Two injured in Highland Park shooting [updated]

Police closed Avenue 59 near Monte Vista Street

Police closed Avenue 59 near Monte Vista Street

HIGHLAND PARK — Police are investigating a shooting that left two persons wounded near Avenue 59 and Terrace Drive this afternoon. LAPD spokeswoman Rosario Herrera had no further details but said that police had requested a rescue ambulance following a shooting that was reported at about 4:30 p.m.

Update @ 6:54 p.m.:  The victims were described as a female Latina and male Latino in their 20s who were standing outside when they came under fire from a suspect who drove up in a silver vehicle, according to police.  Both victims are in stable condition. The shooter remains at large in what is believed to be a gang-related shooting.

Today’s shooting comes after a dozen previous shootings in the Highland Park area had left 9 people injured in recent weeks.


  1. Sic Transit Gloria

    That is a lot of shooting in a short span of time!

    Reminds me of my childhood in LA in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

    I wish I could set up some Bingo cards for the comment section on this story!

    Things people will say:

    “Gangs are cucarachas.”
    “We need more services.”
    “End the injuction!”
    “We need more injunctions!”
    “Everyone should be very scared and always hide in their homes now.”
    “Kick all poor or sad or angry people out of the neighborhood and/or summarily imprison and/or execute them.”
    “Mexican people are all bad.”
    “If rich white people hadn’t moved here and displaced poor people these things would never happen.”
    “Check your privilege.”
    “We need to demand action!”
    “We need to have a rally.”
    “We need to (insert things other people should do to make you feel better but which won’t really work)”
    “Let them kill each other.”
    “Gangs are bad and we should all keep saying that even though it hasn’t stopped any of this from happening not will it in the future.”
    “[Something off the wall and bigoted about Mexicans]”
    “I prefer white people as neighbors because none of them shoot each other – or at least not the ones moving in these days.”

    What did I leave out?

    • I love this gang violence. Priceless entertainment value reading a real life drama. Goon on goon crime is hilarious. The dude can’t even shoot strait!? Please guys keep it up! Let’s face it, if you have stooped to a level where you have justified getting into your car, driving over to some other goon’s house and shooting at them; your life is done. Worthless to society with exception to your hilarious entertainment value.

    • We need to RESPECT others,
      We need to WELCOME others.
      We need to CARE about others.
      We need to BETTER our community.
      We need to choose to make HP a SAFE place.

  2. Cue the usual suspects. Stay classy eastsider. I’m done.

      I’M HIT! IM HIT!

  3. These shootings are scary and troubling — and yes, reminds me of the 80s and 90s too. I would love to hear some good discussion about what is going on, and what people might do. But a lot of recent comments, like under “Highland Park talks about shootings and gang violence,” have been really annoying and not helpful. Nobody wants to be collateral damage in somebody else’s turf war.

    • Violence, gang or otherwise, is a symptom of underlying societal tension and stress. Highland Park’s youth face a future of limited employment opportunities and astronomical housing prices. Whites moving in and living it up. Showing off their new homes on Houzz and buying $5 vegan muffins. The cultural clash only creates more friction and more violence. I predict it gets much worse.

      • Why was my comment calling Jim’s comment racist deleted? As a white person who lives in this area, this racist representation and blame for murder is awful. I can’t believe I used to donate money to the Eastsider.

      • nope; when the neighborhood was on the skids there was plenty of gang violence too.
        This is not a war against gentrifiers. This is just a good old fashioned gang war. It’s been awhile, but there are two rival factions going at it.
        It’s about $$, but likely over controlling some part of the trade / defending turf.
        A drive by on a 20 yr old latino male isn’t about some 30 yr old yuppie buying a flipped house.

        • Yeah, this has more to do with things going on between various gangs than it does with who’s moving into the neighborhood.

        • fkgentrification

          No no no, it has nothing to do with money. Just old ass turf wars… hate since the 60’s doesn’t wash away from dirty hipsters

      • then why is all the crime gang related? as in gang members shooting at other gang members? Would you think they would be shooting vegans with beards?

      • latinos need to take education seriously; it’s only the way; no more ‘mijo’. For the girls, stop having kids when you are not ready. The community needs to look itself in the mirror.

        • You should take your own advice being the most notoriously ignorant and poorly-educated poster on the eastsider. Judging by your consistently uninformed posts, I sincerely doubt that you’ve earned an educational credential higher than a G.E.D.

