Daily Archives: May 5, 2015

Glassellland sign prepares for a comeback

GLASSELL PARK — The nomadic Glassellland sign, which has appeared and disappeared from several hillside locations in the wake of permit problems, may once again return to public view, this time in a city park. City park commissioners on Wednesday are scheduled to vote on a ...

Don’t bother looking for that $1,250-a-month Echo Park bungalow; Man sentenced in Silver Lake construction killing

Morning Report: To Good To Be True: That 2-bedroom, $1,250-a-month Echo Park bungalow that was mentioned in a New York Times story does not exist ... The man who used a hammer to kill a friend and coworker at a Silver Lake construction site was sentenced to 16 years in prison ... East L.A. high school students were eager to register to vote but will they cast their ballots?