Derby Dolls put down a new track in El Sereno

El SERENO – After announcing their move to a new home in El Sereno from Echo Park, the L.A. Derby Dolls and friends of the all-female roller derby league faced the daunting task of dismantling, transporting and then reassembling the Doll’s banked track. A time-lapsed video shows how the track was reassembled in El Sereno. It takes six to ten people to lift and carry each wooden section of the track, according to a post on Do It Yourself.

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  1. So are all of you anti-gentrification folks OK with this? Any complaints to hurl? No? Is it just because this sounds fun, and something you’d all like to go to? Just checking.

    • Tony the Main Spoon

      You have so many questions that have nothing to do with such a fun and informative post on the local Derby Dolls. This post is the proof of the hard work they made to continue with their fun performance ART, yes I said it, ART. My only complaint is your crappy words. So, you disserve an “Ahhshutup!” For being an instigating butt head. I encourage you to check out one of the Derby Doll shows, those women have a whole lot of heart. Of course you won’t though since you will be at home watching reruns of the “Andy Griffith Show” on Saturday nights. This is awesome for El Sereno, check.

      • Hey Tony, I am happy you have more to say than “Ah, shut up”. You really have evolved….

        Yes, I have been to two derby Dolls shows when it was on Temple or Beverly, east of Alvarado (I get those two streets confused). I have one friend who skates for them. Yeah, me the republican asshole missing any sense of humor. But, I AM happy you are ok with this kind of re-integration/gentrification. El Sereno, here we come (me and my friends). We can hang out, you and me, right? Fun? No? I think yes. Let me know. It would be interesting.

        • Tony the Main Spoon

          Hello SM. You, of thee oh so deserving “ahhshuuttup”-FINGER following your “What is art?” questions to the Eastsider readers. I have one too many friends that watch FOX News every day to talk about the good old Clinton years and contrast with the next pres’s mess ups but yeah I am down for it. See you at the next derby doll show in ES. Introduce me to your Doll friend. I’ll be wearing a Clipper hat. And, it’s not necessary to bring your gang though. Sooner than later. How about, you and I meet at the Sycamore Band Shell, I’ll bring a four square ball and let’s get a game of dodgeball on. Can wen agree on a date and time, invite only
          Eastsider knuckleheads, liberals, gentrified, conservatives, and let’s have some fun. This would be very Derby Doll like. Taking out aggression, call it art. No more hiding.

          • Ha! You guys are cracking me up. Glad you can have a little fun with each other. I am curious what would happen if this were happening in say, Cypress Park instead of El Sereno. Would there be a groundswell of anti-gentrification people saying this type of development will push out 30-yr renters? Good on the dolls for stepping into El Sereno.

          • Dodgeball, Tony? Sounds fun but no thank you. I’d love it if a local bar would hold a debate night though. But not at Akbar, ok? Anywhere with effective security. I’m civil. Many aren’t.

  2. I’m glad something positive is coming to El Sereno. Can’t wait to check em out this Saturday!

  3. Sounds awesome. Anyone know if it’s ku to bring a 3 year old?

  4. Yek! why there ? crime ridden area .

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