New 120-seat restaurant in the works for Sunset Junction

New restaurant would open next to The Black Cat

New restaurant would open next to The Black Cat

Storefront ReportSILVER LAKE — A former laundry next to The Black Cat will be turned into a new restaurant with a total of 120 indoor and outdoor seats if the city grants the necessary permits.

The space at 3903 Sunset Boulevard near Hyperion Avenue has been vacant for more than five years since the laundry, which occupied about half of the building, closed. Meanwhile, the remaining half of the building was renovated and serves as the home for The Black Cat, an upscale bar and restaurant named after a gay bar that once occupied the same location. The building, constructed in 1939, was declared a city landmark  because it was the scene of one of the nation’s first major gay rights demonstrations against police harassment of Black Cat patrons in the 1960s.

An online summary posted on the Planning Department’s website says the applicant, Mixed Company, LLC, wants city permits to sell beer and wine to be served at the restaurant. Beer and wine would also be sold to-go. The 2,700-square-foot restaurant will have a total of 60 seats indoors and 60 seats out.

The owners of The Black Cat had previously indicated they were trying to open a new restaurant next door but it’s not clear if they are involved at this time.


  1. Oh good. I am sure the new owners will focus on meeting the needs of this changing community. Lots of people who now live in SL and EP are young families with kids. They didn’t have many places to go in their own neighborhood until recently. And when the tattoo craze finally meets its end, there will be more opportunities for families to go because the tattoo shops will have gone out of business, leaving those retail spaces for better use.

    • What!!! Doesn’t Diablo the Taco Fabricator satisfy the void you speak of already?

    • What the hell are you talking about?

      • Well Srslynw, to answer your question directly, I think I speak for a lot of people who have really grown tired of the rocker/biker/burlesque/druggie/tatted type hanging around SL and EP. Their time has come and gone.

        • Yes we must graduate to the turned up collars, 15 dollar avocado toast , bermuda (preferably red) shorts with Sperry shoes, 300 handbag stores , exuberant rents, air b and b , greed , 15 dollar “craft ” cocktails , no eye contact etc… We can call it Little West Side to suit your exquisite taste , and you could feel more comfort to soothe your esoteric needs Steve.

          • I live in Silver Lake and have for the past 15 years. Although I do own a pair of shoes by Sperry (not your typical docksiders), I back you 100% Checkis! Also, love the “no eye contact” jab although I think that is pretty much all of LA.

    • You really would feel more at home in a place like Irvine

      • Lol right, I have no idea why such a stiff would want to live in Silver Lake. I have to say he livens up the board though. Hes like our honorary grumpy gramps yelling to get of his lawn.

        • Pretty funny Mike. At least you have a sense of humor, even though you’re more wrong than right. The two aren’t incompatible, I hope you would agree. But my point was and always will be that just because I am not a rocker/biker/burlesque/druggie/tatted type doesn’t mean I’m a stiff. I have Stiff label records though.

          My other point is that the rocker/biker/burlesque/druggie/tatted types don’t have a corner on the neighborhood. SL and EP are more diverse than ever, with the inclusion of a higher number of traditional families. It’s a slow process of re-integration, that many on this board critically like to call “gentrification. ” Oh my!

          Call it what you will (re-integration or gentrification), but breeders and professionals re-entering the neighborhood will continue, as is their right. For those that like to dis such people, they can move somewhere else. Good.

          And yes, stay off my lawn, and I will stay off your property.

          OK, back to listening to Stranger In The House, on Stiff records. Here, for your pleasure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=snxgRgKJ-vM

    • I would gladly pay an extra 10 bucks to eat in a place that banned children altogether.

    • Steve – we need less of the former hipster-turned family man who brings his screaming baby and restless toddler to ruin brunch at Stella. I think there is a ball pit for your kids to play in at the McDonalds on Sunset/Fountain although you might run into those crazy tattoo people that seem to be ruining your family juju!

      As a homeowner in Silver Lake I welcome all new businesses even if they do not meet my needs – can we file a petition to close El Pollo Loco?

  2. Sweet, Need more options! More liquor licenses too please.

  3. Sounds like a parking nightmare. #yayformoretraffic

  4. Aldo Thee Apache

    Queue the predictable local histrionics.
    “Buh-buh-but this was my FAVORITE laundromat in teh whole wide worlds! I used to wash my socks there when I was a little girl until the big bad hipsters came along with their sheets of fancy fabric softener!!! Wahhh teh neighborhood is DESTROYED!!!!!”

    • Ha, yes – I read “On the Road” in that laundromat during the summer of 1974. Times change.

      • “On the Road”, a pointless “novel”. It took me 2 hours to read it. I wish I had those two hours back.

  5. This was the laundromat which had a memorable scene in the 2005 movie Shopgirl, where Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman meet….

  6. Douglas Krisher

    Oh great! Now even LESS parking for the folks who live in this community!T he Cat’s customers always park on the streets because they don’t want to pay for the $6 parking in the lot. This really sucks for our hood!!

    • I agree, let’s ban all new businesses on one of the biggest commercial thoroughfares in the city because parking.

  7. Carsmakepeoplestupid

    Sell your stupid car then you wouldn’t have to worry about parking. The #4 runs all night.

  8. No inside info?

    Seriously? No one commenting here has an inside scoop on what kind of restaurant this is going to be, who’s backing it, or anything?

    Disappointed with you, Eastsider commenters.

    I’m usually ok wading through the novella-length gentrification/parking debates because there’s usually a couple of folks who actually know more about what’s going on with a new space than what’s in the permit application and can add to the story.

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