Dodger fans roll with new parking restrictions

Dodger fans roll BBQ down Stadium Way to Elysian Park. | Mary-Austin Klein

Dodger fans roll BBQ down Stadium Way to Elysian Park. | Mary-Austin Klein

The new parking restrictions imposed in time for today’s Dodger season opener did not deter this hardy group of Dodger fans (pictured above), who rolled their grill-on-wheels down Stadium Way in the direction of Elysian Park shortly after 7 a.m.

Only police cars were parked in the No Parking zone on Avenue of the Palms

Only police cars were parked in the No Parking zone on Avenue of the Palms

dodgers and cooler

Dodger fans carry ice chest on Stadium Way for pre-game picnics and tailgate parites



  1. Holy cow, this is the best it has been, from what I saw this morning as I went to my car to go to work. A little trolling on my street (Academy Rd), didn’t reek of near violence and intimidation as in past years (last year one car actually hit a CD13 employee, then the driver got out and tried to intimidate…scary jackass “fans”). There were porta-potties on the paved fire road at the top of Academy and I actually saw a fan walk to them with his red cup and go in.

    As I was thanking the cops at the top of Academy a woman from Park drove up and told them that fans were parking up there, peeing and pooping (leaving used toilet paper) in the bushes. Ugh, disgusting, just disgusting low life behavior.

    Now if we could get parking permits for no overnight parking in the local neighborhoods approved SOONER rather than later, it would be fantastic. The fans are going to park on the neighboring streets in order to avoid the jacked up $20.00 parking fee. Per the Dodger reps themselves, last year less than 1/3 of their fans actually did the prepaid parking (the vast majority of the 1/3 # was made up of season ticket holders). As I pointed out to the Dodger reps, clearly their fans aren’t sophisticated enough to prepay parking via the internet (as noted from last year’s dismal less than 1/3 of fans prepaying parking), thus screwing those of us in the neighborhood who are land-locked have no other place to park than the streets. CD 13 & LAPD, please, please, please make this happen sooner rather than later!

    • Lol ! You moved here right next to a 56,000 person capacity Baseball Stadium in plain view, and now you want the city to some how appease you ?
      The nerve.

      Stop whining , there are bigger issues in this city/state then your precious parking.
      Lets see affordable housing, homelessness, a drought?

      • Ploomsie, calm down and take a walk in other people’s shoes. Many of us have lived here on walk streets and stair streets and have lived here for 20 – 30+ years. During that time we’ve lived through the ownership of several owners. The O’Malleys really were good neighbors to those of us who live close to the stadium (I know there are neighbors on other streets who will disagree, but this is my frame of reference). The Fox Entertainment group kept the status quo, but when McCourt came in, it all blew up into the neighborhood streets around the stadium and has progressively gotten worse. I deeply appreciate that CD13 and the LAPD have taken this seriously.

        So, before you start your bad-mouthing and finger pointing, take a walk in our shoes. Your red herrings in the last sentence were a nice touch, but I’m not taking the bait.

        • Bad mouth and finger pointing?
          Im sorry , our 3 generation of non gang member family have lived worked and owned houses and businesses went to the schools here since 1950.
          And your point is ?

          • Not the prior poster but your tone wasn’t really necessary. Not sure what YOUR point is. It’s great we all get to share this community. I’ve only been here 6 years but appreciate the moves the city is taking to help out local residents, and local businesses, alike.

          • Gosh, Ploomsie, considering that you and your family have attended schools in the area since 1950, I’m surprised that you haven’t yet mastered the use of (in the order of the errors you’ve committed) apostrophes, plural nouns, hyphens, commas, or conjunctions.

        • Dodger Stadium is in Council District 1 nowadays, is it not? I think that might the problem. Gil Cedillo has had some competency issues.

      • Ok, stick a fork in it, you win, by all means, you win. I hope that makes you feel better.

        • Dodger win! Listen up neighbors. Fans will be fans of the game they love. Deal with it. Tailgating ARE the best times. James: Ahhhshutup. Typing on our smart phones don’t actually help us communicate like scholars, hater.

          • Thank you !