  4. As a newly arrived land owner in the neighborhood, I demand these shootings stop.

    • Born and Raised HLP

      Adam, you’re funny.
      Jim, you’re just nutts because the gangs are attacking eachother NOT the new residents (who are not ALL white). If we saw the gangs attacking them “THEN” you have a point.

      • Haha, if the gangs were attacking new residents, esp. folks of european descent, the LAPD would shut it down real quick.

        • Sad but probably true.

          I still remember the 14 year old girl who was shot and killed on the corner of Ave 64 and York a few years back. Teenaged gang member aiming at guy in a car, but hits girl in other car.

      • I don’t mind if the bangers offed each other; I’m worried about the new latino, black, asian, and white family who have rediscovered Highland Park.

        • Since when is never left, always been here, and long-time resident the definition of “re-discovered”? You should finish middle school before attempting to post with the formally-educated posters around here. You’re seriously out of your depth, shorty.

          • provincialism:
            1) narrowness of mind, ignorance, or the like, considered as resulting from lack of exposure to cultural or intellectual activity.

            2) The condition of being provincial; lack of sophistication or perspective. Also called provinciality.

        • fkgentrification

          Rediscovered? Lol.. like Columbus discovered america. Whites always trying to get credit for someone else’s glory

          • you are so silly; it’s not an Anglo issue; middle class latino, asian, black and anglo families want to live there for a ton of reason; you can yearn for the brown on brown crimes days of 80s all you want; cholos and cholas not welcomed…

  5. All the gangs know is their lives and other gang members/gangs lives. They don’t even know what century it is much less giving a rat’s ass about some hueros moving into the neighborhood. Get a clue.

    • Get educated. This guy gets it:

      “Clashes and violence will only increase
      Gentrification increases violence in two ways, by ramping up police mistreatment of existing low-income residents of gentrifying areas, and by forcing class conflict to the breaking point. Luis Trujillo, an activist in Highland Park, told Takepart.com, “There’s a very literal violence with the policing that happens with gentrification for the sole purpose of keeping the neighborhoods consumable.” He pointed to such pro-gentrification law enforcement tools as gang injunctions. During anti-gentrification protests in Highland Park, eviction signs warned the high-end new owners to get out of the historically Latino area.

      Anti-“broken-windows” laws, part of a program called Safer Cities Initiative, have banned sleeping on Skid Row streets from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m., leading to conflicts because police now have more cause to harass street dwellers. Yet many gentrifiers don’t see police-on-homeless or police-on-gang member violence as violence. Recent acts of protest against gentrification signal future clashes that don’t involve the police at all. Developer Geoff Palmer’s high-rise downtown was torched, leading to a massive fire. Some saw the arson as an “architectural hate crime” against Palmer’s pricey vision of DTLA.

      So go ahead and move to the cool, artsy neighborhood and pay the high rent with that Christmas check from your parents. Go ahead and buy that $4 cup of coffee and splurge on that designer apron from the boutique that opened down the street. That’s what I do. Just don’t look in the mirror and say you believe in social justice.”

      From LAweekly

    • gang violence is related to the prohibition on drugs; gangs make money off of the drugs; make drugs legal, and gangs lose all of their power.

  6. This is nuts. Did a bunch of lowlifes just get released from prison?

    • Yes!

      Proposition 47 early releases are now on the streets and the are zero (or next to zero) resources for these poor bastards once they are set free. It will continue on like this for at least another 2 years until California can open up all the clinics, etc. we were promised with that ballot initiative.

  7. I don’t see gentrification as the root of all these shootings. You have to remember that gangs have always resided in highland park and what makes it difficult is how large these gangs are. What doesn’t help is that next year will be 10 years that marks the raid on Drew street. What does that mean more homies coming back to the neighborhood in droves. Hopefully they come back to high rents and are displaced but many have families that own property in northeast los angeles. White people have always lived in highland park a few hundred hipsters are not going to change the gang culture overnight its going to have to be collective movement amongst the community.

  8. actually a newcomer did get shot in the leg at ave 50 and York coming from out of Johhnys, This was confirmed by lapd at the emergency HHPNC meeting. That is why they had the meeting, but you cant get rid of gangs been around what 40 years you think they are going away in the next year, smh doubt it. Deal with it

    • “newcomer”. Can someone please explain the origins of this pervasive Latino provincalism?

      • Hey Mando- SMH LOL. “War” right? This is what you want, correct?

