Construction to begin on new Temple Street apartment building

Construction starting on new Echo Park apartment building |Photo by Jennifer Deines

Construction starting on new Echo Park apartment building |Photo by Jennifer Deines

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ECHO PARK — The big hole in the ground at  Temple Street and Union Avenue is getting filled up soon as preparations begin to build a four-story apartment building.

Passersby have noticed the arrival of heavy construction equipment on the triangular site, where a large pit dotted with concrete columns and rusting rebar mark the site of a failed condo development that has sat dormant for many years. Now, an affiliate of the real estate firm Bond Companies has pulled permits  to build a 69-unit apartment building. The firm paid more than $4 million for the approximately 27,000-square-foot site, according to property records.

The apartment building is one of at least three large residential projects that are planned or are under construction on Temple Street in Echo Park and Filipinotown. Construction is now under way on a  49-unit apartment complex  on Temple between Belmont and Glendale Boulevard, and, a few blocks west, the home of the Derby Dolls roller derby team is also slated for the development. The large amount of new housing  has raised concern among nearby residents about increased congestion and loss of street parking.

In addition to 69 apartments, the Union Avenue project will also have a small amount of ground-floor commercial space, two levels of parking and a rooftop terrace. The Eastsider has contacted Bond Companies to get more details.

Rendering of 69-unit apartment complex at Temple and Union/PSL Architects


  1. So glad to see the hole being filled, not. More peeps, more cars for the already packed central city….great.

    • Most of the neighborhoods just outside downtown – East Hollywood, Silverlake, Los Feliz, on and on – have seen population declines in the past 15 years. So, what’s your beef about adding a few back into the mix?

      You don’t believe me? Welcome to the party, but the census data doesn’t lie. What IS changing is that the people now inhabiting these neighborhoods tend to be of better means, which also means they’re more likely to own and use cars for their various errands – and THAT’s why you think there are more people, even when there aren’t.

      If you really cared about trying to make the city better, try getting more basic needs met within walking distance of people, so that they didn’t have to hop in their cars every time they needed a cup a joe or a sammich.

  2. ..something no one will remember…

  3. I remember Taylor’s, and LAifer, if you are a genuine born-and-raised in Central City type, you will well remember how rush hour was an hour. It isn’t anymore, despite what you and data claims. Fact of life is now we are spending more time in traffic than ever.

    Go ahead, make my day, not, cite some more phony facts.

  4. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    More density brings more commercial. More commercial brings more amenities closer to you. More amenities brought closer to you means WALK BABY WALK! Now, if all of these new developments could be built without parking!!

    • lol; more ‘future’ gang bangers; look at any city that has a gang issue; there are too many multi family units; if you want to save E LA, promote home ownership.

      • That does not look like gang housing. Also, you know what is full of multi-family buildings? New York’s upper east side. And Manhattan in general. Is that a big ‘gang’ neighborhood?
        Your argument is really bizarre.

  5. Hate “congestion” (too many cars)? Then get rid of yours. Easy.

  6. Get rid of your car. I live in Silver Lake and don’t own a car. If you’re sick of sitting in traffic – then park your wheels and take a bus or a train!

  7. don’t know about all your claims of the past or present , but it’s true the Reservation i call Home “Los Angeles” is overwhelmingly congeted with usurping hipster consumer colonial trustfund millenials and ideals of change and superfiscial progress.
    it really saddens me to see the grand scale flight of generational Angelenos due to overcrowding and the highrise in affordable housing due to the lack of loyalty to Genuine residents and the importance of their comfort needs and vocal support of all culture and classes as always has been .
    Afordable housing ,Education, minimum wages to sustain on, affor!dable Health care , clean,safe reliable public
    transportation , timely and comminity Fire and police support and protection ,…to voice a few things that are necessary on the Reservation of Authentic Natives of Los Angeles…
    Not more shi shi hipster faux eateties or Kitchy Bars or micro social transparent watering holes…no parking traffic congestion and unspoken passive racisim is all that the new Media cell phone internet mindless whining plastic millinials have brought to this once Votex of Spiritual Glorious paradise once shared by indigenous tribes from far north to just past the borders of the Southern Brothers and Shamanic Sisters…it was a rite of passage for the tahumara to experience.
    now it’s ….almost forgotten……one day take a day search on foot to where they passed and leave your phones off .
    pack your meal and say hello and recreate the peace and beauty that the Natives once shared.
    No Worries and become one of the Angeles who sing in the wind shine down as warmth in your hearts and just live.
    Peace and Welcome

  8. Yeah but will any of this be reasonably priced for I don’t know, the predominantly Latino community already residing here with established roots? No, no it’s not. Just another cog in the gentrification wheel. Enjoy your precious artisan coffee, because displacing an entire community is totally worth it.

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