Daily Archives: May 11, 2015

Seconds count when walking across Sunset Boulevard

SILVER LAKE -- Nina Sorkin was walking across Sunset Boulevard at Lucile Avenue when she found herself in the midst of traffic. The signal had turned red before Sorkin, who walks with a cane, could finish crossing the busy boulevard. “Since cars continue to go through the yellow and even the red light ... a pedestrian loses some of the precious time allocated to cross," she said. But Sorkin and other Silver Lake pedestrians might soon be getting a little bit more time to cross the road.

Cypress Park woman seeks relief from church bells; Silver Lake man selling paparazzi-proof apparel; Atwater small business owners upset about Mayor’s minimum wage hike; Eagle Rock house fire

MORNING REPORT: Cypress Park woman continues campaign against noisy church bells ... Silver Lake music producer has created a line of clothing for celebrities that he says will keep the paparazzi away ... Atwater Village small business owners are among those who say that Mayor Garcetti failed to consult mom-and-pop businesses about his plan to hike the minimum wage ... Fire damaged an Eagle Rock home on Sunday afternoon in the 5000 block of Argus Drive