      • “. . . please explain the origins of this pervasive Latino provincalism?” Hollywood has made several movies on this American tradition. One was called “Gangs of New York”. You can also go back further to “Warriors” or the gang nostalgic “The Wanderers” or “Concrete Jungle”. Unfortunately, you won’t find any provincial “latinos” featured in these flicks. I hope that informs your typically prejudiced and UNinformed question, i.e., STUPID.

        • “Stupid” coming from the likes of you doesn’t carry much weight, el pequeno grande.
          Clearly you need a reminder.

          1) narrowness of mind, ignorance, or the like, considered as resulting from lack of exposure to cultural or intellectual activity.

          2) The condition of being provincial; lack of sophistication or perspective. Also called provinciality.

    • Mando Medina is back! smh… well if the gangs aren’t leaving then what’s all this complaining about displacement? jk. Regardless of who is getting shot, this is sad and hope LAPD is able to address this important issue.

  9. How sad for some to gloat and take comfort in this. Making the charge that this is the cause of gentrification simply glosses over the ugly chapter and characteristic of gang life. The sad reality is some who are gloating or making these insane remarks share the same ethnic make up of these victims of violence. Its such shame to see such behavior demonstrated. I find no comfort in what is going on and the reaction of some to sit back and trivialize the issues and the lives at stake. Our society has fallen into a deep pit of taking the side and attitude of thug mentality. Where is your moral compus? I wont hold my breath awaiting a substantive response.

  10. Medina it is obvious you hate white people. Guess what, we don’t care. ….in fact we obsess less about it than you do as evidence from your racially charged and offensive NELA twitter handle. You are a 30 year old with the revolutionary concepts of a high school art student. Something must of happened to you in your life to repeatedly attack “white” people and ” gentrifiers” here and in your twitter post. You have no justification to paint people with a broad brush. You have no idea of what anyone had endured to actually afford a house of their own let alone the renters who have moved to HP.
    Your outrage is so misplaced it’s sad right down from slogans derived from poorly sourced news articles to your lack of understanding of the 9 th district court ruling or prop 47. The outrage you are experiencing is your awakening to the fact that you live in a capitolistic society with a growing global economy that is shifting communities to change the world over, but keep playing the poor Latino victim that waxes poetic about gang culture and how no one understands, because we do, the sad part is you are not willing too.

    • Mando is a 30 year old man? By the way he writes his rants, I thought he was a 13 year old kid who hates gentrification.

    • You are joking right Citizenx? Mando has more justification to hate white people and “gentrifiers”! YOU are taking his and his family and friend’s homes and neighborhoods away! What more justification does one need? AND since the police only work for the likes of you and not us BROWN(?) people, we have to use different tactics.

      • Impostor above. My posts keep him up at night and pulling double-posting duty during the day. Obviously not the most educated or employed poster.

  11. #hipsterpropertymatters

  12. The victim game has got to stop. Especially when you stop to really see who are really the victims of these criminal acts. Self hate is a p[powerful thing. When you accept imoral and anti social behavior as a badge of honor on an entire race and culture you degrade yourself and everyone else’s. Accepting gang culture as a dfinition of latino culture only goes to take away from the rich history and plays into racially biased opinions which have been placed on you which you then accept and trap yourself and an entire class and race in. This same attitude holds for other cultural groups which have been described and characterized in a two demenssional way and dehumanized. Taken on those attitudes only condemns you and and those you supposedly support. Sadly I’ve seen this type of behavior before in my own family and community. Accepting the lowest common denominator to describe oneself relegates one to that level. Accepting anti social behavior to forward your cause relocates you and your cause to a status of shame and degardes it. Again I’m not sure if saying this will elisit anything of substance from you but it needs to be said and pointed out. This is one way to help combat the sickness which plagues many communities but sadly society and hollywood glamorizis and flames these anti social behavior and makes it acceptable. There is however one show I’ve resently watched which tackles some of these issues fully “American Crime” which paints a clear and focus picture of the true clomplexities of culture and class.

  13. I had the pleasure preview this show and meet the creators and casts of this series at a screening on Boyle Heights. It speaks to a larger issue and helps to show things beyond the headlines . It helps paint and accurate picture of the families caught in the cycle of violence and also calls int question our preconceived notion of each other. It also calls into question our difinitions and forces us to own up to our biases. Although the show focus is on one particular crime and subnative trial it elects to portray the complexities of each of the characters life and doesn’t relegate them cut out figures. Some of the comments and follow up to these recent shootings highlights our disconnect and failure to see each other. It also relegates us to argue from a self serving point which diminishes the complexities of human lives at stake and the notion that somehow these types of behavior is acceptable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IT21Lzh8ug

  14. As someone who lives in a much nicer, more serene and, frankly, valuable section of LA, let me just say that I find these articles highly entertaining.

