t deserve to live in a civilized society.

    • Forget these clowns Mando. They will never understand the plight of our people! It’s just a matter of time before we get OUR neighborhoods back!

  4. Jim, gentrification is not the problem… it’s the solution.

    Lack of education (only 14.3% with 4 yr. degree and 15730 residents with less than HS), high levels of foreign born residents 45.1% (undocumented?), single parent households 21.1%, median age of 28 and 41.2% of never married men. On top of all that HLP is 72.4% latino and has one of the highest densities in the city.

    Many of these factors affect the earning potential and upward mobility of residents. I am not making a judgement on single parents or undocumented persons, simply that these things effect education, employment prospects etc.

    Stop pinning problems on gentrification and instead encourage people to take responsibility for their own destiny.



  5. The Eastsider comment page only verifies the rampant racist views of a large swath of the Latino community in Highland Park. My black friends do not feel comfortable walking down the streets at night. I get childish mad dog faces on the daily,and guess what? I find it hilarious.
    Sure you can blame “The Whites” ,lol , for gang violence. That makes as much sense as blaming gangs for high interest rates on mortgages.
    The fact is until the Latino Community starts taking responsibility for itself and the children entering gang age the problem will only get better through gentrification. AKA “the whites”
    Think thats a leap?
    Well maybe you should take a historical gander at the decrease in gang violence in Los Feliz, Silverlake, Echo Park. This view is not anecdotal , it is known amongst the LAPD and trust me they quite like not chasing Smokey through yards because he can’t get past the fact that there is a world beyond his own.
    When it comes down to it is very sad because it is Latinos killing Latinos, yet “the whites” are to blame.
    Until people with an infantile romanticism with gang culture can educate themselves and quit being victims they will realize the worst enemy is themselves.

    • Gentrification does nothing to dissuade young latino kids or any kids from joining gangs or rehabilitate those that are already involved in gangs. It only band-aids the problem in the communities of Highland Park, Echo Park etc. so you are effectively part of the gang problem. Maybe not in “your community” but in the communities that these people are displaced to. Instead, People should put their focuses on really rehabilitating and reintegrating these kids into our communities instead of kicking them out and thinking that they are creating solutions to bigger problems.

      • True for individuals but evicting gang members, forcing them to live in neighborhoods where they have no “standing” and forcing them to become commuting weekend warriors sure does do a lot to weaken the impact of those gangs on a neighborhood.

        Giving gang members a new neighborhood is giving them the opportunity to put their own lives together.

  6. But that may be too much to ask for. It seems that is the way Angelenos solve their problems. Skid rRw for example. Angelenos think, hmm Maybe if they are out of sight the problem wont “really” exist. But hey now that downtown is booming and expanding everyone wants to make a big deal out of the problem like it was never there to begin with. People need to learn from the mistakes of those before them not make the same ones.

  7. There were gangs and shootings long before white people started moving (back) into these neighborhoods.

  8. Ok…..roflmao

  9. People join gangs because they have no self-esteem and can’t think for themselves. It’s unfortunate that their awful choices in life can destroy the hard work of others.

    Keep the gentrification going (I don’t care what color it is), keep washing off the graffiti, gang-tags, etc. Keep active in the community. As residents of NELA we can’t give in to the violence and intimidation of a small group of cowards.

    This isn’t about race. It’s about history. The Hispanic and white community needs to come together to stop kids from joining these hateful, cowardly groups.

  10. 3rdpartyobserver

    It is shameful that the Eastsider, a *moderated* discussion board, posts comments from blatant trolls regarding violent crime. I would never allow myself to be intimidated by thugs, but I sure as hell won’t be visiting this website as much any more.

  11. I wish the LAPD would look at the big picture. A mandatory spaying and neutering of all gang members would really help cut back on future infestations.

  12. Eastsiders need to collectively petition the LAPD and representatives for change. Three shootings in three days is unacceptable

  13. Anyone else notice a lot more police on the streets today? At least in my part of the neighborhood there are.

  14. Not a word on the Northeast Los Angeles Alliance’s facebook page about the 3 recent shootings. For all the lip service about “community” you’d think these people would come together in defense of the community to protest gang violence. Boils down to what they really care about is cheap rent at all costs, fuck everyone else. They’re not going to protest gang violence or other issues that really decay a community like littering, graffiti and illegal dumping, because all this ghetto shit keeps their rents cheap and that’s all that matters to them.

