What’s in store for Lincoln Heights’ Bi-Rite Market?

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LINCOLN HEIGHTS — It has been three years since  Bi-Rite Market at the corner of North Broadway and Griffin Avenue shut down. The parking lot has remained vacant and fenced off while the the market’s red paint has faded into a shade pink and a broken neon sign hangs over the entrance. What’s going to happen with this property? The owner of Big Saver Foods probably has the answer.

The Bi-Rite building and parking lot  sold last July for $3.525 million, according to the L.A. County Assessor.  The purchase was made by the Hospitality Group LLC, whose chief officer is Uka Solanki, the owner of the Big Saver Foods, a small chain of markets that recently expanded its store in El Sereno.

Mario Marrufo, a real estate agent and member of the Lincoln Heights Neighborhood Council, said he brokered the deal. He said the parking lot and building were owned by two separate land owners, and Bi-Rite paid rent on both spaces. The market, which comes in at 8,170 square-feet, also includes three separate lots, bringing up the total square footage to 16,272.

The Eastsider contacted  Big Saver Foods for information but received no response.

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  1. That signage is so amazing. It would be nice if the owners used it somehow.

  2. Please learn to write English properly, or get a copy reader.
    “…while the the market’s red paint has faded into a shade pink and a broken neon signs hangs over the entrance”

  3. I hope they use some of those Millions This Year, to clean up the current lot, it looks like Crap!!!!

    • The Big Saver parking lot in Cypress Park looks like crap too. They do not clean it up. And, the building looks like crap too. The owner needs to sell the building!!

    • Those millions were spent buying the property. This looks a lot better than the bombed out foundation of the Rose Eye Medical Clinic just up the street.

  4. A rumor for the mill: a few months after closing the Bi Rite space was used for an illegal weed grow. There was also some unpermited sewer work done to the building and the sidewalk patch job on North Broadway has turned into something of a tripping hazard.

  5. Fuck, I loathe Big Saver. Instead of buying a new place,why don’t they invest in bettering the locations they already have? And lowering their prices too. They make it easy to go to their competitors.

    • They serve people who live in the immediate area. We don’t have a lot of money and we don’t have a lot of options. Their stores are quite small – they are like a super-duper corner store instead of a shrunken super market. Super A and Super King, oh, and Fresco, are all super markets in the area that are much better. Smart and Final is no slouch either.

      An aside: I really like their Big Saver house brand tortilla chips and salsas.

    • Big Saver just opened a very nice new store in El Serrano. They may remodel this store or make a new one and close the one across the street on Broadway.

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