    • As far as I can tell there are three main ingredients to the formula to social and systemic racism. 1. The failure to personalize 2. The refusal to personalize and 3. The inability to personalize the pain and suffering of others.

    • That’s a pretty smug attitude you got there. Where do you live? I wonder how long it will be more valuable. The winds are changing, my friend. As the cultural center of gravity in LA swings East, you might be surprised what happens to property values.

    • As long as we’re being frank: If you drip with arrogance instead of merely oozing it, you will get even more entertainment.

  15. When I read these Eastsider pieces (and comment threads) my missing LA moods immediately pass (I left for S Florida a year ago, plenty of problems here but, for one thing, people are so far less hung up on racial identity, and the resultant identity politics.) And I will add the real root ‘war’ at cause is the ‘drug war’, that is, gee, there sure wasn’t insane gangland violence in Chicago until Prohibition…exact same thing, different substances, players is all.

  16. Blah. Blah……..blah

  17. but I do find it funny that you call me racist when the new comers on York look at the latinos like the don’t belong and call them wetbacks…….yea im racist

    • So MM, you’re saying that people on York. Blvd. are openly using a racial slur, “wetback”, in public?

      “the new comers on York look at the latinos like the don’t belong and call them wetbacks”

      Are you serious? Have you witnessed this? I haven’t heard that term since the early 80s……..
      Back it up.

      • I have to agree with eastsideFarts. Not a single “newcomer” or long-time NELA resident has ever dared sling a racial slur in my direction, which is the entire point. All of their huffing-and puiffing goes on behind our backs. They lack the moral integrity or courage to expose themselves in public. After all, they k now it’s hate not some sort of moral high-ground that underlies their self-righteous opinions.

        • Who’s being racist? NELA Alliance, MM and others yes. Neighborhoods change, deal with it, embrace reality. Words like “newcomers” and “outsiders” are your stock in trade. Give up your Latino provincialism and then we can move forward.

        • the_avenues_call_me_guerito

          You’ve figured us out, Dos, so what’s the point in trying to deny it any longer?

          Anytime white people fail to speak disparagingly to non-whites they meet on the street, it is, without exception, only because they’ve found a “safer” outlet for their racial hatred. I can personally confirm that at every art-related public event within the city limits of LA there is always at least one whites-only gallery backroom where half the room dresses up in brown-, black-, or yellow-face and pretends to like loud urban music while the other half of the room, their ire now incited by the high levels of bass in the vicinity, grows pinker and pinker over a period of minutes as they spout the most obscenely vile racial epithets an English Literature PhD can think up. Afterwards, everyone washes off, politely shakes hands, and reenters the party a few at a time while loudly discussing how racist all white cops are.

          I could go on…… but I’ve already said too much.

  18. Got two women that told me that were called wetbacks on york blvd

    • So your statement, ““the new comers on York look at the latinos like the don’t belong and call them wetbacks”
      comes down to two women who told you they experienced this? What happened after that?

    • Right…

      Half the “newcomers” are racially-mixed couples and ethnically ambiguous, I just don’t buy the claims of overt racist comments being thrown around on York– what would be the motivation for calling anyone any names? If the hipsters are loving York and too cool for old-school HLP institutions, why would they take time out of their day to direct comments at hispanic people? The only plausible reason I can think of would be ignorant Oxy students from somewhere else making poorly thought out observations or jokes in poor taste.

      For what it’s worth, I have heard numerous comments and complaints in public made about “white people” and “hipsters” in Highland Park.

      • Right or wrong, for better or worse, “white” is interchangeable with wealthy and privileged and their disdain/contempt of the poor and working-class is sometimes apparent as is the lingering resentment in response Otherwise, I simply don’t buy claims of overt racial tension in NELA. I certainly haven’t experienced it. It’s a red-herring that only validates paranoia and insecurity that isn’t supported by the everyday facts, i.e., gentrification doesn’t happen in racist, violent, and/or crime-ridden barrios. It happens in neighborhoods where those factors are minimal or non-existent, e.g., NELA.

        • “Right or wrong, for better or worse, “white” is interchangeable with wealthy and privileged”

          You must have gotten back together with one of your old writers, the material is more hilarious than ever. Just so we know, which category do you fall into: poor, working class or both?