    • You can’t play the victim if you take ownership of your actions or failure to act. That’s why gentrification is used as the scapegoat. Most of the gang-bangers don’t keep up on current events and could probably give two sh#!s about gentrification. It’s about quien es mas macho. Only an ignorant soul would think that an increase in crime is a good thing and will keep the “gringos” out. That is just pitiful.

  15. While all of you are fighting of why this is… No one is taking a stance to help solve the problem. Instead of trying to change people and their ignorant mind set…try to make the weaker people stronger.

  16. Thats why i moved out of that sh#t-hole , Glendale is more expensive but u get what pay for in this city.

  17. In order to understand this gang feud, you need to understand the history. Its like why whites hate blacks, and Mexicans hate Salvadoreans. There’s just too much hatred there stemming generations. These gangs have existed there since way back when whites were the majority. The Highland Park gang was started by white men. And both gangs still have a strong number of white members in their gangs. So do you see the pattern? This will never end. Just like skinheads attacking blacks, or Mexicans raping Salvadoreans in Mexican prisons. It’ll just continue. Life goes on. In due time these gangmembers will all be in prison and the next generation will one day start a new feud. All I can say is, thats life in the Barrio.

    • Whites “hate” blacks? Dude what century are you from?

      • You obviously haven’t read the Ferguson report. Not a profile of harmony and enduring affection between the races. In a recent rant about Giuliani’s gentrification of her once-beloved NYC, Fran Lebowitz said, “While Giuliani was mayor an unarmed black man was being shot in the back of the head every five minutes but during that same time not a single unarmed white person was shot”. The fear of black men based on deep prejudice endures in this country.

        • Do you even know who Fran Lebowitz is or the fact she was speaking hyperbolically? Especially considering how approximately 100 people TOTAL in the country are killed by cops each year. This includes ALL races, justified or not, and behind the head or not.

          It’s useless to point out that there are two Proper Dos posters since both are equally inane.

    • The Mexican v. Salvadoran (not “salvadorean”) feud ended in the 90s. There has been so much intermarriage and other types of blending between the groups that it simply dissipated among law-abiding members of both groups and formally allied within the thug sub-demographic, e.g., “13” is the unifying symbol between both.

      • ^^^^ Impostor troll above! Dude. Give it a rest!

        Could the moderators of this site do some moderating? PLEASE!!

        • Yeah, I’m sure the real Proper Douche would know how to do basic math. A black man shot every 5 minutes? That would be something like 840,000 dead black men. I’m pretty sure we woulda heard bout that.

          • I explicitly cited it as a direct quote from Fran Lebowitz on the Bill Maher show. Reading comprehension is definitely not your strength is it [email protected]?The central point remains: not a single unarmed white person was shot and killed by police officers during Giuliani’s Disneyland initiative to “clean up” NYC. That’s your cue to spout some bigoted rationale that “it must be because no unarmed white people were up to no good” (lol). Yeh-Right. Dream on [email protected]

          • Martin Arredondo

            More words of wisdom from the dumbest educated Chicano

          • Martin Arredondo

            More words of wisdom from the dumbest educated Chicano

          • Sounds like somebody is a little upset! Name calling? Oh Proper douchey I thought you were so “respected” on this site HAHAHA!

        • because it doesn’t bother, you…not one bit!

          • The Proper Doses have started acting independently of one another. It’s like invasion of the barrio snatchers!!

  18. Rename the Avenues.
    Change Ave 43 to Lummis St
    Ave 64 to Frida Kahlo Ave

  19. Sic Transit Gloria

    Where is Councilman Cedillo in all this?

  20. three stories about the crappiest Ralph’s in LA closing, but zero updates on a shooting? c’mon.

    • The man who was shot was a transient who was yelling and harassing people on York. Not exactly the gang on hipster violence many here would like us to believe happened.

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