            Plus, Its a thread on a blog not a rendition of war and peace. ( not capitalized on purpose)

            Oh yes, and “gosh” is such a masterful use of the english language.
            Bravo Private Pyle (pun intended)

          • Tony the Main Spoon: I think you meant to write, “Typing on our smart phones doesn’t actually help us …” It’s called subject-verb agreement, Mr. Spoon, and smartphones don’t make it any more difficult to write correctly. Say what you will about me, but one thing’s certain: My grammatical skills are as sharp as a knife, and your skills are as dull as the utensil in your screen name.

    • Thanks for the report…sounds promising. Hope the Police followed up on Park.

    • hopalong chastity

      $19.19 is the cost of a new Luggable Loo. Then all you need is a box of Double Dooty loo liners with BioGel. After that, the world is your oyster because you will be good to go just about anywhere.

    • who made you the decider of what is sophistication. because your a little kook that hides behind a monitor and can order something online, instead of be in the present and live life closer to what is natural – your sophisticated?? THATS A JOKE quite the reverse.

      Oh and your little poo story is just that – a bunch of BS. Hmmm lets see you are either a new transplant for 6-8 years from NYC or SF? Which one?

  2. I haven’t been following this… so maybe someone with more insight can chime in.

    But if people want to tailgate before the game, why don’t they just allow for it in the stadium parking lots, like football? Seems like it’d be much easier for the police to keep on eye on the situation, and try to discourage public urination, drugs, fights, etc.

    • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

      Because the Dodgers want fans to pay for every drop they drink and morsel of food that enters their mouths. It’s all about the $$$$.

      Maybe fans should start a petition to allow tailgating in the Dodger parking lot like the vast majority of stadiums do.

      • chinatown monastery

        The problem is that Guggenheim Partners and McCourt (yeah don’t fool yourselves that he’s out of the picture) want to shift the legal liability for violence and dui’s to the city and keep as much of it out of their property as possible.

        It’s ok if someone gets their brains knocked out – as long as it’s not on their lots. Let LAPD and the taxpayers handle it so that the money boys can laugh all the way to the bank.

        • Deeply skeptical and inconvenienced

          Yep, you’re absolutely right, that’s part of the picture, too.

        • I remember reading that McCourt still owns the parking lots, so if people want to send him a message, they should boycott the parking facilities altogether and take a taxi (or Uber or Lyft, or call in a favor from a friend) to the stadium.

  3. Well i’m assuming my old school “secret spot” near that old hospital place is gone now. $5 uber seems like a no-brainer if I ever feel the need to actually go to one of those games.

  4. Why does every comment turn into a pissing contest about who lived in this neighborhood the longest? no one cares. Get to your point.

    Parking sucks all over the city. I hate permit parking. If you want to have tons of parking and no noise move somewhere else.

    • i generally agree with you, i think moving near the stadium and being surprised this happens is a little crazy with regard to activity and noise.

      where i separate from that is people generally shitting all over your sidewalk because they didn’t think to tailgate near facilities. that’s just gross man.

    • …..because had it not been us who have “lived here the longest” fought a football stadium years ago , your 6 whole years as a resident here would be screwed with a 90,000 person capacity football stadium traffic as well.
      Makin’ things better, so you can enjoy the community.
      Thats the point.

      • I enjoy the neighborhood fine with sporting events going on or not. I think everyone needs to stop the whining. I have lived in echo park for 173 years so my opinion overpowers anyone else’s.

        Stop fighting for me I never asked you to.

        I would actually prefer they build the LAFC stadium up there also.

  5. i generally agree with you, i think moving near the stadium and being surprised this happens is a little crazy with regard to activity and noise.

    where i separate from that is people generally pooping all over your sidewalk because they didn’t think to tailgate near facilities. that’s just gross man.

    • I’ve got a weird feeling that the report of fans crapping on the sidewalk is about as accurate as the report of a gang enforced “curfew” in Mt Washington. Every Dodger season comes with ridiculous stories of outrageous behavior. Last year it was used condoms in someones yard (after every game!) and Dodger fans exposing themselves to schoolchildren. I’m sure some people got very drunk, very loud, littered, some trees may have been peed on, and that was the extent of it. 1 day out of 365…

  6. Great day at the ballpark! Got dropped-off in time to enjoy the “banda” before the game, stayed until the final out of a great Dodger win(!), and literally zipped from our parking spot to the bottom of Stadium Way in 15 mins(?!). An excellent spring day at the ballpark and big props to those true-blue fans who still managed to tail-gate in defiance of the self-proclaimed neighborhood “propriety monitors”.