          • Thanks to smart and responsible choices, bolstered by good fortune, I’m solidly middle-class and a comfortably-established NELA homeowner and landlord. I have zero fear of displacement (or my neighbors) and only quality-of-life concerns, e.g., increased traffic congestion and various forms of pollution.That should keep you up at night . . . “neighbor”.

          • Can we speed up this thing where the Chinese take over? I’m tired of being called rich and privileged just because I am white.

            Do you realize how insulting and brainless that crap you are spewing is, Proper Douche? I as many of my white brethren did NOT come from any sort of privilege or money. We worked our asses off to get where we are and for what we have. For you to imply that we are just lucky [to be white] fully discredits all of our hard work.

            By the way if you think you were “held back” from any opportunity while the white people were “in power”? You have not dealt with the no nonsense- get- your- ass- to- work, ain’t- no- free- handouts- here attitude of the Chinese.

          • I sleep soundly Pompous Douche.

          • “I’m tired of being called rich and privileged just because I am white” WAAAHHH! Boo-hoo-hoo . . . Poor you. Boomer, what makes your hard-luck(?) story any different from that of a non-white’s struggle to achieve the same level of success? Nothing simultaneously funnier or more insulting than somebody complaining about the “white man’s burden”. Btw, I didn’t claim to subscribe to the prejudice although statistics and a roll call of our country’s leaders and 1% would support it. Also, if “Chinese” were such successful hard workers, why have they always lived among and alongside almost exclusively Mexican neighbors? The thing about stereotypes is that you can’t be selective. If you subscribe to “positive” one, you have to also accept the negative ones but you should already know that. After all, you belong to the group that made them up in the first place. I belong to the group compelled to rely on life-experience NOT a desperate need to validate paranoia, xenophobia, and insecurity.

          • “I sleep soundly [Mr. Dos]”. Not as soundly as before Ms. Farts.

          • So, what’s your point el pequeno grande?

        • The assumption is that the more affluent people must be white but taking a look at the couples moving in to start families, a growing number are mixed couples. I agree this could be more of a tension between different classes than race though there is no denying the two overlap. That said, there has been some tension between blacks and hispanics in the neighborhood in recent years.

          • Which has been a direct result of prison politics exacerbated by the less than hospitable welcome hispanic immigrants received when they decided to start businesses, buy homes, and raise their families next door to black neighbors. Something that no other L.A. demographic has ever done. No matter how cheap property prices have been and still are. So much for gentrification salvaging poor and/or crime-ridden ghettos or barrios. It’s only when these neighborhoods become safe and more prosperous that the wealthier dare transplant and invest, i.e., dispossess.

          • Pile of Dookie,

            Real estate is global; money is being recycled back into the US from Brazil, China, and countless other countries; as a result, the average family is being forced into the fringe areas such as Echo Park because they can’t compete with foreign money; they have no choice. When they come, some social norms such as leaving your mattress in front of the lawn is no longer acceptable.

    • Mando Medina, you are one of the worst offenders in creating tension within the neighborhood. You told your neighbors to make the “newcomers” feel unwanted. How on earth does that help anything? You are part of the problem.

      La Voz, smh, peter parker, NELA Movement. and whatever other nickname and catchphrase you have.

  19. I really don’t care what you people think, either deal with the gang war or move out stop complaining

    • We ARE dealing with it. 1) By buying all the housing 2) Opening up “culturally unwelcoming” places so you can feel more “insecure” in the neighborhood 3) popping some fresh popcorn to enjoy while watching the dumb goon gang members shoot (and hopefully kill) each other.

    • And Mando Medina you make that high school diploma go as far as it will take you! Keep piggy-backing off NELA Alliance, it helps your image to associate with them. Pretend that you are a catalyst of change when you’re just a hateful, uneducated wanna-be DJ.

        • Learn how to spell, it’s Salts (not saul).

          Hey Mando Medina, remember when you said York Park should have been turned into a parking lot? lol! You’re such a visionary.

          ps. Nice hipster frames you have, are they to blend in when you spy on the hipsters on York?

  20. Uh……..good luck with that

  21. M M you are either being purposly ignorant to goat people. As a person of color who moved here I find your comments and assessments to be for lack of a better work tacky. You can’t in good conscience really be that cynical. I have never incountered to heard anyone say or suggest anything which you have described and I have been here 13 years. I thing your unwillness to accept anyone who doesn’t look or sound like you to be the real source of your ignorant rants. I truly hope your just toying around because other wise yo sound like a shallow person. I suppose you think I don’t belong here either?

