Planning to park near Dodger Stadium? Better have the right permit before you try these Echo Park streets [updated]

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

Photo by Mary-Austin Klein

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ECHO PARK —  The city is apparently going to make it tougher for Dodger fans to park on city streets near the ballpark.  The installation of a few, new signs near residences on Academy Road and Scott Avenue inform drivers that they will need a District “D” permit if they want to park on the street four hours before and during any event at the ballpark.

Some of the residents of Echo Park and Solano Canyon have in the past asked for some type of permit parking to keep visiting fans from taking over street parking on game days. It looks like some are finally getting their wish.

The signs, which had been installed last week but covered up with a mint-green material, appeared on a short section of Academy Road near Morton Avenue and at Scott Avenue, east of Portia Street. It’s not clear if more signs are coming.

Who can get a “D” permit and be allowed to park on the street during a stadium event?  When does the new permit parking go in effect? A spokesman for Council District 13 said that information will be made available soon.

Update @ 6:13 pm:  Council District supplied details about the “D” permits:

Residents on the 1400 Block of Scott, as well as residents on Morton Walk and Morton Place, have petitioned to have this type of “special event” parking district. 13th District staff, along with LADOT, have worked over the last year to come up with a solution to the issues associated with large scale events in Elysian Park.

Last Friday, signs were installed on the 1400 block of Scott Ave., and on Academy Rd. between Morton Ave and Elysian Park Dr.  Those signs will instruct drivers that parking is prohibited starting four hours before an event, until the event is over.  Vehicles with “District D” permits will be exempt.

Residents of these blocks (including Morton Walk) will be issued District D permits.


  1. Malarkey!

  2. another scam by the city to get you to park in their parking lot and yet pay more ridiculous fees.

  3. Good. Let’s get those permits asap. Guest permits would help as well. There is no where for my guests to park on game days either.

    • This is the problem that my section of street had (which is adjacent to the now permitted chunk). Unfortunately the people who end up being the most inconvenienced are those residents who have 1) more than 2 vehicles per household and 2) have guests and 3) the neighbors just a couple of doors down. We decided to not sign the petition for those important reason, so even though we live on that street we cannot park a couple of doors from our own home without the same restrictive permits (that the Dodgers aren’t even paying for).

      I’m glad to see the 4-hours before game time limitation, before we were told it was a full-day thing and we were concerned about parking during street cleaning days.

  4. These permit parking need to be established on Sunset east and west of Elysian Park Avenue and have 24-hour year round enforcement. People live on Sunset too. This will be particularly needed when the construction of the new building projects start and attract construction workers that will take up all the resident’s street parking..

  5. Jennifer Martinez

    I live on Scott and have seen no petition. Nothing printed, no notice, no phone call, no knock on my door. Who circulated it, when, and how? Who called for it?

    Why am I getting this information from the Eastsider instead of from DOT or Councilmember O’Farrell’s office?

    I am firmly against permit parking on Scott. It simply creates another way for lazy government, pandering to NIMBY residents of Echo Park, to collect money from the neighborhood.

    I’m furious that signs were installed BEFORE permits were distributed to residents. That’s outrageous.

    Thanks, Councilmember O’Farrell.

    • The quote from CD13 in the article above is a little confusing, it’s not all of the 1400’s, just the block east of Portia. The residents on that block petitioned for and signed for restricted parking on their specific block. Blocks that didn’t go door to door petitioning and getting signatures from residents will not have to pay for permits or have restricted parking.

  6. I live almost a mile away from the stadium, but people still park here and walk to the stadium. And there is already not enough street parking. I don’t think permit parking is the solution. How about Dodger stadium provides parking for a more reasonable price or for free? And shuttle buses? Just another example of good old american greed.

  7. love how when whitey moves in they put all the signd up after all these years…. now a new population of race and money are there — so put the signs up. For sure if it was still the latino barrio — not hing would of been said and nothing would of been done.

    all they people do is move to an area — decide in their own mind now they have lived there long enough to complain — and go from there.

    • you’re a racist and everyone’s glad you can’t afford to live here anymore

      • perfect name for you columbus… destroyer of amercia! Soooo not a racist, its the true facts! Dont you agree!

    • Beverly D'Angeleno

      So, are you faulting the residents of the Latino Barrio for not petitioning to have permit parking in their neighborhoods earlier or faulting “whitey” for being active community members that petitioned for permit parking? I get it that some race of people did something you don’t like and it involves permit parking around Dodger Stadium on game days. Just not clear who, or what.

  8. We’re really grateful for this. Many thanks to CD13, Mitch, but especially Adam Bass who really spearheaded this and worked with the neighbors to make it happen.

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