How to report helicopter noise; Silver Lake fetish fair in review; Lincoln Heights’ presidential connection

MOrning Report

  • L.A. County residents can now report and track noisy helicopters as part of an F.A.A. program. KPCC
  • How the neighborhood once known as East Los Angeles became Lincoln Heights. KPCC
  • What you missed at the Silver Lake leather and fetish fair. L.A. Weekly

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  1. Considering that the area of town east of Vermont, and west of City Hall (erroneously known as “the Eastside”) is becoming more family oriented, I think TheEastsider.com should have used a little decorum and skipped the link to the Fetish Fair pictures. Few would want to see those pictures. Frankly, I don’t know anyone who enjoys seeing middle aged and old men in cliched leather outfits, proclaiming and sometimes or mostly(?) posing that they’re into some unusual lifestyle. Anyone can buy a piece of leather and go into the public and act like silly, immature boys. This town gets more fake every year. Enough. Instead, we should all encourage this sea-change of families moving back in.

    • Anyone who sees a link for a “fetish fair” would know they’ll get fetish pics if they go to it.
      It happened on the Eastside; why not report about it?
      And the gays and teh leather bars and such are what the neighborhood used to be – that is a part of the older Silver Lake. It’s not ‘fake.’ Your desire to sanitize everything is what seems fake.
      And people with kids can have fetishes too. Go to Indiana if this (pretty mild stuff) is all too shocking for you.

      • No, it’s OK. I moved to Central L.A. (Echo Park) from the Valley a few years ago. I’m not moving away because I like the trend. I think a reversal of white-flight, and an otherwise infusion of career-oriented, upwardly mobile couples and singles (of any race – there are so many mixed race couples around that it barely gets noticed, and it has become the norm.) into the area is healthy. Don’t you? To us open minded people, we call it “reintegration.”

        I’m not trying to pick a fight with you, but why are you people calling Silver Lake and Echo Park the “eastside”? What are you calling Boyle Heights, and those other areas east of Main Street, or at least east of the river? I have asked this question several times but no one has an answer. If you do answer, please tell me what you call those east of the river. Thank you!

  2. Looks like the malicious towards the public FAA got its way and disconnected the phone number to report helicopters. >:|

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