  22. so this is a quote from the HHPNC page. But im dividing the community and the new comers are not racist
    Kinga Dorosz They have a colonizer mindset of contributing to a better environment. ” This isn’t the best way to foster human relations. Hmmm… I am an immigrant and recently my family member was stopped asking why he is walking down the street near our home, then was told that he does not belong here and should leave. I belong in Highland Park as much as I belong anywhere else in L.A. There is a much bigger force at play here than families looking for affordable housing…”
    I am hearing more and more stories of these new comers telling us we don’t belong and calling us wetbacks

    • Mando Medina, you once said on facebook “I’ve been telling my Latino neighbors to make these new Comers not wanted until they get the point and move out.” Make no mistake, you ARE part of the problem. How far are you telling your neighbors to go? Passive-agressive tactics? Verbal and physical threats? You are not a peace-maker. You should be ashamed of yourself and your efforts to divide the community.

      • Spot on. Why can’t everyone work together to make a better community all across the board? Trying to fabricate racism stories about the neighborhood is harmful to you and everyone else Mando.

    • Mando- the person you quoted is “white.” She’s explaining that she’s been made to feel unwelcome in HLP and not the other way around.

      • Thank you Jim for clearing that up. I could point to my brief incounters 13 years ago when I moved hear where some made me feel unwelcomed but I can say it was fairly isolated incidents. I have had great relationships with our neighbors and find what MM is peddling is full of it. I find it troubling he feels it necessary to hype up this precieved tension to echo his own problems. Sadly I’ve see this played out in other communities which had traditionally made it difficult for people of color to settle in a neighborhood ;it doesn’t make any sense taking own the same attitude. I realy don’t care who’s perpetuating this sickness but it must be called out and rooted out. There is no place in a civil society for such attitude no matter your ethnic background. MM these types of attitude and behavior your fanning doesn’t do anyone any favors especially those you preport to support.

    • Martin Arredondo

      Your an immigrant? Sounds like your a transplant/invader.

    • Martin Arredondo

      Your an immigrant? Sounds like your a transplant/invader.

    • Martin Arredondo

      Sure all bs. You act like these white people moving in are a bunch of rednecks. Quite the opposite. Keep making up stories.

  23. If gentrification is creating a dynamic which is inflating the cost of living in Highland Park, including rising home costs, the loss of long standing cultural retail landmarks, over priced vegan muffins and expensive cups of coffee which then in short order heighten tensions between local gangs which were in North East Los Angeles since at least the 1940’s. If these gangs have managed to live in the area for decades peacefully, thriving as it were in a cultural Garden of Eden before the gentrification “invaders” set foot in the neighborhood, it logically follows that the only way to return this area to its roots, is to not only maintain the current population of gang members, but also encourage more gang members to move to the area. This could be accomplished by offering an innovative series of state and county sponsored incentives aimed at subsidizing cost of living increases for current residents of Highland Park who are gang members, and by offering tax breaks and relocation funds to gang members from other areas who are willing to relocate to the area. Secondly, graffiti removal is actually erasing the written history and thereby cultural record of important criminal organizations in the area. Not only should residents demand that the city stop all graffiti removal immediately, but concerned citizens should donate spray paint, markers etc. to local gangs so that we might support this important work as community. Finally, the most important element of any community is the maintenance and continuation of educational programs which enhance the living history of said community. For example, The Avenues are responsible for nearly 500 shootings in the immediate area since the late 1990’s, and still not a single community organizing meet and greet ? No pot luck ? Invite these guys into your vegan restaurants, your churches and your schools and let them tell their stories !

  24. Funny how dumb people think I’m a divider of the community, roflmao GTFOH

    • And the SMART know you are…

      • ZING! Nice one, Proper Dos!

        Been noticing Mando Medina’s hate and deliberate attempts at dividing community for a little over half a year now. I wonder what he did before he started to try to tear the community apart. I guess his DJ’ing at the American Legion didn’t work out or something.

        • Thank you Salts, it was actually me (impostor Dos). I couldn’t resist shutting down MM with a comment from a fellow goon. Seems to be much more effective than “one of us” doing it.

      • “And the SMART know you are…”

    • You are attempting to place strain on the potential growth of the local community, with your reactionary politics, that are conjecture based and provide zero data to back up any of your claims. You are also racist in your views against African Americans and Hispanics populations that descend from Central or South America.

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