    Go Blue!

  7. A huge thank you to CD 13 for all the planning and the implementation of the crackdown on the tailgating in Elysian Park and surrounding streets. Thank you for supplying port-a-potties as well. It made a HUGE difference. The impact on the surrounding community was minimal. Thank you for listening to our needs and actually tackling the job successfully!

  8. I don’t even like baseball that much, but I feel a little sad that Dodgers fans can’t have tailgating parties in the park. It seems that the Dodgers corporation are just out to make a quick buck with expensive parking at the stadium and no tailgating in the parking lot. They just want to to funnel you into the stadium to buy their expensive beer and snacks. Looks like other cities let fans party in the parking lot, why can’t Dodgers fans do the same? Most likely greed.

    • Question…If absolutely no alcohol was allowed at tailgating parties, how many pro-tailgating fans would still want to have them? Tailgating = Getting Drunk

  9. The situation was a little better this year. The Dodger’s should allow tailgating in their own parking lots, but as we saw at their meeting about opening day, that is something they won’t do because of liability. It’s fine if people want to enjoy themselves before the game but that is no reason that the rest of the neighborhood should have to deal with the consequences. If you would walk through Elysian Park this morning you could see the effects of these fans on the public park as there is trash everywhere. That’s not fair. And the reports of all this behavior, peeing, pooping, etc? You can try and deny that but if you live in an impacted area you would know that it is all true. Our street has tons of people parking here and doing all those things. Again, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived here, and moving into Echo Park, one shouldn’t have to accept these things. It doesn’t matter but I’ll mention it anyway since this always gets brought up, but I grew up and have lived my whole life here, in case this makes my point more valid to those who care.

    We can’t all just move somewhere else because we don’t like what’s going on. I like that the community is trying to get together to fight for what is right in our neighborhood. The Dodger’s don’t do anything for me so why should I have to deal with the rowdy, drunk, peeing, running into cars with reckless driving, and trash leaving fans? It was obvious at this meeting that it’s all about the $ and they have the upper hand.

    • It’s one day out of the entire year. You’re gonna be ok. Sorry about the trash. Poor thing…

      • The thing about this is that it is not one day out of the year. This article is about one day out of the year but the problem is actually the entire season, and your sarcasm is not appreciated. Too much hate and too many petty sentiments on this blog. This is part of why it’s so hard to get things done in this neighborhood. Unfortunately this is the norm.

        • No, it is not the entire season. You know this. Thousands of people do not take a day off of work and tailgate all day in Elysian Park for every single Dodger game. Come on. Like you, I was raised in Echo Park and we both know you’re exaggerating here. Opening Day is Opening Day. The rest of the season is how it’s always been.

  10. The reset of the season may be how it’s always been over where you live, whatever that means for you, however the entire season we have people parking over here on our street, drinking, hitting cars, leaving trash, peeing, defecating, yelling, fighting, and generally disrespecting the neighborhood. There may not be thousands of people taking the day off for that, but our street is full of these people. We can go back and forth about it endlessly, however you don’t know how it is on my street which is close to Dodger stadium. If you asked anyone on this street they would agree with me on this. Many of our neighbors have been trying to do something about it. You are going to have your opinion, which you are entitled to, but you do not have any idea what the reality is over here on our street.

    • And what street would that be? I’m going to the game tonight and tomorrow and would love to take some pictures before and after the game. If it’s the nightmare you claim it is I will take those pictures straight to Dodger Stadium with me and point them out to a few people I know over there. Swear to God, if I see Dodger fans peeing, defectating, etc I’ll hold up my phone and tell them I’m calling the police. You’re right. I have no idea what the situation is on your specific street. I only know what I’ve seen in my 30+ years of living in Echo Park/attending Dodger games. I’d like to find out.

      • Go to Academy Rd between Morton Ave and Stadium Way. Off to the side there people use the bathroom and leave diapers during these games. Make sure to get a selfie of you holding up diaper full of crap.

        • You mean to tell me that a bathroom in an LA city park is gross!?!?!? Oh no! Someone alert the Dodgers!!!

          Seriously though. Someone, anyone, give me a side street (with houses, where people actually live, not a public freaking park) where I can find these Mad Max conditions before and after a game. I really would like to see this with my own eyes.

