Three injured in Silver Lake crash [updated @ 9:17 p.m.]

Photo by Craig Collins

Photo by Craig Collins

SILVER LAKE — The L.A. Fire Department reports that three persons needed medical treatment after a vehicle collision that took place at about 5 p.m. in in the 2500 block of Glendale Boulevard near Fletcher Drive. One person was trapped in the wreckage until he was extricated by firefighters.

The crash, which shut down Glendale Boulevard during the evening rush hour, left one person in critical condition, according to CBS2.

Photo by Craig Collins

Photo by Craig Collins

Photo by Craig Collins

Photo by Craig Collins


  1. Were they wearing helmets?

  2. That road diet sure is working. Not.

    • As Meadow Maven points out below, more equitable access for diverse means of transit (aka “road diet”) has not been provided in the section of Glendale Boulevard where this accident occurred. In a comment to a previous Eastsider article last year, I mentioned that this section of the road is currently set up in a way that is hazardous to cyclists and pedestrians alike, but given the news of this collision, it would have been more accurate to add car passengers as well:


      Hegemony is unhealthy, even for the hegemon. Let’s pull together to create a more equitable society that’s healthy and sustainable for all of us.

    • What road diet? This is up by the Ralphs, on a neighborhood street designed to function like a highway. Frankly, I ‘m surprised these kinds of accidents don’t happen more often.

  3. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    My name says it all.

  4. Traffic backs up north bound on Glendale Blvd. to fletcher dr. everyday and has been doing so for the past year. Their idiot bike lanes and so called “road diet” on Rowena ave. has been a failure and a nightmare for drivers for the past two years. Now you cant blame speed being the cause of this accident because I challenge you to do better than 2 MPH going northbound down Glendale Ave this time of day.It’s Just a bunch of frustrated drivers trying to get threw this lame intersection, getting stuck in the middle of the intersection creeping your way down to riverside drive to another over compacted signal that only serves to stop, delay and back up traffic. No one has bothered to time these signals and intersections to make them work as they should have been designed to start with. But no great rush is it’s just tax paying drivers getting screwed as usual.

    • “Now you cant blame speed being the cause of this accident because I challenge you to do better than 2 MPH going northbound down Glendale Ave this time of day.”

      i challenge you to flip an SUV at 2MPH.

      some amount of speed must have been involved, but anyway, nice try finding an excuse to go on the old, tired anti-bike lane rant.

    • Speed is absolutely the problem… I used to live around the corner and people routinely drive 40mph through here. It’s more or less designed like an extension of the freeway. Extending the road diet would be a huge safety and livability improvement, as it would slow everyone down to a more appropriate speed. There’s no legitimate reason why anyone needs to be traveling faster than 25mph through a residential/commercial district anyway.

    • the rowena road diet also creates traffic in the hills, and neighborhoods, where small animals and children play as people use shortcuts to get around it. and yes, frustration leads to speeding.

      • “frustration leads to speeding”

        We must not frustrate drivers or they may speed and be reckless. They are a force of nature, and people must work around their mood swings.

  5. Needless to say, the road diet on Rowena a half mile away had absolutely nothing to do with this crash, whatever its cause was. Nice try, but no cigar.

  6. Sassy from Silver Lake

    Blame Jackie Goldberg for her stupid plan to not continue the 2 freeway to downtown and let it spill out onto Glendale Blvd. Because she didn’t want the freeway to cut through the neighborhood. So now all the traffic from the 2 has to drive through the neighborhood causing all this mess. Thanks Jackie!

    • Thanks Jackie and David Roberti My home was saved!!

    • Riiiiiight, because routing freeways through neighborhoods does wonders for property values.

      • That freeway wasn’t going downtown anyway . It was going to cut across Hollywood to the West Side

      • Yes because the 210 freeway really ruined the property values in La Canada right?

        • Gimme a break!

          La Canada’s a sparsely populated suburb. There isn’t urban neighborhoods directly abutting the freeway, like when the highways were shoehorned through the heart of central LA neighborhoods.

          These neighborhoods experienced serious declines in property values overnight (boyle heights, echo park, etc.) Downtown alone was practically destroyed by the freeways, and still hasn’t fully recovered (an immeasurable drag on our local economy.)

          • Don’t forget the Elysian Valley. It lost nearly all of it’s commercial strip, it’s library and so many homes and built a freeway 300 feet from an elementary school.

            Anyone have an update on the folks involved in the crash? One in critical condition….

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