New apartments proposed near Dodger Stadium


A barren hillside that rises above Stadium Way near Dodger Stadium is the spot where a developer plans to build a six-story apartment building with 158 units, according to the city’s Planning Department.

The hillside property at Stadium Way and Chavez Ravine Place sits across the 110 Freeway from Chinatown and is a short walk from ballpark’s Downtown Gate off the freeway. The large parcel, measuring more than 62,000 square feet, sold for nearly $7 million last year, according to online property records.

An online filing says the apartment complex will include 257 parking spaces. The buildings will rise as high as 97 feet.

The Eastsider has contacted Plus Architects for more information but has not received a reply.


  1. Oh joy. Will buyers be alerted to fact that they will live in the ‘landing zone’ of Dodger Stadium traffic…?

    • Can’t buyers do there own homework and figure out what the area is like.

      • I think he as just trying to make people aware of the traffic situation on game days.

        • Where have all these new whiners come from??? The stadium has been there since 1962.
          Get over it already!
          I have no problem dealing with Dodger Stadium traffic for the last 40 years for a few months a year to live in such a beautiful part of town.
          You know there is a stadium here and you know the city is growing at a rapid pace….deal.

  2. Mid-rises in the hills, strip-malls in the flats… what the hell were city planners thinking last century? LA really needs to just throw the zoning codes in the trash and start over.

    • I know; they are idiots; if they planners want to create a community, home ownership should be promoted. 50 years from now, those apartments will be over run with illegals or cholos.

  3. Great. We need more cars and more traffic right there near Dodger Stadium which is not on a train line. More traffic. More congestion. Keep ’em comin’

  4. Idiots.

  5. Wait till game day and the people of this new Apartment try to leave or go to there place LOL, I use to live off Sunset & Everett Av. and hated it although off season it was not to bad.

  6. Don’t like the traffic, take the bus to the game! A lot easier and doesn’t cost $20 to park after you’ve sat in traffic that causes you to miss the first couple innings.

    As for this particular location, it’s not exactly a spot I’d want to live since it’s directly above the 110, which would mean poor air quality year round, regardless of game day traffic. It’s also not a location that’s probably too problematic with game day traffic except for those people who cut through Chinatown to get to/from games. Most people take the freeways or Sunset Blvd when driving to Dodger Stadium.

    • Plenty of people take this route to and from the game. Game traffic or not, this is just more dense housing in an area that is equipped to handle it.

  7. Not on a train line? The lot is 5 blocks from Chinatown Gold line station…

  8. Ummmm… why do these arguments always boil down to the same problem: cars? Why does the obvious answer always seem to be avoided: less cars? There are currently alternatives to driving single occupancy in cars … and people can use alternative some of the time… it isn’t and “either/or”. If all single occupancy drivers (100,000,000 per day in the US) carpooled, biked or bussed ONE day a week, that would be 20,000,000 vehicles off the road per day…. that’s 20%. Go ahead, now tell me why you couldn’t possible give up your car for one (or a couple) days a week… I’m all ears.

    • It would triple my commute time. Sorry…
      I’m with you, but the big factor is time and money. Places where driving is a pain and parking very expensive, you see more commuting. And people who have to deal with that in LA are certainly more receptive to it. But my commute doesn’t have much traffic (shocking but true) and free parking. So…

  9. Note “…where a developer plans to build a six-story apartment building with 158 units, according to the city’s Planning Department.” It is a proposed apartment building with 158 ‘rental’ UNITS, These developers are not building to sell town-homes, condos, or small homes. They’re building to rent out the units.

    I guess the demand is there. Note the proposed development of 136+ units on the corner of Silver Lake Blvd and Bellevue. There’s a Phil’s moving company there, on the corner, yes, its a big lot but now the buyer/architect (a big firm) wants to build 136 units, 4-5 stories on that corner. They don’t care that 136+ units will bring more cars, more traffic, less parking, more folks into the area, They want to make their $$$ investment, their return, its all about the $$$$$!.

    • Well LA certainly needs to build more urban housing if we want to stabilize rents… the only question is where to build it, and what it should look like? I think the smart money would be on zoning the flats (particularly around mass transit) for mixed-use without parking requirements (conventional urban footprint), and then implementing tight restrictions up in the hills and other areas of the city with poor access to bus/rail.

  10. After a little thought, I realized what dirt they are talking about for this project. That is on top of on very old and long running oil-pumping site. That is the dirt from Stadium Way across Chavez Ravine Place to College Street.

    That seems like a lot of very serious potential danger to the people who will eventually be living there. That site will be riddled with geological issues, including certainly ethane gas.

    That also is a location that simply doesn’t have the street structure to handle that kind of load. College Street already is far overdeveloped and that neighborhood over there is just tiny streets for a distance. No bus goes through there, the streets are too small.

    They have only three options to come and go: down College Street and through Chinatown and the tiny streets, up Stadium Way toward the stadium, or the opposite direction on Stadium Way a short distance to the 110 Freeway. That just strikes me as a fairly undesirable place to live, with the freeway traffic noise, no buses, tiny streets, and a goodly distance up Stadium way to simply get as far as the stadium, much less to someplace you might actually want to get to. And as mentioned here, also having the Dodger Stadium traffic during game time.

    The size of this thing in that location will do nothing to bother me where I am. However it seems like a terrible location for high density! And the site itself seems potentially dangerous to any residents there.

  11. Screw game-day traffic this is one of my short-cuts to Chinatown and Alameda on non-game days and hours(?!). Too Much. Ya Basta! A moratorium needs to be adopted AGAINST more growth and development on this side of town. Especially at the expense of additional green space.

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