          • When I said “use the bathroom” I meant urinating and defecating smart ass. Yes, there is a bathroom about 100 yards away, but apparently that’s too far of a walk and that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the other side of the road where it’s just some trees and bushes. I run in the park every day, so to me this is just as important as someone’s personal driveway. Personally, I haven’t had any problems around my apartment. To see how devasted the park is after these Dodgers games is enough for me to justify an effort by the city to keep things under control. If the condition of the park left by the tailgaters is not a problem to you, I imagine the inside of your house looks like an episode of Hoarders.

          • It’s a PUBLIC Park(?) that YOU have No Right to declare private. Really. Get a grip, already or doN’T choose to live next door to a baseball stadium like the rest of us who areN’T pissin and moanin about one day of the year.

          • Hey now. I agree with you there. The way these people treat the park on Opening Day IS shameful. I would like to think that an army of LAPD would have enforced littering laws, but I guess not. That crap happens when people have big birthday parties and car club shows too. But those aren’t getting banned anytime soon are they? I’ll agree that I’m a smart ass too. I honestly thought you were referring to that bathroom that has been nasty since I was a little kid. Living near Dodger Stadium is a pain in the ass, but im sick to death of the hyperbole. Fans exposing themselves to schoolchildren? Taking dumps on the sidewalk? Used condoms in people’s front yards after every game? Please! Nah, I keep my house nice and clean, and would freak the hell out if someone did that on my street. That being said, the worst I’ve ever personally seen is people taking a piss in the bushes in Elysian Park and that (and much worse!) happens year round. I honestly, truly want to see a residential street where these things are happening out in the open like some folks are describing.

          • If you see people pissing and want to take a picture, it may be better to use something higher quality then an iphone so you can get some better clarity. If you are taking an iphone picture you have to get kind of close to see what’s going on and by that time the person would probably have put all their junk away. I’ve wanted to take pictures with my proper long lens of this stuff but I don’t want people to see me with my camera since they know where I live. And I’d have to get outside of my property because I have fences, so they would definitely see me. Trust me, I’ve thought about it a lot, that is how much it is going on. These people did this to my parents’ (who are seniors) homes. How would you feel about that? Have some compassion.

            This may not bother people who don’t live with it throughout the season but it does bother other people who live around this specific area. At the dodger parking meeting it was obviously a problem to many people. Maybe try to attend the next meeting, WITH AN OPEN MIND, and hear firsthand some of the stories. Perhaps try to be more accepting of other’s experiences that may be different then your own.

          • No thanks. Can you please just tell me specifically where I can see this pre/post game chaos for myself?

          • @Proper Dos. Where in my statement did I claim the park was my private property? NOWHERE. All I said was that I run in the park frequently and I don’t want to see it trashed, which I think most of us can agree on. @Cerrogordo, I agree with you that this isn’t just Dodgers games, it’s all year whenever theres large gatherings in the park. Hey, I like tailgating..I don’t want it to be banned… all I’m wanting is for people to pick up their trash and possibly not piss on things. Which I think the city also has a duty to install porta-pottys and hire some workers to walk through the park and pick up trash.

          • “Which I think the city also has a duty to install porta-pottys and hire some workers to walk through the park and pick up trash”. Agreed and the latter has already been done. The trash is usually gone by the next afternoon. The first should be common sense on opening day in a park next door to a baseball stadium.

          • Cerragado…Most people would be hesitant to put their home address and/or street on this public forum, particularly due to the angry tone of many of the people who post here.

          • Who is asking for a home address? I just want a street where I can find the pre/post game chaos that all these “concerned neighbors” swear happen for every home game. I keep being told that I don’t know what it’s like on these streets surrounding the stadium (I do, actually). OK, so let me see for myself. I’m sure you get folks taking up parking. I’m sure that there’s traffic (especially on Academy Rd). I would expect that living next to the largest baseball stadium in the world. I want to see the defecating on the sidewalk, the threatening of locals, the constant fights, etc etc etc. And I’m not talking about Opening Day either. I’m talking about Tuesday night vs the Marlins or Reds. I’m talking about the vast majority of home night games. I know I won’t see any of this and the people I’m disagreeing with know it too. They’re exaggerating and overstating the logical natural issues that come with living right next door to Dodger Stadium and they’ve been doing it for years. Reminds me of the people up Beachwood Canyon crying about tourists driving down their street to see the massive tourist attraction they moved right next door to.

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