Figueroa bar scene might gain a new player [updated]

A new bar is planned for the 5600 block of Figueroa

A new bar is planned for the 5600 block of Figueroa

Storefront ReportHIGHLAND PARK –  A new bar is in the works for the 5600 block of Figueroa Street in an area where several new businesses have opened and buildings are undergoing renovation.

A filing with the Planning Department says that a company called ETA Cocktail, LLC is seeking permission to sell a full line of alcoholic drinks as part of a new bar at 5628 N. Figueroa. However, the current tenant at that address, Mainline Skateshop, is not going anywhere, according to a person at the store. Instead, she said the bar is going next door in a vacant space at 5630 N. Figueroa.

The bar, which would be located in a 1920s brick storefront a few doors up from the Highland Theatre, would be pouring drinks from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday through Thursday; 5 pm to 2 am Friday & Saturday and 5 pm to 12 am on Sunday if the city grants the proper permits.

The new bar would open about a block north of the Greyhound Bar & Grill, which opened less than two years ago, and across the street from several storefronts that have been renovated and seeking new tenants.

Update: The team starting the new bar is the same group behind The Greyhound. The new place will be called ETA, “a small, intimate, cozy cocktail lounge,” said Mateo Glassman of The Greyhound.  ETA is still in the very early stages but the group plans to open the new bar in early 2016.


  1. Hey Eastsider,

    How about taking a poll so these developers and and investors can have a sampling of what the community actually needs, A bar? There’s Greyhound and La Cuevita. Another record shop after Mt Analog? Another coffee shop after Antigua, Tierra ,Starbucks, La Monarcha, Intelligentsia just to name a few? Another Pizza joint after Follerio’s, Maximiliano, Town Pizza?

    I’m all for new energy in the neighborhood, but let’s have a collective sense of proportion.

    How about a kick-ass Indian restaurant? Or Asian noodle Joint? I for one, can’t wait until the bowling alley opens in Mr T’s. I know, it will have a bar; I’m a hypocrite 🙂

  2. How about another nail salon, another party store, another dog groomer, another tax preparer (to sit closed for 358 days a year), another auto body shop, another another hair dresser?? There’s a lot of superfluous crappy businesses around here and unfortunately it’s up to the landlords who they choose to rent to.

  3. If a truly healthy restaurant with great food opened in HP, it would be a hit like Four cafe. Also, a bakery that sold fresh, healthy bread. That bread would SELL OUT. An Indian restaurant would be great! A healthy Pho place. Anything but another bar. Ugh.

  4. Great news! Can’t wait to see what this place is like. I love the greyhound and my only complaint is that the new place isn’t a wee bit closer to my part of the hood. How bout opening something near Ave 42 or Pasadena st? Plz & thx.

  5. There are no family places where the whole family can or want to go. There are fewer and fewer places that do not serve alcohol and/or that are reasonable priced.

    • Plenty of places that are “family oriented” in the valley and the inland Empire… Urban centers are becoming places for the young and childless.

    • What, like a TGI Fridays? There are a ton of little Mexican restaurants a family can go. Folioeros. Good girl dinette. nicer? Maximilianos. What the heck are you even asking for?

    • Coco’s! Fusion Burger, Burger King if you’re on a budget. El Huarache Azteca! Town Pizza, kids love pizza.

  6. Hope they add pinball machines.

  7. A cozy intimate lounge sounds great. The Greyhound group has experience in this type of business and they have proven their success. They also put the money behind their ideas. They refurbished the Greyhound building to its historical character and did a great job.. As well as reimagining the Hofbrau and opened La Cuevita and those are both successful. Yes to introducing an Indian restaurant. What other types of businesses would you all patronize?

  8. A small intimate cozy bar that serves quality wine and NO TV’s would be a plus to the neighborhood.

  9. I concur that a restaurant that serves healthy & delicious food would be a big hit in Highland Park.

  10. ETA? Just what the neighborhood needs – a bar dedicated to serving sangria to Basque separatists.


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